my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


37. 37

"ding" Justin imitated the ring on the oven telling us the cookies were ready

he practically jumped off of the couch

I laughed at him

he ran into the kitchen & began jumping up and down in front of the oven

I took the cookie tray out and put it on the oven

Justin.. being Justin took a cookie right after I put it down

Of course it was scolding hot so he's freaking out because his "mouth is on fire"


I just laughed at him

He took my hand and turned it so my palm was facing up & spit the cookie into my hand

"ewh Justin what the fuck?" I made a disgusted face toward him

"ahhh much better" he walked over to the tray

"don't even think about it" I said washing his gross chewed cookie off my hand

"fine" he pouted going to the fridge and getting out the carton of milk while I got out 2 cups

he nicely poured the milk & then put the milk back in the fridge

I put the cookies onto a plate & put it on the table where we sat down across from each other

Justin was reaching for the cookie

"It's probably hot" I told him

he picked up the cookie and blew on it, cooling it down then ate it

"maybe you were right when you told me it doesn't go in yet"

I laughed at him & took a cookie for myself

"so. Ryan & Fredo are coming over tomorrow & then we are going to go to Montana tomorrow night, sleep there. and then meet Caroline & then we will either leave late that night or spend another night there"

"okay" I smiled nodding my head "I'm excited"

"me too" he smiled

We fell asleep on the couch watching movies, honestly with all the movies we watch, I'm surprised that we don't get sick of them


"hey faggots wake up" Fredo yelled coming down to the living room where Justin & I had fallen asleep

"wake up I'm hungry" Ryan whined

"Shut up" Justin threw a pillow in their direction & squeezed me tighter

"what time is it?" I asked

"10" Ryan replied

Justin sat up glaring at them which caused me to giggle

"here. I'll go make you guys breakfast" I stood up, but Justin pulled me back down

"morning kiss?" 

"Justin I have morning breath that's gross" 

"baby I don't care" 

"I do"

"babbbbbbbbbbyyy" he did the puppy dog eyes

I pecked his lips causing his smile to go ear to ear

I walked into the kitchen and began making food while the guys trailed behind & then sat on the bar stools watching me cook which was VERY intimidating

"so whatcha making" Fredo asked rocking back and forth

"french toast, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs & bacon and eggs" I smiled turning towards them

"mmm mmm mmmmm I can't wait" Ryan rubbed his stomach 

I let out a small chuckle

"J can you get the orange juice out?" 

"sure baby"

I was flipping the last pancake and Justin put the OJ on the table and then I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. he pecked my cheek

"it smells so good" he said sniffing

"thank you" I smiled


Justin & I both turned around

Fredo shrugged his shoulders "sorry. y'all are just adorable"

we smiled & then brought the food over to the table and they all dug in

"DAMN MEGAN YOU ARE A GREAT COOK OMG" Ryan said with food shoved in his mouth

"YEA YOU GOTTA COOK FOR ME MORE OFTEN" Fredo said with a mouth full of food

Ryan took a picture of the food that they hadn't dug into yet

@ryanbutler: @meganwilliams is the greatest cook on the Earth. I believe I tasted Heaven in that breakfast. you gotta cook for us more often!!!! @justinbieber you lucky bro @alfredoflores

"did you guys see the picture I put up?" Fredo asked

I pulled out my phone and Justin scooted closer to me so his chin was resting on my shoulder & he was able to look at my phone

@alfredoflores: seriously the cutest couple in the world. I hope one day I find a relationship like that. They are the perfect team. love you guys! & thanks Megan for the AMAZING breakfast. I'll be coming over more often ;) @meganwilliams @justinbieber

I laughed at him "thanks guys"

They were to busy shoving food in their mouths to say anything so they put a thumbs up

I put Justin & my plates in the sink 

"hey guys, I'm gonna shower & try to look decent for the day" I said walking up the stairs

"okay!" they said 

I hopped  in the shower... this is the relaxation I needed

Justin's POV

"you guys wanna play video games or something?" I asked them

"sure man!" Ryan said putting his plate in the sink & Fredo did the same

We went to the game room & I got  out the controllers & everything

We sat on the couch & started playing

- 1 hour later 

"you fucking rigged it!" Fredo yelled because he lost... bad

'you just suck" I laughed taking a sip of Coke

"I'm over this" Ryan said crossing his arms

"you both act like little girls" I continued laughing

"shut up" Fredo said

"are you excited for Montana?" Ryan asked

"yea man. I really hope  it all goes well"

"so Scooter called me yesterday.." Fredo said


"why does he hate Megan so much dude?"

"honestly. I have no idea. like at first they got along really well. but I don't know. He always starts shit with her, and you know her. she's not gonna sit back and watch. She's gonna say something. like it's all about the money to him an it's annoying. like one time in my life I'm actually really happy. yanno?"

"he's trying to get you back with Selena" Fredo said taking a sip of your drink

"while I'm with Megan?"


"what the fuck is this shit? he can't do that"

"he already has"

"what do you mean?"

"he didn't tell me much. but let's just say your career is going to go up & Megan's is going to go down"

"that's bullshit. he's not gonna hear the end of it from me" I scoffed

"then you gotta make it clear to him Megan is your girl. not Selena" Ryan suggested

"and how the hell am I supposed to do that?"

"propose to her"

I spit out my Coke "propose?"

"yeah!" they both said

"I haven't known her a whole year & we haven't been dating that long. Of course I want her to be the girl I marry, but I'm not trying to rush anything.She will be the woman I propose to. but not now. Scooter needs to get his head out of his ass"

Megan's POV

I finished blow drying my hair & doing a little makeup. I went to the game room because that's always where the guys go & I overheard them talking. Did I ever mention that I hate Scooter?

If he even thinks he can try & break up Justin & I, he sure better reevaluate that choice

Why.. how could someone even consider breaking a relationship up? like how the fuck would you feel if I tried to break yours up. 

What does he think is going to happen? He's gonna force Selena on Justin? whatever, have fun with your fucked up game Scooter

I walked into the game room and Justin's face lit up

"hey baby" he smiled

"hi" I smiled

"are y'all packed yet?" Ryan asked

"no" we looked at each other and laughed

Justin walked up to me & grabbed my hand which made me follow him to his room & Fredo & Ryan followed behind

45 minutes later we were packed

"we have time  to stop at Starbucks before the flight" justin said looking at the time

"YAY!" I jumped

"let's go!"


"hi everyone" Scooter & Yael greeted us with hugs as we got off the plane

"hi" we responded

We got to the hotel & everyone got their own room except Scooter & Yael. they shared one

"what the fuck Scooter?" Justin said


"why would you give Megan and I separate rooms on different floors? you know we're dating"

"I'm aware. but you do have a big day tomorrow. AND we don't need you knocking her up?"

"Scooter shut the hell up. She's staying in my room" he squeezed me closer to him

"no she's not. Justin cut it out. you have an important day tomorrow!"

"and I won't get a good night sleep without her"

"she's still in the same hotel. don't be ridiculous"

"fuck you Scooter. she's staying with me"




and that's when I realized... I was nothing but a distraction

I let go of Justin's grip and ran to the elevator

luckily it came right away

I got in and when it was closing I saw Justin trying to find where I was...

I had my hotel room key & went to the room.

I jumped on the bed and cried.... just cried

@meganwilliams: why... what did I ever do to make you hate me so much?

about an hour later I was cried out

there was a knock on my door

I didn't even look to see who it was, I opened it and thankfully it was Justin

he looked like he had been crying, too

I didn't say a word, just pulled him in for a hug & shut the door with my foot

"I'm so sorry" he told me & I let go without saying anything

"he's right" I said


"Justin. I'm just a distraction to you.. "

"no you aren't"

"yes I am. all you and Scooter do anymore is fight. because of me"

"no baby. don't think that"

"Justin, I just can't"

"can't what?"

"this. I can't do this"

"please. please don't give up on us baby. I love you"

"I love you too Justin... but I can't"

"Megan please.. please don't say it"

"Justin... I'm done"

"Megan please"

"Justin. please, understand it's for the best for everyone"

"fuck what's best for everyone! me and you. we are perfect together. baby I need you"

I didn't say anything, I looked at the floor

He took his index finger picking up my head so we were looking deep into each other's eyes

"please.. please just stay with me a little longer" he begged

"I will stay with you for the rest of this trip, but when your plane goes to LA, mine will be going home"

"Megan, please don't do this" tears were falling from his eyes

"I don't want to"

"then don't"

"I have to"

"no you don't"

"sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do"

"please at least let me stay with you tonight"

I nodded my head and we walked to the bed and got under the covers



"I will always love you. I promise you that"

He nodded his head & I closed my eyes. but not long after were my eyes open again...

Justin was sobbing sitting on the bathroom floor with blood all over him



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