my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


36. 36

"I like it" Justin said smiling

"me too" I smiled

"great. we'll work on it soon. I know it will be great!" Jason said

"yes. We will keep in contact" Jordin smiled

we exchanged  numbers

So you're probably wondering what we are doing, right?

Well. okay, so for the teen concert thingy micbob. I don't know what the official name is, but anyway. Jason & Jordin are performing & they want Justin and I to dance, because they think it would be cool to have actual teenagers, yanno? We're dancing to Talk Dirty, Wiggle & Marry Me, so far.... there's also other things, but I guess you're just going to have to read to find those out :p

We got back to Justin's & cuddled on his bed while watching The Notebook

Justin wasn't really interested, so he was on his phone. Honestly I didn't care, I loved this movie

Justin's POV

Megan wanted to watch The Notebook, of course I'm not interested in it what so ever, so I was on my phone, on twitter

@justinbieber: long day! #exhausted

@justinbieber: nothing is better than after a long day to just come home and lay in your bed. #peaceful :)

"Megan" I said getting her attention

she looked at me "yeah?"

"I was thinking, what if I did like a contest and like 2 beliebers would be able to hangout with me? and I would do it like every week. I wanna meet them" I smiled

"I think that's a great idea"


"yes" she sat up "you inspire me every day" she kissed my lips

She took her phone out and took a picture of us

@meganwilliams: this guy right here inspires me more & more every day. He always makes me want to become better & challenge myself. He has amazing ideas & I can't wait for you all to hear them. I know it will bring you happiness :) @justinbieber

I called Scooter & told him my idea, he was so excited. I'm announcing it tomorrow  on Radio Disney, because that Radio Station is for the who US& I want to be able to get as many beliebers as I can. 

@scooterbraun: everyone turn into @RADIODISNEY tomorrow morning @ 10 est. for a surprise from @justinbieber :)

Megan & I both retweeted it.

I'm excited


"Hey guys! We're back on Radio Disney with a special guest on the phone, Justin Bieber!" Ernie D said

"hey guys, what's up it's Justin!"

"so Justin you have some news?"

"I do, actually a contest. So every week, starting today I am going to have a contest. And the winner will have them & their best friend spend a day with me. I want to meet all of my beliebers" I smiled through the phone

"and what do they have to do to win?"

"well today,  you have to be the 17th caller! then every week I'm going to come back and say a new number, and whoever it is, wins"

"So today all they have to do is be the 17th caller & they & their best friend get to spend a day with you?"

"yep" I said popping the p

"alright! you heard it guys!  be the 17th caller and you get to hangout with Justin Bieber for a day!"

"good luck" i said before hanging up

"you're amazing" Megan kissed me


"So how do you like find out when, where and who you're meeting?" 

"Scooter is in charge of that" I laughed

right as I said that, Scooter texted me

The winner's name is Caroline Small. she's 14 & from Montana. you will be meeting her in 3 days. her twitter name  is @carolinesmall send her a nice tweet. When it's time to go to Montana, I will join you, as well as Yael and which ever 2 of your friends you want. Is Megan going? If she is, she does not count as one of your friends. so you would have her & 2 others.

@justinbieber: congratulations to @carolinesmall for being the first winner!!! Looking forward to meeting you in 3 days. check your dms in a few seconds ;)

DM: hey Caroline. it's Justin. obviously. lol, anyway congratulations! I'm looking forward to meeting you and your best friend! You will also be meeting Scooter & Yael. but I had a quick question, if  you could meet any 3 of my friends with me, who would you want to meet? :)

she replied


I replied

I'm glad you're excited! lol see you soon :)



"guess who gets to come to Montana with me?"



"Justin don't be ridiculous. your fans want to meet you, not me"

"this one does. she wants to meet you, Ryan & Fredo"

I texted Scooter who was going & he said ok


"what's going on here?" Megan and I had just come back from breakfast and there was a whole camera crew & set getting set up all over my  house

"the reality show we talked about months ago" Scooter said walking into the main hall where I was

"I really don't understand why we have to do this" I said annoyed looking at them setting up cameras all over my home

"Justin, we talked about this" 

"isn't this like invasion of privacy?" Megan asked looking at them

"you'd think." I agreed with her "scooter so we really have to do this?" I asked as I followed Scooter around MY house as he directed the camera men

"so he has paparazzi following him around constantly & now he has more? how is that even fair to him Scooter? You want him to be normal, don't  you?"

"he's never going to be normal!" Scooter yelled

"don't yell at her!" I defended

"Scooter you are out of your mind" she told him

"well you wanna go somewhere?" I asked Megan


"there's already camera's in your cars" Scooter told us

"the fuck?"

"I know you did not put a fucking camera in my car with out my permission" Megan was pissed

Scooter shrugged his shoulders

"fine. we'll walk" she grabbed my  hand and as we were leaving 3 camera guys followed us

"so we get absolutely no privacy?" I asked

"when you go to the bathroom" Megan joked

"let's go" we walked out to the sidewalk

"I'm so sorry about this" I told her

"it's not your fault"

Even though she wouldn't admit it, I knew it hurt her. 

She hated being on camera

She always told me how unfair it was the when I leave the house I'm swarmed. How paparazzi should only take pictures of me when I'm like on the red carpet or things like that... not when I'm trying to act normal. She hated it, she put up with it, but she hated it

"what happens to our personal life now?" she asked

honestly, I had no idea. the whole world would now see everything..... I really didn't wanna go through  with this

I've seen so many reality shows tear relationships apart. I don't want this to happen to us

"I don't know. but I promise we will get through it, okay?"

"okay" she smiled tightening her grip on my hand

"I love you" I kissed the top of her head

"I love you  too"


I took a deep breath as we walked into my house, there weren't nearly as many people now, but you could definitely see the "hidden cameras"

Megan's POV

Let's just add this to another reason I hate Scooter. He only does this shit for money. like really? Justin doesn't even need a reality show. He has people watching his every move anyway.

This isn't fair to Justin or myself. Why would we want more people watching us than already do?

This is letting people into a part of both of our lives that we haven't even included our friends & family in on.

How are we supposed to have important talks  that should only be between us while there's cameras everywhere?

"maybe if we just act boring, they won't publish it" Justin joked & I laughed

"let's make cookies"

Justin picked me up and threw me over his shoulders as he carried me to the kitchen

"JUSSSTTIINN" I yelled laughing

he sat me down on the counter and spread my legs open so his body fit in between

He kissed me & I pulled his body closer

I was head over heels in love with this boy, and now, the world would be able to see it

We were having like a full out make out session & his phone rang

"ignore it" he said kissing my neck

but it kept ringing


he scoffed and picked up his phone

"hello? what? the fuck? whatever. no. i'm done. no bye" he hung  up

I sent him a confused look as I hoped off the  counted

"that was Scooter" 

I rolled my eyes

"apparently he has access to all the video cameras so we can't makeout a lot" Justin laughed

"what's so funny?"

"that he thinks I'm going to listen" he pulled my body close & started to kiss me & my stomach growled

I let go & Justin and I began laughing

"Let's get cooooookkin!" he said 

"lehgooo baker Justin" I saluted him

"where's the musicccc"

he shook his hips 

I turned on the music & we were having the best time; dancing, signing & baking together

"Justin, I don't think that goes in yet" I tried to tell him, but he didn't listen

"when in doubt, twerk it out" he put down the mixing bowl & started twerking 

I sat back up on the counter and took a hand full off flour and threw it at him

"and what do you think you're doing?" he slowly walked over to me

"running" I hoped off the counter and ran to the other room

I was in the lead for a while until I fell over 

"you okay?" he asked concerned

I stood up and ran again laughing

"you will never get this you will never get this la la la la la" I mocked him

He chuckled and came over picking me up & I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him

"we look terrible" i said looking at my reflection in the kitchen spoon

"maybe you do, but I look gooood" he took the spoon and admired himself

"you're so weird" I laughed putting the cookies into the oven



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