my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


34. 34

(1 week later)

Megan's POV

We are back in LA and I'm happy to be here. I love it here

Today Justin, Scooter, and other music producers have a meeting

Justin was driving me & him there

All week he's been kinda distant.. like something's on his mind... and he won't talk to me about it which is really annoying. I've also had a lot on my mind which I won't talk to him about which is making him mad.. so as you can see, it hasn't really been the best week for us


"hello everyone" Scooter started out saying "Megan, have you made your decision?"

I sifted my seat a little.. I hadn't even told Justin my decision

"I want to do it"

"Really?" Justin said turning his head toward me and with happiness in his voice

I nodded my head and he hugged me with a huge smile on his face

it seems like forever since I've seen him smile like that

"baby. I'm so excited for you!" he kissed me

also, all week we haven't really been showing affection or anything.. like when we went out in public we just like held hands & that was so people didn't start asking questions... honestly by the way things were going, I thought we were going to break up, but we didn't even like fight.. we've both just had other things on our mind... weird right?

"I'm glad. you are amazing at singing and dancing.. you are going to make millions" Scooter said

"oh sir, I don't care about the  money"

Justin looked over at me and smiled. he took my hand and held it.. I've missed this so much

"Good, it will be fun to work with you." some guy said "my name Johnathon Richardson. I was interested in signing you. Scooter has told me much about you"

"He's signed Beyonce', Jay z, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake,Katy Perry, the list goes on" Scooter said

"it would be an honor to be signed with you, sir" I shook his hand

"can't wait to work with you" he smiled & I returned the gesture

I signed some papers & before I knew it, the meeting was over


"are you excited?" Justin asked as we drove back to his house

"yes" I smiled big

"I can't wait to hear your music. I'm gonna listen to it all day erryday"

"don't be ridiculous" I laughed

"so when do you start recording and stuff?"



"yea. we were talking and I told him I had already written a song"

"the Really Don't Care one?"

"another one, but that too.. but I'm recording that with the girls"

"and why did I not know about this song?"

"we didn't really talk this week.."

"oh yeah... what's the song about?"

"guess you'll just have to wait and see" I winked

"MEG come on!" he begged

I began laughing

we walked into his house and stood in the doorway

"okay just tell me who it's about"


he stopped walking and he looked deep into my eyes

I had never seen him like this.. his eyes were dark and he was so angry

"what?" I was confused

"how can you write a fucking song about your ex boyfriend! you're in a fucking relationship megan!" he yelled

"calm down!"

"don't fucking tell ME to calm down!"

"what the hell is your problem? you act like I'm trying to get him back or something!"

"are you? you aren't fucking over him & don't even try and tell me you are!"

"what are you even talking about?!" I yelled over him slamming his door

"Just leave!" he yelled back

He got soooooo angry because what? I wrote a song during me and Austin's breakup? I had to get my feelings out someway! Everytime I even tried to talk to Justin about Austin, he got upset so it was hard.... but honestly, I just wrote 1 fucking song. he wrote a whole album about Selena

I don't want Austin back. that's why I got a restraining order, even though it's only good for a month, still. I want nothing to do with him

Since I didn't know what to do or where to go, I went in the theater room and grabbed a blanket and fell asleep. This wasn't fair to me


I woke up the next morning & Justin's door was still shut. I went into my bedroom and changed into skinny jeans & a nice shirt. I put my hair in a ponytail & put little makeup on

I didn't even bother writing Justin a note, he didn't want me here anyway.

I got to the studio & Johnathon was already there

"hello Megan" he shook my hand

"hi. I'm sorry. I'm a hugger" I laughed pulling him in for a hug

"so you've already wrote a song?"

"yea. and I have that Really Don''t Care song, which is with Camilla Cabello, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, it's already recorded at Ariana's house, but I think we will re do it" 

he nodded his head "let's get cracking!!!"

I smiled widely and went into the booth with  my little notebook and began singing

maybe music really is my escape.. it all came out naturally 

Justin's POV

I woke up... and I was angry. not as angry as I was last night, but I was still pretty angry

I walked into Megan's room & there was no sign of her, I walked all over the house. still no sign.


Usually she leave a note on the table..... nothing

I didn't know if she left last night after I asked her to or if she just stayed, regardless.. I had no idea where she was

I texted her

baby. where are you? please come back. I miss you & I didn't mean it. I love you. <3

After 20 minutes of no response, I tweeted

@justinbieber: really messed up

maybe she'll see that. hopefully

my phone buzzed Megan Williams

hi :) I'm at the studio now, I'll be back soon. I know. I miss  you & love you too baby <3

A smile appeared on my face

I need to control my anger because if she ever leaves my life for good, I don't know what I would do.... honestly

But I'm not really over the fight, I'm still angry about it

Megan's POV

"You are AMAZING!!!" Johnathon praised me as I walked out of the booth

"thank you" I blushed

"I'm serious! It is going to be so much fun working with you!!"  he hugged me

he handed some guy with glasses his phone and we took a picture

@johnathonrichardson: it is going to, it already is so much fun and such an honor to be working with MEGAN WILLIAMS! she's very dedicated & amazing at what she does, and I don't say that to anyone! can't wait for this song to come out!!!!! SO EXCITED! @meganwilliams

I said goodbye and then drove back to Justin's 

I took a deep breath before getting out of the car

I opened the door and he was standing there in black pants & red and black plain shirt with his hair slicked back, he looked good

"hi" he smiled


"I'm taking you to dinner"

I nodded my head and went upstairs and thew on a high- low red & black dress with black pumps (you know, to match him) 


After we finished ordering, he began again with the questions

"so how did it go?"

"good" I smiled trying to lighten the mood

"I saw his instagram post. I can't wait to hear it"

"I hope you're gonna like it"

"I like everything about you.. just not him"


"no I'm serious" he took a sip of his water

"can you just wait until you hear the song before you get your panties in a bunch?"

"play it to me now" he sat back and crossed his arms

"Justin come on. stop acting like this!" I whispered loud

"you're not over him are you?"

"what are you talking about?"

"answer the damn question"

now I was pissed. I didn't care who else was at the restaurant I'm done

I stood up "yes Justin, I'm not over Austin that's why I have a restraining order on him, blocked him from my phone, twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook. you name it. I'm also not over him so much that that's why I threw all of his clothes out into the front lawn as the garbage people were at my house.That's why I publicly humiliated him and then threw my smoothie on him as he tried to apologize. That's all because I'm not over him!" I yelled

everyone was starring, but at this moment. I didn't care

"you wrote a song about him!"

"and you wrote an album about Selena"

"that's different"

"no Justin, it's not. It's what people do okay? When you're going through a hard time or a good time, you write your feelings down. When I was getting cheated on I wrote my feelings down. I didn't KNOW it was going to turn into a song, I didn't KNOW people wanted to sign me, it just happened. Just wait until you hear it before you get even more pissed at me" I turned around and walked away "thanks for dinner though"

"fame has gotten to your head!" he yelled

"I'm not even famous. I'm not making money. Every single penny that would go to me, is going to cancer research. I'm not making money off of this!"

"Megan, I'm being honest because I love you"  he followed me outside

I chuckled "I'm sure you do"

"Megan please don't do this" he tried to grab my waist to stop me

I got into a cab

"don't touch me" I sat down "when you figure out what you want, let me know. I'm not going to deal with all this fighting for the rest of my life."

I shut the door and looked up at  him, he was crying

Don't let your guard down Megan, don't let  your guard down

I gave the taxi man the address to the airport

I'm going home

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