my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


33. 33

After a few more questions we left the interview & went to lunch


"so Megan, have you decided what you wanna do with the singing?" Scooter asked taking a bite of his hamburger

"Scooter, it's been like an hour" I joked

"I think you should do it though, you'd be amazing & we could do a duet" Ariana smiled

"I'll think about it.. I'll let you guys know in a week.. okay?"

they nodded their heads


Justin and I flew to Ohio so I could get some clothes because I am staying with him a lot of the summer

The plane ride, Justin slept, which I was happy about because he was so tired and I really needed to think about this

... After 2 hours of long thinking... I knew my decision


We got to my house & as were packing more of my clothes someone rang the door bell on my front door

I went to answer it

Justin's POV

"I'll go get the door"

"okay" I smiled

I heard her walk down the steps to get the door


I ran down the stairs not caring who was there

I got there to see Austin... standing in a white tshirt that he had made of a picture of him & Megan kissing on it & in jeans. He had a bouquet of roses.. damn did he look desperate. he was crying too

I stood behind both of them neither of them noticed me... but you could definitely feel the tension in the room. I quickly took a picture of him

I couldn't help myself... I bursted out into laughter "really bro?"

Megan turned around at me and glared.. opps

She turned back around and I walked up next to her

she was so pissed. 

"what do you want Austin?" she said with a clenched jaw

"you.. I want you back"

"I'm with Justin! Austin you fucking cheated on me! what do you not understand?!"

"I need you!"

"no you don't. can you just leave me alone?"

"no. I'm not leaving until I get you back"

he stepped aside and behind him were 2 suitcases

"the fuck?" I said

"Austin I swear get the fuck off my property right now or I'm calling the cops"

he didn't move

she pulled out her phone & called the cops

"hello? yes. my ex boyfriend is in my house and won't leave my private property. yes please. he won't leave. okay thank you" she told the officer "they're on they're way" she hung up 

"I have time"  he said taking a seat on the rocking chair that was next to the door

"Austin what the fuck don't you understand!?"

"why we can't be together!"

"You cheated on me!!"

"tell me this right now"


"If I didn't cheat on you... would we still be together?"

"I'm not doing this what if bull shit. Austin it doesn't matter. what happened, happened. move on with your life, I already have" she grabbed my hand

then I thought... if he didn't cheat.. or even if we never went to the club that night, and I didn't tell Megan I saw Austin cheat... they would still be together...why do I feel like a rebound

"I'm in love with you though" he pleaded

"yea. you're like a drug, no rehab could fix it" I imitated his song which I got another glare from

I put my hands up in surrender

I quickly tweeted the picture I took of Austin

@justinbieber: you wanna know desperate? hahahahaha. 

like 45 seconds after I tweeted it, the cops showed up


Austin was being difficult when the police arrived 

He wouldn't answer the questions he just kept saying "I love her"

They attempted to escort him out, but he started throwing punches & began kicking

he actually ended up kicking Megan in the face so hard her nose started bleeding

end in end, he was arrested for being on private property and then for his resistance

I took Megan to the hospital & her nose was barely broken

she has to wear this thing over her nose for like 3 days, it's some cast thingy.. I don't know

As we left the hospital she said

"I want a restraining order"

"let's go now"

we drove to the police station & when we got there, Austin was still in questioning

Megan had to fill out so many papers explaining her fears of being around him, etc


2 hours later, we were able to leave

"I just wanna sleep" she said

I felt so bad, honestly she doesn't deserve any of this.. I wish I could have protected her more

We got to her house and right away she went to her bed, I was about to crawl in next to her 

"I want to be alone tonight" she said.. on the verge of tears

and that's when my heart shattered

Megan's POV

"I want to be alone tonight" I said on the verge of tears

I heard Justin chuckle "and you think I am going to let my girlfriend.. on the verge of tears sleep alone on a night she needs me the most? babe, you're crazy" he laughed a little and crawled in bed next to me

I became stiff.. I really just wanted to be alone

He rubbed my back and then turned me over so my head was resting on his chest

he continued to rub my back which made me really relaxed

he took my hand and with his free hand intertwined our fingers and rubbed my hand with his thumb

"I just love you so much.. I don't ever want to leave you alone. I will be here for you, always"

"I love you, Justin. thank you"

he kissed my forehead & I fell asleep

Justin's POV

Megan fell asleep, yet I found myself wide awake 

I felt like absolute crap

I've never felt worse about myself than I did now..

for 1, as much as I hate Austin, he truly did love her. I mean who the hell gets a tshirt of them & their ex kissing & then wears it. he showed up at her house in tears, I hate crying in front of people, honestly I can't even hate on him for that because if Megan & I broke up, I'd do the same, and that scares me

I also never even gave her time to grieve their relationship.. no matter what she said about it not bothering her, I knew it did. I was just too concerned about myself & my needs to be with her that I forgot she just broke up with her first love...

Literally right after I found out he cheated, I went right for her...not even considering that she would be hurting

great... now I gotta find a way to make this up to her

but I still feel like shit for everything

Austin wrote her a song while they were dating & continued do publish it even though their break up was ugly.. he doesn't care about what anyone thinks of him... just her opinion of him.. and honestly that's  what it's like to be in love. You don't care about anyone's opinion expect theirs

Literally everyone hated him... probably still hates him for it

I can't help but still think, If I didn't take her to the club that night, would they still be together? 

would he have learned to stop cheating? or would he have continued to hurt her behind her back? it's sick for me to even think about

I didn't know how she felt about it at all, she's always been closed off when she talked about him.. even as they were dating, like I don't know how to explain it

I remember, when I first was about to meet her 


"Justin, you're going to be on in 15 minutes" the guy with a clipboard said to me

I saw the most beautiful girl in the world, the one who won this contest.... I was so happy she won.... she's perfect

I walked over to her & hugged her from behind

she turned around & when she saw me her mouth hung to the floor

I prayed she didn't scream

she wrapped her arms around my neck and my arms went around her waist

I pulled her close and it was the most perfect hug in the world

"hey beautiful, so I heard you won. It's nice to meet you. I can't wait to see your interview!" I smiled

her mouth just hung open

I just laughed and pulled her in for another hug.... God did she smell good

"welll I'll see you out there. Don't be nervous. I promise. okay? I'll sit right next to you. If you get nervous just look at me.. pretend like it's just me and you out there okay?" I rubbed her back then kissed her cheek

she smiled really hard. 


she hugged Matt and the other host then me 

They showed the interview Matt and her did yesterday, which I found absolutely amazing 

Matt asked me a bunch of questions about my music & life 


As I was performing she went to sit in the front row

They set up the band and everything on stage. and they put a stool in the middle. and 1 mic on each side of the stool

I started singing One Less Lonely Girl and then walked over to her and grabbed her hand took her on stage with me

she was about to sit on the stool when I took her other hand and started slow dancing with her.. it was perfect... because it was with her

Austin came out & I guess they knew each other?

"Meg?" he stopped singing to talk to her

I was caught off guard... even though I didn't really know her, I was beginning to like her

I wanted to get to know her


After the performance I invited her to hangout later

luckily we were staying at the same hotel & she was able to hangout

Austin's room was right next to mine.. I wanted to know what he knew about her

"hey bro" he answered the door

"hey" I responded & sat on his couch

"what's up?"

"well, I was wondering about the girl from today... you knew  her?"

"Megan? yeah..."

"why do you say it like that?"

"she's my ex"

"oh... well I didn't know... me and her are hanging out later... I was just wondering like what you could tell me about her"

he sifted in his spot "well.. obviously she's beautiful. she isn't like most girls, like she's really active & she's practically down with everything.. like she goes with the flow. she doesn't just like sit and watch you do stuff, she'll do it with you. like when we dated, whenever I would play basketball, or even videogames.. she'd play them with me. She just wants the best for everyone & she's so down to earth. We used to go to this hunger center every Wednesday and feed the poor. She loves to give back to people. she's popular at her school & she'll tell you straight up how she feels, which could be good or bad. At the end of the day, she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, as long as she's happy"

she sounds perfect..

"woow... thanks man. you talk so positively about her.... why'd you break up then? if you don't mind me asking"

he sifted again "the biggest reason was she wanted me to live my dream to the fullest.. but there's a lot more to it than anyone would ever be able to understand"


"yeah. but you'll have a fun day" he smiled

"thanks. I gotta go get ready" I walked back to my room

end flashback

that's when I remembered... "there's a lot more to it than anyone would ever be able to understand"... what does this mean

it kept me up all night.. trying to figure this out

I knew she told me about the miscarriage & everything about that... but I feel like there's something, or somethings that she hasn't told me about... maybe that's why their relationship now is the way it is

I gotta find out what really happened....




hi guys :) okay. so I didn't put much CURRENT action in this because I wanted you to see where their mind sets were & everything.

Finals week was crazy so sorry for not updating much.

I hope you're enjoying the story :)

things are going to get heattteeddddd.. 

comment what you think :) 

much love. <3 xoxo.

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