my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


32. 32

Megan's POV

right away our phones started blowing up

I sighed and laid back in the bed.. I really didn't care what anyone's opinion was.. positive or  negative. this was Justin and mine's relationship, no one else's

Justin on the other hand was like all over this

he was responding to people's tweets about it.. that was sweet

I just hope I don't get nearly as much hate as Selena did

My phone rang Scooter Braun

what the hell does he want?

"hello?" I answered

"Megan this is Scooter"

"I know"

"oh yeah. caller ID"

"so not to be rude, but may I ask why you're calling me at 3 in the morning?"

"did I wake you?"

"no. I was just about to go to sleep"

"my apologizes. I'll call later"
"no. I'm on the phone now, just say it"

"I saw you and Justin started dating?"


"oh, well congratulations"

"thank you"

"I'll talk to you later"

"bye Scooter?"

"what did he want?" Justin asked

"to say congratulations apparently"

@scooterbraun: just got off  the phone with @meganwilliams . sorry for waking you. but congratulations to the new #POWERCOUPLE !! @justinbieber . wishing you nothing but the best

"what the hell is a power couple?" I asked him

"who the hell knows"

"I feel like he just likes to know everyone"

"that is true" Justin laughed

Justin took off his shirt and crawled in bed next to me

my phone vibrated

"who texted you?" he asked

"I don't know" I picked up my phone from the side table 

I looked and it was from Austin

did you see my instagram & twitter? from your birthday?

I went to his instagram and there was a picture of me and him from my 16th birthday, I was kissing his cheek & his hand was on my ass

@austinmahone: wishing you nothing but the best on your 19th birthday! @meganwilliams hope you remember this night... your 16th. I sure do ;) happy birthday. I will always love you.

I looked at Justin and he looked angry

"why even waste your breath? he's worthless" I chuckled

He turned me over and began kissing my neck

Ryan walked in 

"hey Justin.. ohh never mind I see you're busy"

"dude? do you not know how to knock? what are you doing here anyway?" he sat up

"you told me I could stay here while you were away"

"oh. okay. so what did you want?"

"to see if you wanted to come with me to my video premiere tomorrow... well like at 6 tonight and oh hey Megan"

"hi Ryan. and Justin, you should go"

"really? I thought we would hangout" 

"we can hangout during the day. You go with him. You'll have fun"

"okay. I'm in. so what are you gonna do?"

"well.. i'm going to try and get on a good page with scooter"

"HAHAAHA good luck with that." Ryan laughed

I texted Scooter

Sorry for my attitude when you called.. just a little jet legged. lol, but I was wondering if you want to get together tonight to just talk. dinner maybe? we don't really know much about each other and I just wanna make sure we are on a good page

he replied "sounds good"

"dude you're so much nicer with Megan" 

"okay Ryan goodbye" Justin pushed him out the door

"wait" Ryan stopped


"did you hear Austin's song about you, Megan?"


I picked up my phone and went to Austin's twitter

All down his page was his fan's comments about All I ever need

@austinmahone: I wrote this when I was dating @meganwilliams. This song means so much to me, I hope it means a lot to you too. :) I'm never going to give up on us.. I will always love you, but I'm glad you're happy...

so I'm assuming that's the song Ryan was talking about

Justin laid down next to me and we listened to the song

it was beautifully written.. it sucks that he wrote this while we were dating, I felt bad honestly because I'm sure Austin and I would have lasted a LONNNNNNG time if he didn't cheat... I tweeted him, just to be nice

@meganwilliams: @austinmahone that was a beautiful song. thank you :)

@itsryanbutler: I must say...... I've been bestfriends with @justinbieber for years, and this is the first time he's actually truly happy... he's also 100x nicer & I just wanna say thank you to @meganwilliams for that & also helping me get him to come to my video premiere instead of going to your date. you're my fav :) stay in his life 7ever <3 (bc that's your fav #)

@meganwilliams: @itsryanbutler Ryan you're my fav :) ahaha but thank you. and you're welcome, I told you it was no big deal. now you both better get your asses to bed. I'm not trying to deal with cranky people tomorrow

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams @itsryanbutler uhm excuse me, I'm Megan's favorite and she's my favorite & I am not cranky.. thank you very much

I took a picture of Justin and Ryan sitting on the bed on their phones

@meganwilliams: yea, I'm definitely their favorites... ): @justinbieber @itsryanbutler

right as Justin saw that he put his phone down and jumped on me kissing everywhere on my face except my lips

Ryan took a selfie with his face like in  the corner and Justin and I in the background

Justin was laying on top of me tickling me and he was kissing my neck and I was laughing

@itsryanbutler: hey @meganwilliams I think you spoke to soon #3rdwheel thx. @justinbieber

"well I'm just going to leave you guys alone now" Ryan slowly walked out of the room

Justin and I looked at each other and began laughing

"I love you, you know that?" he pecked my lips


Justin and I woke up around 2pm.. and he has to be with Ryan by 5:30 so we couldn't really do much together today.. which sucked

After we both got showered & ready, it was 3:30

"we can hangout for like an hour or so? let's go somewhere" he hugged me from behind

"okay" I smiled "where?"

"doesn't matter to me"

"can we just like go on a walk or something?" 


"and we could get ice cream?" I nudged him as we walked out the door

"anything for you, princess"

I loved when he gave me cute nicknames, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.. great I'm blushing 

I covered my  face, maybe he won't notice

"don't cover your face, you're beautiful"


"I swear on my life, you have an addiction to ice cream" Justin told me as we walked out to a picnic table behind the ice cream parlor

"hey hey hey, we all have our  addictions"

"true true" he agreed

"do they ever leave you alone?" I looked around at all the paparazzi.. some were hiding in trees, bushes, vans, clear site. etc

"no... it just get's worse"

"I'm sorry" I looked down

"hey. don't be"

I nodded my head & then continued to look at the paps... it's sad actually.. not only are they taking away from the people the photographs life, they're also taking away from theirs, I mean really.. some of them I recognize their face because they're always around.. like do they not have a family? or something better to do?

"so how do you think your dinner with Scooter tonight will go?"

"good I'm hoping.. I just want to be on a good page with him"

"I hope it works out"

"me too"

we stood up and interlocked hands and walked back to his house... but of course the paparazzi thought they could join this walk too

"Megan Justin the rings, are you engaged?" "how long have you been dating?" "Justin do you still love Selena?" "Selena is so much prettier than her" "Megan how do you like Austin's song? he wants to get you back" "what are you guys doing tonight?" "Megan did you cheat with Justin?"

finally we made it back. I was exhausted

I helped Justin get ready for his thing with Ryan tonight 

Ryan and  I took a picture

@meganwilliams: good luck at your video premiere tonight. love you buddy :) @ryanbutler

Justin took one with me

@justinbieber: wishing I could be with her tonight, see you later, princess :)

I took one of both of the guys

@ryanbutler: video premiere tonight. so glad that I get to spend this big moment in my life with my best friend by my side. love u bro! @justinbieber and photo creds to @meganwilliams :) 

After they left, I began getting ready for dinner with Scooter

I didn't know what to where, so I just put on some leggings & a nice shirt

I texted him and told him I was on my way


I got to the restaurant & got us a table

Scooter came like 5 minutes after I was seated

I stood up and hugged him

"sorry I was late"

"you're fine, I was just early" I smiled

we ordered our food 

"so.. um the reason I asked you to have dinner was because 1, I don't think we really know each other and 2, we both want what's best for Justin but we see it from different views. I think we just need to get on the same page" I told him

"I agree. we both have the same goal, just different ideas on how to get there"

"so how are we going to be on the same page?"

"I feel like a little kid for saying this, but we should just sit down and talk it out before we start bickering at each other"

"and listen to each other. I agree"

"me too. we can only go up from here"

"I think you should sign Justin back"



"it doesn't just work like that"

"it could"

"I'll talk to him and Usher"

"good. I'm excited" I smiled

we took a picture on his phone

@scooterbraun: great dinner tonight with @meganwilliams. she's a great girl & has a good head on her shoulders, although we don't always see eye to eye.. I'm glad we found a way to not argue as much. We have the same goal, but different ideas how to get there. & that is to make sure @justinbieber is always happy. thank you for tonight Megan, looking forward to seeing this new friendship grow :)

@meganwilliams: #repost from @scooterbraun. We butt heads a lot & we don't always see eye to eye, but we're working on it. it's gonna be rough at first, but I know we will be able to have a good friendship in the future, starting today. Scooter, I have unconditional respect for you. I like to see the way you think, even though it's completely different than the way I do. We are  starting from scratch, excited to see the results from this. :)

We were finishing up dessert & Justin texted me

hey babe :) how is dinner going?

I replied

hi babby <3 & good. we're starting from scratch. I'll tell you all about it tonight. how's the premiere thing?


GOOOD :) & boring as nutsss. I'm tempted to just walk out


you can't do that! It'll be over soon! haha. :p 


true true. see you soon. <3


"thank you again for tonight Scooter" I hugged him goodbye

"anytime. I'll see you soon. hey. I have an interview on Kelly and Michael in 2 days, you and Justin should come!"

I'll talk to him. have a good night"

"you too!"


I got back to Justin's house and no one was home, I guess our families went to dinner or something

I laid on the couch and went on twitter

I tweeted a picture of me and Ashley (Ryan's girlfriend) from prom

@meganwilliams: missin my girl @ashleyguin <3

Ariana tweeted me

@arianagrande: @meganwilliams hey beautiful :) I heard you and the biebs are dating ? ;) hit me up soon!! I wanna know ALLLLLL the details. love youu <3

@meganwilliams: @arianagrande omg. I miss you. & yes we are :) let's plan for tomorrow!?  if you're free? love you gorgeous. <3 hope all is good with you. xoxo

@arianagrande: @meganwilliams miss you more. and yes! I'm gonna be with Jai, but we should have a double date!!! OMG that would be perfect <3 movie day at Justin's?

@meganwilliams: @arianagrande yess :) so excited. I'll ask Justin when he gets home, but I'll just text you <3

It was midnight by the time I fell asleep, I was beyond exhausted


I woke up on the couch, and Justin was laying behind me.. how cute :) I didn't even feel him go behind me

I pecked his lips & his eyes fluttered open

"morning" I said 

"morning babe" he smiled

we sat up

"how was the premiere?" 

"boring... he won some awards though. and how was dinner?"


"Scooter called me last night and he wants us to come with him to New York tonight so we can watch him on some show tomorrow?"

"sounds good"

"I missed you so much" he kissed me again

"I missed you more"


"Ryan you comin with?" Justin asked as we finished packing


"YAAAY!" I yelled

they looked at each other and laughed


We got on Justin's private jet & flew  to New York where we met up with Ashley, Scooter, Yael, Ariana & Jai

"I'm so glad you could all come!" Scooter hugged us all "I have all your rooms, I assume Megan & Justin is one, Ashley & Ryan, and then Ariana & Jai?" we nodded our heads "okay. good. we will have dinner in like 45 minutes?"

he gave us our room keys, all of our rooms were like right by each other. Ryan & Ashley were next door & then everyone else was just across the hall

We got ready & then went to dinner


"we should have a movie night!" Ariana suggested

"yes!" I agreed

"where?" Ashley asked

"we could go to a movie?" Ryan suggested

"yea. there's a movie theater like down the street" Jai said

"let's go!" Justin grabbed my hand and us 6 went to the movies & watched The Other Woman


"I've never laughed so hard" Ariana said catching her breath

"SAME! oh my gosh. guys can we PLEEASSE go in the photo booth?" Ashley begged

"you girls can go" Jai said & Justin and Ryan nodded they're heads

we all shrugged our shoulders & us girls went 

Ariana sat in the middle 

The first picture we smiled

2nd one Ashley & I kissed Ari's cheeks

3rd one we did duck face & peace sign lol

4th one we did the rock on sign & stuck out our tongues

Ariana took a picture of the photo strip & posted it

@arianagrande: muuuh giirrrlls <33 @meganwilliams @ashleyguin

We had some worker take a picture of all of us

@meganwilliams: triple date with my favorite people <3 @justinbieber @arianagrande @jaibrooks @ryanbutler @ashleyguin

Then Justin wanted one of just us

@justinbieber: my beautiful girlfriend & I :)

"awh, justin. you're so cute" I kissed him


We got back to the hotel and we went to bed since we had to be up at 8... 


After we were rushed through breakfast we went to the studio of Kelly & Michael

We took our seats 

"And welcome to the stage SCOOTER BRUAN!"

we all stood up and clapped

Yael was screaming, so I laughed at her

we sat back down

"hi, Scooter, how are you?" Kelly asked

"I'm good, how are you?"

"good, good"

"so for starters.. wow. you sure do have the life" Michael said

"you do, you've signed so many artists, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Madison Beer, Tori Kelly, Cody Simpson... and more! how do you do it?" Kelly asked

"thank you. haha and I don't know, to be honest with you. When I see talent, I know right away. those kids are so dedicated which makes my job easier"

(they talked about the other artists)

"so is Justin Bieber still signed with you?"

"technically, no.. but I am trying to get him signed back with me"

"oh.if you don't mind us asking.. why did he leave your label?"

"there are a few reasons.. but I'll say this, I over stepped my boundary & assumed something & I was caught up in other things that I wasn't really listening to him, so me not fully understanding a situation made me say & tell him to do something unreasonable.. he didn't agree and it turned into something it shouldn't have"

"does it have something to do with his new girlfriend?"

"Megan? haha. it did at the time, Megan and I butt heads a lot. we see things from different points of view. I see it from the manager aspect & she saw it from the friend aspect. We had the same goal, which is Justin's happiness, we just didn't find a common ground.. which we are working on now. but she is a great influence on him & I'm excited to see them grow up"

"have you ever considered signing her? I mean she had an AMAZING performance on the Billboard Awards a little while back.. even a standing ovation"

"I have not, but I do intend to talk with her about getting signed by someone, she is very talented.. not just in singing. I know Justin has told me she dances & is very athletic. but I have to talk to her.. I think she would be great at a career in this industry"

I was speechless

"she's actually here now" the camera monitor showed my face

oh gosh

"megan come on down!" Kelly said

Justin nudged me to go up there

I scooted down the aisle of chairs and walked down the steps to the stage

I hugged Kelly, Michael, and Scooter

The stage crew brought me out a chair

"hello Megan" Michael said

"hi" I replied nervously

I hate all the attention being on me

"so what do you think about that?" Scooter asked

"uhm" I shifted nervously "well right now, I'm just going to focus on college and stuff.. I don't know in the future though"

"you could go on tour with me!" Justin stood up from his seat and yelled 

I laughed "that would be fun. I don't know, I just don't see myself doing that. and J, your fans want to see you. not me. that's why they go to YOUR concerts"

"come on, it would be fun" he pleaded

"I have to think about it"

My whole life, I've dreamed of going to college... and now I have a chance to be a singer, unfortunately, I was born with the talents to sing & dance... singing isn't what I'm passionate about.. It's someone else's dream.. not mine 



expect the unexpected ;)

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