my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


31. 31

I woke Megan up by kissing her 

her eyes fluttered open.. she was perfect

a huge smile came across her face when she saw mine

"good morning" she whispered

"morning beautiful" I leaned in to kiss her again

"ewh Justin I have morning breath" she turned her face

"I don't care" I turned her face so now we were looking at each other

"I do. so let me brush my teeth and you can kiss me as much as you please"

she stood up and walked to the bathroom

"hey! I'm taking you to lunch so just get ready"

"okay" she smiled


"so where are we going?" she came out off the bedroom and had a beautiful pink flowered sundress on

"you'll see" I smiled and took her hand intertwining our fingers

as we were walking out the door I remembered "wait, do you have your bathing suit?"

"no? I'll grab it"

she quickly came back with her bathing suit


we started our day off with a picnic on the beach complementary of yours truly (aka me)

"Justin this is so cute I love it"

"only the best, for the best"


"here open your mouth"

I fed her a chocolate covered strawberry

"your turn" she fed me a chocolate covered grape

"I love you, you know that?" I told her

she smiled "of course. and I love you. never forget that, okay?"


"come on! I wanna show you something" I took her hand and we walked to this waterfall.. hand in hand

"when did you find this?"

"like the first night you were here, I was staying at that hotel over there"

"I see, I see. you were the best birthday surprise ever"

I gently kissed her cheek

I sat down on the rock and she sat on my lap

"it's gonna be weird going back home"

"I know. I love it here" 

"me too. this was the best vacation.. especially because you were here with me"

"I wouldn't have missed your birthday vacation for anything"

I started drawing circles on her leg with my finger

"so.. about last night" I started

she looked at me, motioning me to go on

"what do you think we're gonna do?"

"uhm.. like about your fans or college & tour and stuff?"

"well all actually"

"well for now. we'll talk about each one individually. your fans, well I don't know. not to sound like a bitch, but I really don't care about their negative opinions. Not everyone is going to approve, so you just gotta do your  thing & as long as you're happy, that's all  that matters.If they don't like us together, then damn. they don't have to look at us"  she smiled


"now college, well I still have like 2 months until I go, so I don't think we should focus on it right now.. let's just live each day with happiness & not worry about that"

"what if you meet someone"

"what do you mean?"

"like in college. you're gonna go to parties & have lots of friends.. what if you meet a guy & then you forget about me?"

she began laughing "Justin are you serious?" I looked down "come on. are you kidding? I could never forget about you. no guy I ever meet will ever compare to you. don't waste your breath" 

she picked up my head and kissed me


we went back to the beach and changed into our bathing suits

One thing that is different from other girls (I mean there's a lot, but this is just 1) whenever we go to the beach or something, she doesn't just  lay out and watch me. she gets up and actually does things with me which is so much more enjoyable

she isn't to worried about messing up her hair or breaking a nail. she  just wants to have fun & that's just 1 reason I love her

As we were playing football on the beach we heard screaming.. oh no


I jogged over to Megan

"I'm so sorry" 

"don't worry about it" she smiled

even though she acted like she didn't care, I knew she did. this was our date and I just want to be able to go on dates and hangout with my friends without the paparazzi & fans attacking me

I love all of their support, it just gets hard sometimes

"why don't you just take some pictures with them & then they'll go away?"

I shrugged and walked over to them

"hey guys. I'm gonna take some pictures, then I'm gonna get back over to Megan, okay?"

they all screamed okay

after almost 45 minutes, I took a picture with everyone & then answered some questions

"Justin's how's your trip?" 

"good" etc

"I hope you all have a good day, it's  beautiful out! I'm gonna go back to Megan now. bye guys!"

I turned around and walked over to Megan

she was laying on the beach towel sleeping, she looked so peaceful

I feel bad that all this fame distances us in a way.. it sucks

I laid down next to her and rubbed her back

no one understands how much she means to me. like in all honesty, if I could live with her and no one else.. forever, I would. she's my everything

after like 15 minutes I soon fell asleep


"Justin" she ran her hands through my hair

"hi" I smiled opening my eyes

"can we go on a walk? look how beautiful the sunset is"

"of course"

she grabbed my hand and we walked along the shore talking about the most random things


"I don't wanna leave in 2 days" she said

"me neitherrrr"

"what are we gonna do when we get back? I'm on vacation now, so we can be together more" she looked at me and smiled

"hmmmm. I don't know. we'll figure it out. I wanna spend all my time with you"

"you know what?"


"our 8th month is going to be on Valentine's Day"

"extra special" 

"Justin" we sat down right by the water so our feet were in it


"have you ever like wondered about our future and stuff.. or like thinking about if we never met?"

"all the time"

"whenever I think about us not meeting, I just wonder where I'd be in life.. yanno?"

"me too.. life would suck without you"

"and our future... what do you think will happen?"

"I know, I want to make you my wife... and the mother of my children"

"we're gonna have kids?"

"I just assumed but  if you don't wan-"

"no, I do.. how many?"

"a lot" 


"not if you have a c section"

"no. I'm having regular birth"


"I like 2... 3  or 4"

"I like 3"

"I want a boy first

"me too. then he can protect the others"

"yes, but as long as their happy & healthy.. then I will be happy. I want them to be close like Jazzy and Jaxon"

"how did I get so lucky?"

"I love  you so much"

"I love you more, Meg"

I grabbed her face and smashed my lips on hers


we fell asleep on the beach & returned to the house in the morning, luckily everyone was asleep so they didn't hear us come in

Everyone was up by 10 and we began packing, we are leaving tomorrow morning

I'm actually going to miss it here.. this was the best vacation I've ever had

"so what does everyone want to do on their last day here?" Megan''s mom asked

we all kinda just shrugged our shoulders 

"we could go on a boat ride?" my dad suggested

"I like that idea" Megan replied

"so there we have it" her dad said

"since we are all already dressed, let's go" her mom said


"we have fishing poles over there and you can get your life jackets there" the tour guide & captain of the boat explained

We all got aboard & Jazzy and Jaxon were all over the whole fishing thing

"Megannnn! come look" Jazzy called over, we both went

Jaz had caught a fish

"good job Jaz!" Megan and I told her

"help her get it off!" Jaxon said

"haha. Justin that's your job. no way I'm touching that thing"

"party pooper" 

I took the fish off the pool... hmm.. let's torment her

she was sitting on the bench showing Jaxon the cool other boats

this'll be good

I quietly walked over to her and then put the fish right next to her face and then tapped her back forcing her to look and her face to touch the fish

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" she jumped out of her seat and ran


I was laughing hysterically I had to actually bend over to try and catch my breath

Everyone was laughing except Megan she looked pissed

"I'll get you back bieber"

"really now?"

"really" she winked


"look how beautiful the sunset is" my mom was talking to Jaz and Jaxon

Megan and I were cuddled up this was perfect

"remember last time we went fishing?" I asked

"yes.. I also remember the ride home"

"oh my God.. that conversation.. was priceless"

"I haven't seen Kyle or Nick since"

"they are probably too embarrassed" 

"guys get embarrassed?"

"all the time"

"do you?"



"I don't know... it just happens sometimes"

"gotchu gotchu"


"let's take a family picture... everyone in!" My mom said. the boat ride was over & the captain was taking our picture

Megan and I were in the middle and our parents behind. the kids in front & her brother/ girlfriend on both sides

it looked like a wedding picture honestly

@jeremybieber: wonderful way to end an amazing trip to Italy!!! @pattiemallette @jazmynbieber @jaxonbieber @justinbieber @meganwilliams @dylanwilliams @courtneycon @cameronwilliams @samhill @lisawilliams @michaelwilliams :) why does this look like a wedding picture?


"home sweet home" I smelled my house

I was so happy to be home

Everyone just came back to my house since the flight got back at 2am

Megan came with me to my room

"you ready?" I asked

"for  what?"

"to announce it"

"you're excited aren't you?"

"I just want everyone to know you're mine & only mine" I pecked her lips

"okay" she smiled "let's pick different pictures, but we'll post them at the same time"

I posted the one from the night we started dating, on the dock & she posted one from our walk on the beach

in both pictures, you could clearly see the rings... I hope people don't think they're engagement rings

@justinbieber: it's official! this is our first picture as boyfriend and girlfriend. couldn't be happier :) 

@meganwilliams: amazing vacation with my amazing boyfriend :) 

now the world knows... now where do we go from here?

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