my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


30. 30

I was beyond shocked

I couldn't get any words to come out of my mouth so I nodded my head and put my hand over my mouth

he smiled pulling me in for a kiss that lasted a few seconds.. this was my first kiss with my boyfriend. :)

he took my hand and slid the ring onto my middle finger

"I know people usually wait for a while after dating to give promise rings... but I didn't want to wait. I waited long enough to ask you to be my girlfriend. Megan, you are my world and I have no idea where I would be without you.. honestly. You've changed my life so much for the better, that I would have to spend my whole life trying to explain it to you.. but that's what I want to do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, no one else. I just love you so much, more than you will ever be able to understand. we are infinite. I will fight for you, forever. and one day, I will be sliding your engagement ring, and then your wedding ring onto your ring finger, and that will be the happiest day on my life.. basically what I'm asking is, will you promise to never give up on us?"

he gave me another ring which I slid onto his middle finger

"Justin, you are the most kind-hearted, compassionate person I know and I wouldn't.. couldn't have asked for anyone else better to have in my life than you. I truly feel like I'm a better person for have known you. You are my happiness. I truly can't picture myself being with anyone but you for the rest of  my life.. so I Megan Elizabeth Williams, promise you Justin Drew Bieber, to always wear this ring, and to never give up in us, you are my life and I will live by all of my promises to you, forever"

"I love you more than anything"

"I love you"

I leaned over and kissed him


We got out of the boat and had the driver guy take our picture in front of the dock, since it was dark, Justin put his flash on his phone

I put my hand on his chest and he had one arm around my waist and another around the front of my stomach

our hands were in the right places for the flash to get a reflection off of the rings


We decided that we weren't going to post or announce anything about us dating until we were back in the US

which I was happy about, that way people's hate couldn't ruin my birthday vacation

We went back to the condo thing that my family was staying at and my family was all sitting by the tv waiting for us.. I could tell they were waiting because the tv  wasn't even on

When Justin and I walked in, all of their attention turned completely on us

"how'd it go?" my dad asked

"getting blown off for dinner with my family? great" I laughed

"no no one cares about that!" Dylan said

"welll then"

"soooooo what'd you guys do?" Cameron asked

"wellll, we ate dinner, danced, went on a boat ride for a few hours under this love bridge kissed... and yeah"

"nothing else?" my dad looked dissappointed

"oh and Justin asked me to be his girlfriend" 

"YAYAYAAYAYAY" My mom jumped up

"woah woah woah, calm down. I never said I said yes" I laughed

her face dropped

"actually she didn't say yes, she was to in shock that when she opened her mouth TO say yes, nothing came out so she nodded her head" Justin said wrapping his arm around me which automatically caused me to smile

"lemme see your rings!!" my said very excited

"rings?" my dad got confused


Justin and I held out our hands and took the rings off so they could see them

"oh my god, their beautiful" my mom said in awe

"thank you" I said

I looked at Justin who's smile was ear  to ear

knowing he's mine made me so much happier


we all sat around the living room area 

"I'm so happy for you both" 

"thanks dad" I smiled

"now Justin, if you ever hurt her you better wat-"

"I promise sir, I promise you all.. I will never hurt her"

'how do you know that you will never hurt her?" Dylan asked

"because if I were to ever hurt her, I'd be hurting myself. She is the biggest part of me and I don't know if i'd be able to live with myself by hurting her.. or loosing her. i would never put myself in that position"

"well Justin, welcome to the family" my dad stood up from his wheelchair and hobbled over to Justin and hugged him


"goodnight everyone. have a good rest. we have a big day tomorrow. Megan and Justin, we have a surprise for you" my mom said

what surprise?


After our morning breakfast on the patio, it was the first day we actually had plans

I put on a nice white sundress and justin was just wearing shorts and a t shirt


we went to our tour guide who was going to  take us on a safari kinda ride... I didn't know Italy had safaris.. but I guess you learn something new everyday :)

we arrived at the center and were waiting in the lobby for Melanie, our tour guide


we turned around and saw Jazzy and Jaxon run over to us

they looked adorable

We  both bent down to their level and hugged them

Jeremy & Pattie followed behind

"hi sweetheart" Pattie hugged me as Jeremy and Justin greeted each other

"your dress is beautiful" 

"thank you, I love yours too!" I smiled

Jeremy hugged me 

this was the first time my parents had met Justin's parents & our siblings had met each other & we haven't even been dating a full day.. haha


we got into the safari bus looking thing & oh my gosh, there were so many of us.. 12 of us..

The safari ride was so cute

the animals would come right up to you and you could pet them & feed them

whose ever idea it was to have this, deserves an award

Jazzy & Jaxon were having so much fun.. seeing them so happy and enjoying everything around them made me wish I had kids of my own

"guys I'm going to make a keek!!" Pattie said getting out her phone

"hi everyone! We're on a safari ride in Italy! everyone say hi!" she turned her phone so everyone could see us

"hi!" we all said

Justin said "ello mite"

"Justin we aren't in Australia" I laughed

"you don't like my accent?" he continued in the accent

"noppppe" I still laughed

"how cute are they?!" Pattie said

she showed Jazzy and Jaxon feeding the giraffe and then she turned it off

"daadddy can we get ice creaaam?" Jazzy whined

"I like that idea!" Justin chimed in

"me toooo!" Jaxon said

"let's slit up then. Megan and I can take the kids and you guys can do whatever?" 

"sounds good. Pattie would you like to go wine tasting?" my mom asked

"sure! Jeremy you and Michael can go do something?" 

everyone split up

me, Justin & the kids, our moms, our dads, Dylan & his girlfriend, and Cameron and his


"1 vanilla in a cup with sprinkles, 1 chocolate in a cup with sprinkles, 1 cotton candy in a cone. and 1 moose tracks in a cone please" Justin ordered & then paid for.

as he was waiting for them to make the ice cream I was sitting at the table outside with the kids

"you guys surprised us you know  that?"

"that was the point" Jazzy laughed

"you silly goose" Jaxon said

"you guys are crazy"

"who wants ice creaaaamm?!" Justin walked over to us and handed out the ice cream

"thank you" we all said at the same time.. which was actually pretty weird so we all bursted out laughing


"hey guys you wanna see something funny?" I said


I took a little piece of my ice cream off and put it on Justin's nose

"hey! that's cold!" he wiped it off then put some on my nose

"isn't that what you do at weddings?" Jaxon said

"it''s with cake! and you shove it in each other's faces. I can't wait to do that" Jazzy said

"I wanna do that!"

"me too!!"

they were so cute

"justin when you and meggy get married and do that to each other can me and jaxon do it too?"

Justin and I looked at each other.. marriage

"of course sweetie. and you can help me shove cake all over Justin's face" I smiled

"YAY!" she ran over from the other side of the table and hugged me

"what if I marry her first though?" Jaxon pouted

"then Jaz, you can still help me"

"and what makes you think you're going to marry her first?" Justin raised his  eyebrow

"she obviously loves me more. that's why we are sitting next to each other" he crossed his arms over his chest

"yea? welll I'm dating her"

"I've been dating her first"

"Megan's got boys fighting over her ooooohhh"

I laughed; Justin got so defensive and the kids were hilarious


"this looks delicious!" Pattie said looking at her dinner

it all looked delicious honestly

"so what did everyone do today?" my dad asked

"Dylan, Courtney, Samantha and I went to the beach" Cameron said

"and Lisa and I went wine tasting" Pattie said

"we went to get ice cream!" Jaxon practically yelled

"how was it buddy?" Jeremy asked

"so good!!! you know what we talked about?"



my dad practically choked on his food so my mom patted his back

he took a sip of water "marriage?"

"me and megan's wedding" he said confidently

"phew. I thought they meant Justin and Megan's" 

"we talked about that too" Jazzy said

everyone at the table just stared at Justin and I

I sifted my seat a little uncomfortably then let out a chuckle "so what happened was I put some ice cream on Justin's nose then he put it on mine and then Jaxon asked isn't that what you do at weddings? so then Jaz told him no, you shove cake in each other's faces and then she asked when Justin and I got married if her and Jaxon could do it to so I was like sure. then Jaxon was saying about how what if he marrys me first then him and Justin got into a disagreement and yea"

our parents sighed in relief

"yea. Justin thinks just because they're dating he has dibs" Jaxon pouted

"YOU ARE DATING!?" Pattie got really excited

Justin and I laughed and nodded our heads

"since when!? ooh my gosh. this is huge news!" she was so happy

"like 1 this morning" I replied

"how did he ask you? this is so cute!" 

"I will tell you after dinner" I smiled

"can't wait"

Justin's POV

"you finally made official?" my dad patted my back as we walked back to the house


"proud of you son she's a keeper"

"thanks dad, I know"

we walked to the house & all the girls had already gotten into their pajamas

when I got in the living room Megan was talking to my mom and showing her her promise ring

I was honestly so happy that our parents were so supportive of us being together

"Justin that was so cute!!" my mom said

"thanks mom" I smiled

All of Meg's family  went to bed already & so did the kids, so it was just me, mom, dad & Megan

"have you told Beliebers yet?" my dad asked

"no, we decided to wait until we got back home" I said

"how are you going to do it?" mom asked

"honestly. I was just going to post a picture of us from the trip with the caption great vacation with the boyfriend or something" Megan laughed

"I was going to do that too" I smiled at her

"how do you think they'll react?" my dad asked

"I don't know. they want me to be happy, and I am. with her"

she smiled at me... and I couldn't help but smile back

damn.. this girl be makin my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much

"I know you've just started dating.. but have you thought about what you're gonna do when she goes to college in like 2 months? and you go back on tour in a few months also?" my mom asked

Megan and I looked at each other.. we haven't even thought about her college.. or what I'm gonna do when my new tour starts.. 

"I have no idea" I replied  worried

what if all this distance really breaks us? I can't live without her

when she goes to college, she's gonna meet so many guys.. what if she just leaves and forgets about me?

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