my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


3. 3

Justin arrived at my door right on time

"well someone looks nice today" he smiled eyeing me up and down

"not so bad yourself Bieber" I laughed at him pulling him in for a hug


We were in his car blasting music when we pulled up to a dance studio

"come on" he grabbed my hand

We walked inside and no one else was there

"what are we doing here?" I looked around

"you told me you can dance, so let's see some moves" he said as he turned on the music

At first we started dancing like idiots but as the song went on our bodies moved in sync together


4 hours later we finally left the studio. Justin taught me some moves to his dances and we had fun just messing around

We got back to my hotel and Justin and I decided we were gonna stay in my room and watch movies and eat pizza alll night


"WHO WANTS PIZZA?!" he said excited he was holding the pizza like a waittor

"I DO I DO I DO" I jumped up and down on my bed

he laughed as he set the pizza in the middle of the bed the sat across from me

"so how are you liking New York?"

"you're making it very enjoyable for me" I laughed

"Well I try" he shrugged


Justin was walking back from throwing out the pizza box we ate a large pizza in like 15 minutes..... wooooow

"So... I wanna know all about you" He climbed back onto the bed


He looked at me confused "you already know about me"

"no.. I know what the media shows. I wanna know your story... not just your music story.. but the story of you.. everyone has them"

"so if I tell you mine, you'll tell me yours?"

"Justin.... that's how friendship works"

"I've never kept a friend for long time... I just don't wanna open up and get hurt"

"I promise whatever we say tonight... stays between us no matter what. and hey, I'm not just a friend... I'm your friend.. forever"

He smiled big at me

"Well if we are gonna open up.. we gotta do this right"

He looked confused

"I'll be back in like 15 minutes"

I grabbed my wallet and walked to the gift shop down the hall

I bought all these different types of candy, pop, ice cream, popcorn, tissues, chocolate.. everything

I walked back in my room and Justin was in his plaid pajama pants and a white beater laying on my bed on his phone

I put the bags on the bed and walked to the bathroom and changed into my pajamas which was cute polka dot pajama shorts and a tank top

I walked back to my bed and Justin was going through the bag and he looked really happy

"what's all this for?"

"when you have heart to heart talks, you pig out dude"

"dammmmmn" he laughed


"so he literally thought you were sleeping the whole time?"


Justin and I were  sitting on the couch with food wrappers all around us laughing our heads off telling stories from our past that we've never shared with anyone

Tonight there were so many tears... good and bad, laughs, smiles, memories. and special moments. 

I told him my deepest darkest secrets that I've never even thought about telling anyone else as he did the same... I usually would never open up to someone after knowing them for what... 2..3 days? but he was different.


Justin's POV

After tonight i really realized that Megan is different than anyone else in my life.. besides like family.

She really just genuinely cares about my well being and about me.. she gets nothing out of it. She's supported me from the beginning and she just wants the best for me

I have never opened up to anyone like this before because I was so scared that they would use it against me one day.... but with her.. I really just think she wants to be my friend and I couldn't be happier

I've also never cried in front of anyone before.. like I mean I did like when Avalanna died... and When Selena and I broke up... all the time, but today was so different

We talked about everything except 1 thing... her ex Austin Mahone... my dude! and Selena Gomez.. she didn't pressure me into telling her anything which made it easy to open up to her

I really want her in my life for a long time.... maybe even forever

Megan's POV

"Let's watch grown ups!" I yelled

Justin was picking out a movie to watch since it was like 3 am and we were hyped up on sugar

We decided that Justin was gonna stay with me tonight and then I would go with him to his photoshoot at noon tomorrow 

He put the movie in and sat next to me

I don't remember falling asleep, but I woke up with my head on Justin's shoulder and his head on my head

My alarm went off it was 10

We have to hurry up. I nudged him and his eyes fluttered open

"morning sunshine we have to get ready" I stood up

"I don't want to" he moaned putting his face into the pillow next to him

After 10 minutes of trying to wake him up and failing I decided to make waffles... that smell woke him up

While he ate, I took a shower and got dressed. I checked my phone and it was blowing up

I went on twitter and went to  Justin's profile

@justinbieber: morning everyone :)

@justinbieber: hope u all have a great day, I kno I will ;) this is all for u

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams thank you so much for last night... and everything. u have no idea how much it means. hurry up out of the shower I need to get in ya slow poke we have places to be and people to see ;)

I laughed

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber anytime... thank you <3 and omg. shut up. I've been out for 15 minutes. you were to busy eating your waffles and watching cartoons to notice lol hurry up ya poop. I don't have all day ;)

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams alright meg... you have about 30 seconds to run

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber or what?

right as I pressed Tweet Justin ran into the room and attacked me throwing me on the bed then laying on me and started tickling me

"juuuussstttiiinnnnnnn stttttooooooppp"

"say I love you Justin"

"noooooo....................... okkkkkkkkkk... I loooovvveee youuuuuu jjussstttiiinnnnn"

"thats what I thought" he stood up and started walking to the bathroom

"Just kidddinnnng!" I ran in front of him and locked myself in the bathroom and started laughing uncontrollably 

"Megan open this doooor right now" he kept banging on the door

@scooterbraun: @justinbieber @meganwilliams please tell me you will be here on time?

@justinbieber: @scooterbruan @meganwilliams welll we would be, but someone decided to lock themselves in the bathroom and blast music so they cant hear someone else banging on the door

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber @scooterbruan don't attack me next time and tickle me till I can't breathe. hahhahaahaha scoooter we will be on time (:

I walked out of the bathroom and Justin looked distraught

"FINALLLLY" he ran in the bathroom and shut the door

he peeked his head out of the door "I'll get you back for this" 

"I'm sure you will" I laughed as I put a piece of gum in my mouth


35 minutes later we were both dressed and ready to go. We arrived at his photoshoot just on time and Scooter was thrilled to see us

"YEEEESS!!! so glad you guys made it!" he hugged us "Justin go in the dressing room and get all ready. Megan you can chill with me" Justin walked to the dressing room

"is there food?" I laughed and asked Scooter  "you go Justin! get all glammed up"

Justin turned around and glared at me

"that's right strut your stuff" I laughed at him. He turned back around and shook his butt

Scooter and I looked at each other and started laughing

Scooter and I were standing next to the snack table talking when my phone started to ring. Some number popped up

"excuse me Scooter. uhm hello?"



"its' Austin" A smiled formed on my face


"hey. sorry. I saw your brothers in the hotel lobby this morning and they said you were out so they gave me your number.. is that okay?"

"yes, it's fine haha"

"well, I'm calling because I was wondering if you were free later... like for dinner?"

"I believe I am. I'm at Justin's photoshoot right now.. but I should be at the hotel by 4 I'm assuming"

"alright, well just like text me when you get back and I will plan to pick you up at 6?"

"I'd love that. I'm excited"

"me too. I'll see you later"

I hung up the phone and smiled really big. Scooter came over to me 

"Soooo.. who's the guy?"

"shut up" I hit his chest


after almost a 3 hour photoshoot we finally left. Scooter took Justin and I to grab a milkshake

"Meg what are you doing later?" Justin asked as he slirped his milkshake

"I'm going to dinner with Austin tonight and then I don't know what we are doing later... whhhy?"

"oh! Well Selena and I are going to dinner tonight, then I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night or something like after? like all 4 of us?"

"yea! that sounds good! I'll talk to Austin.. I'm sure he won't care. He likes you and Selena so it will be fun. I look up to her so much. But we can't watch movies in my hotel room cuz my brothers are gonna be there with they're girlfriends.. soooooo.."

"HAHAHAHA I understand. we can go in my room. that's fine. Well I'll take you back right now and then just text me when you talk to Austin about tonight"

"sounds good dawg"


"awwwwwh my little sister is all dressed up for her date" Cameron awed

"shut up. it's not a date"

*knock knock knock*

"DYLAN can you get that?" I yelled from the bathroom as I was searching for my lipgloss

"oh hey Austin" "hey Dylan, Cameron, how are you guys?" I heard them talking which made me feel better. I was so happy Austin and my brothers always had a good relationship

I walked out and saw them playing XBOX I rolled my eyes

"hey meg" Austin stood up

"hi. sorry I took so long I was trying to find my lip gloss.. but I still can't find it" I looked around

"oh this?" Cameron pulled my lip gloss out from his pocket. I grabbed it from his hand as he made kissy faces toward me

"oh shut up" I said and watched as Austin blushed a little and looked at his shoes

"okay, you ready?" 

"ready" I smiled

He put his arm around me and we walked out of the door

"Have fun you guys" "not to much fun though" we heard my brothers yell out the door

"omg. I'm so sorry about them" I said

"no need to apologize, I understand" 


We arrived at this really nice restaurant.. looked really expensive actually

After we ordered everything

Austin- So.. um I'm glad you could come tonight

Megan- well I'm glad you asked me to come

Austin- so how've you been?

Megan- I've been doing pretty good, just taking it day by day. how have you been? You've accomplished so much. I'm so proud of you

Austin- well thank you. I'm doing pretty good also. So.. um about that conversation we started a few days ago... I meant what I said. Meg, I never got over you. I'm still head over heels in love with you. And I feel like shit that I didn't really talk to you because it just made it harder for me. Every day.. I thought about you, hell I still do. When I write songs, you're the one on my mind. But I thought the other day.. when we broke up it was for me to live my dream to the fullest, and my chance, I was able to see you again. We both came so far and I'm greatful for it. Now this time, I'm not going to let you leave my life again

Megan- Austin... oh my gosh. I don't even know what to say. I seriously do love you so much and I missed you more everyday. But knowing you were living your dream made me feel so much better. I'm so happy with how far in your career and your life. and good, I don't want to leave again


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