my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


28. 28

I woke up and my phone would not shut up. I guess I forgot to turn the volume off. I looked to see if Megan was awake, but she was out

!7 missed calls & 10 text messages from Yovanna Ventura

Oh god.. she's so hot.

Since I've been with Megan, I haven't seen her

She called me again & this time I answered



"hey cutie"

"what are you doing tonight?"

"I was just gonna hang with Megan, why?"

"I wanted to see if you wanted to come over...." 

"I can" I sat up fast

"come over now and we can spend the day together" 

"I'll be over in 20."

I quickly hung up the phone and changed fast

Dear Megan, 

hi beautiful. I had so much fun last night. :) I got called into the studio this morning, I guess scooter and usher wanna talk to me. anyway. I'll see you later. I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll be in touch. go have fun with friends or something!!! don't be bored :p love you :)

- Justin

I texted Madison Beer asking her to ask Megan to hangout today so Megan wouldn't be alone.. I felt bad for lying.. but what she doesn't know can't hurt her right??

I jumped in the car and drove to Yovanna's

Megan's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing.. Madison Beer was calling me

I looked around the room and there was no sign of Justin... where is he?

I answered my phone



"hey girl!"

"are you doing anything today?"

"um. I don't think so. I can't find Justin. he must have left. oh wait.. he left a note. uhm no, I'm not doing anything today"

"I was wondering if you'd wanna come over and me you and Ariana can hangout?"

"that sounds good! I'm excited!"

"okay, same! I'll text you my address and you can come now!"

"okay. see you soon"

I hung up and re read the note

why does he need to talk to Scooter? he's not even signed with him anymore? I can tell something fishy is going on here... and I don't like it

I took a shower and got dressed in running shorts and a tshirt with a messy bun

I was tired haha. By the time I left my house it was 3 pm

I grabbed my phone and drove to the address Madison texted me

I got to her house and she answered the door right away

we hugged and she welcomed me in

We went into her room where Ariana was

"hey!" she said 


"what do you girlls wanna doo?" Madison asked

"FOOOD" Ariana yelled

"lehhhgoo" I said

We got in my car and I drove to a cafe

We each got muffins & a smoothie and sat at a small table in the corner

Since all of us woke up late, this was practically our breakfast

We walked out and the paparazzi was 10x worse.. except they weren't yelling for Ariana or Madison... who are actually famous.. but yelling for me


I was confused.. who is this girl? 

We got in the car and Madison got a text from Scooter so we had to drive to the studio

When we got there Scooter was just sitting a table

"oh hi girls, I didn't expect you all"

we laughed

him and Madison discussed something while Ariana and I were sitting on the couch taking selfies

they finished and walked over to us

"Megan, if you see Justin later.. can you tell him I need to see him?"

"he wasn't here earlier?"

"no? why would he have been?"

"oh. um he just told me that he was coming to see you this morning. that's all, but yeah I'll tell him"

and that's how I found out.. I've been lied to

Scooter looked concerned now so of course we all had to take a picture

@scooterbruan: was just planning to meet with @madisonbeer , but @arianagrande and @meganwilliams dropped by with  her. good seeing you girls :)

I was hurt in so many ways

We went back to Madison's and were laying on her bed

"guys we should do a livestream!" Madison suggested

"yeess!" Ariana said!

"suure!" I replied

@madisonbeer: livestream in 5 minutes!! with @arianagrande @meganwilliams ask your questions to the hashtag #AskMadison #AskAriana #AskMegan :)


After about 15 minutes of questions for Ariana and Madison, it was time for me to answer my quesions

the first few of my questions were just about like Austin and Justin and blah blah blah

"okay, last question: what was your reaction to Justin's instagram posts about marrying you last night? and the girl he was with today?

uhmmmm. well okay hold on. I didn't see anything about marriage? we aren't even dating.. that's weird (I went on his instagram and as his pictures loaded... I saw that all of our pictures had been deleted.) I don't see anything about us getting married (I held back the tears.. and showed my phone to the camera) and the girl.. uhm she's  pretty. I don't know who she is though.. (I clicked her profile and the first picture was a picture of her and Justin kissing. I clicked it and the caption was #official. I couldn't hold it down. I ran to the bathroom and puked..  I can't believe this) "

Ariana held my hair while Madison logged off

I showed the girls my phone

I shouldn't be upset.. we aren't dating.. he's dating her now

"here, why don't you sleepover tonight?" Madison asked

"yea. I think that's a good idea" Ariana agreed

"okay. I gotta text him to see if his house is unlocked to get my stuff"

We got in my car, but Ariana drove

I texted Justin on the way

hey, I'm sleeping at Madison's tonight. are you home? I wanna pick up some clothes

he replied right away saying "yup"

The girls wanted to come in with me, but I thought it would be best if I went by myself

When I got in the house, I didn't see him. So I walked into my room and just threw clothes into a bag.. I was so hurt to even think about what I was doing

I was walking toward the front door when I heard a girl giggle

I told myself hold it together 

"you aren't gonna say hi?"

I turned around and saw Justin walking my way

I half smiled

"sorry I didn't see you"

he nodded.. about to say something then a tall.. very tall brunette came from the kitchen and walked next to him.. I'm assuming she's the model the paps were talking about? Yovanna I think her name was?

"have fun at Madison's" he told me

"I will, and oh, uhm I saw Scooter today, he said he needs to see you about something"

"I saw him to-"

"save it. oh. and congratulations have a good night guys" and I turned around and walked away with at least half of my pride

As I walked out I heard Justin say "congratulations? what are you talking about?"


We got back to Madison's and were sitting on her bed

"was that girl there when you were inside?" Ariana asked stuffing popcorn in her mouth

"yea. when I left I was like congratulations and Justin looked confused as fuck"

"hm... I don't like this girl, she's up to something" Madison said and all of us agreed

"aren't you and Justin going on vacation or something?"

"yea. in 3 days. we're going to Italy, for my birthday"

"that's so cute"


"haha. thank you.. but I don't know if he'll even be talking to me by then"

Justin's POV

"babe stop talking about her, this is about us"

"no. I'm not your "babe" why did she say congratulations? I'm so confused.. she looked so hurt"

"J. just stop don't worry about it. girls are girls and she was obviously jealous"

"why would she be jealous?"

"I'm here and she's not?"

"she has my heart & you don't"


I went on twitter and my "beliebers" were so pissed at me. like even the ones who have supported me forever said I was in the wrong.. but I really am so confused on what I did wrong

I went to the link some girl tweeted and it went to a twitcam that was posted like 2 1/2 hours ago by Madison. I started watching it and it was her and Ariana answering questions and Megan was in the background making funny faces.. god is she adorable

she answered a few questions about me and austin and then some girl asked her about my instagram

Megan pulled out her phone and went to my page

her face practically dropped and became hurt.. sad.. 

I've never seen her like that

she became choked up "uhm, I don't see anything about marriage, that girl. uhm she's pretty"

she showed her phone to the screen

I was confused.. where were the prom pictures?

Megan was holding back her true emotions, she got up and ran.. I don't know where she ran to, but she starting puking... it broke my heart that I unknowingly did this to her.

Madison quickly said bye to the camera

no wonder why everyone hates me..

I went to my instagram and every single picture of Megan and I had been deleted.. even from when we first met, if you looked on my page you would have no idea we even knew each other. 

the most recent picture was on me and Yovanna. she posted it on my instagram though. I clicked her username and right when her page loaded.. I now understood  why Megan was so hurt

Yovanna photoshopped a picture of us so it looked like we were kissing with the caption #official

what am I going to do....

What if Megan never talks to me again?

"what the fuck are you doing?" I yelled at Yovanna who was currently making herself at home in my living room

"watching tv?" she said annoyed

"are you trying to ruin my life?"

"oh honey, you already did. when your ass got arrested" she stood up

"shut the fuck up"

she laughed

"get the fuck out of  my house" 

"already one step ahead of you" she flicked me off and walked out the door

what am I going to do to make Megan understand the truth..

but no matter what I tell her, she won't believe me because I lied to her about Scooter earlier.. I fucked up this time... I fucked up real bad.

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