my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


27. 27

"this is so perfect. oh my god, Justin thank you" I hugged him again

"only the best for you" he smiled

"oh my gosh. we have so much to do in 2 days... well technically only tomorrow, we need dresses, nails, hair makeup, everything" I was getting frantic

"calm down. all of that is taken care of. but you and Ashley are going to get your dress and shoes tomorrow, Ryan and I have everything  else set up. don't worry" he pecked my lips

"yay more shopping" Ashley said sarcastically and rolled her eyes

I laughed at her

"well you girls get some rest" he kissed my forehead

"I don't know where the bed is.." I looked around all the balloons

"guess you'll just have to sleep with me" he winked

I hit his chest "guess I will" I laughed

we laid in his bed and cuddled up

"I should text my parents about prom, they're gonna wanna see me all dressed up"

"all taken care of"



"you're amazing... have I ever told you that?" I gently kissed his lips

he smiled so big

"I literally have no idea what I ever did to deserve you.. you amaze me more and more everyday" 

"Megan, I am so grateful for you. you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't want to do anything to ever risk you leaving me"

"I promise, I will never leave you, no matter what"

he kissed my forehead and soon we both fell asleep


"ashley you ready?"

"for another 8hour day of shopping?! of course I am" she said sarcastically

I laughed "commme on" I practically grabbed her hand and forced her out of the kitchen chair

"bye guys, we'll see you soon" I waved goodbye


"Megan, you look like a princess.. oh my god. that's  your dress"

"I love it" I said admiring the dress in the mirror

"Megan literally I feel like a mother! you in that dress brought tears to my eyes" she wiped her eyes

there were also tears in my eyes, I've never felt so beautiful. this is my dress


"how'd shopping go ladies?" Ryan asked 

we were all in the living room on the ground, eating chinese food haha

"so good!" Ashley said

"what do your dresses look like?"

"you have to wait and see" she winked

"well how am I supposed to know what color tie to wear?" Justin asked

"guess you'll just have to guess" I laughed

"not funny. what if your dress is orange and I wear a blue tie?"

"well my dress isn't orange so there's your hint"

"MEGAN!" he whined

"JUSTIN" I mocked

"mine is blue ry" ashley said

"she told him!" Justin complained

"I will just leave the color tie in your room tomorrow night"

"deal" he smiled

"Justin is gonna cry when he sees her" ashley said with a smile

"and why is that?" he asked

"because when she tried it on.. I cried.. it was perfect on her"

"oh gosh.. Justin hahahahahah better prepare yourself brother. Ashley never cries" Ryan laughed

Justin was staring at me 

"she amazes me more and more everyday, I'd cry happy tears over her anyday" he kissed my cheek

"welll you'll be crying a well of them" ashley laughed

"guyyyys stoppp. now your setting the expectations up so high" I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted

"you could never disappoint me" Justin said uncrossing my arms



Ashley and I have been up since 9:30 and its 3:30 now and I'm pooped. I'm so excited for tonight though. 

right when we woke up, we got our nails done. mine were like this;

they were simple, yet beautiful

next was our hair here was mine;

"girls! we're going craazzzy down here! hurry up!" ryan yelled

"you can't rush beauty" Ashley said

Ashley put on her dress fast;

Ashley and Ryan had both already gone to their senior prom, so it didn't mean as much to them as it did to Justin and I, who's this is our first prom

she walked down stairs and I heard a lot of "ohh! you look stunning, oh my god," and so on

she looked beautiful

"Megan hurrry up!" I heard her yell up to me

"I'm coming!"

"everyone get out your cameras. she looks stunning"

I look a deep breath. I was shaking. I hope Justin liked my dress.

I turned the knob on the bedroom door and took a step. one more deep breath and before I knew it, I was standing at the top of the stairs

"oh my god, Megan"

"you look so beautiful"

"oh my god"

Justin was looking at the ground and when he heard everyone talking, he slowly looked up at me and his jaw dropped, then turned into huge smile.. from where I was I even saw tears  starting to form

he mouthed "you look beautiful" I smiled back at him and began walking down the steps

When I reached the last 3 steps, Justin extended his hand and helped me down

he whispered in my ear "you look amazing" 

"so do you"

he was in a black tux with the light pink tie I put on his bed this morning

we smiled for pictures.. so I guess I should show you my dress now? :)

he smiled for the picture and I put my hand on his chest and kissed his cheek

@meganwilliams: prom with this handsome guy :)

he put the crassage on my hand and I put it on his suit jacket

we took lots of couples pictures & then group ones with ashley and ryan

we took one where we both kiss our dates on the lips

@ryanbutler: PRRROOOOMMMM! @justinbieber @meganwilliams @ashleyguin

I took a picture with practically everyone at Justin's house and then we went to the venue where the rest of our friends were; Ariana & Jai, Selena & Alfredo, Chaz & some girl named Courtney, Kendall & Harry, Kylie & Jayden and so many more.. and who? Madison & Austin... wait what?


we took so many pictures that I was pictured out. I don't know how Justin takes so many pictures everyday with fans

"meg?" I turned around to see Austin


"can we take a picture?"

uggghh "um sure?"

his face lit up and he waved his mom over who had her camera

we smiled and then he hugged me.. it was awkward lol

@austinmahone: @meganwilliams looked stunning. @justinbieber, you're one lucky guy

all of us girls took pictures and it was so cute

I had so much fun! now time to PARRTAAYYY!!

we walked into this BEAUTIFUL venue and went to our assigned tables to eat dinner

at our table was me, justin, ryan, ashley, selena, alfredo, selena, chaz and courtney


after hours of dancing, my feet killed so Justin and I went in the photobooth

the first one we smiled

the second we stuck our tongues out

the third he kissed my cheek

and the forth we kissed

he took a picture of the photo strip 

@justinbieber: love you


We slow danced to every song together & Wanted by Hunter Hayes was the last song. <3

We got back in the limo and now we are going to after prom at the bowling alley

we were messing around in the limo when Justin handed me a large white box.

I opened it and it was pizza! I wanted pizza so bad

we started eating it.. mind you Justin and I are still dressed up

I handed Ryan my phone and he took a picture of this

@meganwilliams: pizzzza after prom? YEEESSS <3


we were bowling until 5 am... 5 AM! 

I was absolutely postively exhausted

I don't remember anything after getting back in the limo... I guess I fell asleep

Justin's POV

After bowling, I could tell Megan was exhausted. she fell asleep on the way back to my house and I carried her bridal sytle into my bed. since she changed into comfortable clothes to bowl in, I just let her sleep in them

I wasn't that tired so I decided to post some pictures from tonight on instagram

all my captions are about to sound cheesy as hell..

I first started with the one I took when Megan was coming down the stairs and I first saw her, she was looking in a different direction, but was smiling. she looked amazing

@justinbieber: seeing you like this tonight, made me think of seeing you in a white dress, walking down the aisle to me.. I know it's cheesy, but that's all I could think about tonight

then the one where I picked her up bridal style

@justinbieber: and this is how we'd walk into our new home.. we'll I'd walk, carrying you

then me putting her crassage on side by side with her putting it on my jacket

@justinbieber: wouldn't have wanted to spend this night with anyone else

then a normal one of us smiling

@justinbieber: okay, so I'm done with all the cheesy  captions, but I meant it all. Megan, I know that we aren't even dating yet, and hopefully soon I will build up the confidence to ask you to be my girlfriend, but you make me the happiest person in the entire world. and if my dreams will come true, you will be the woman I marry. I am in love with you, and I don't care who knows. thank you for a night I will truly never forget. you were the best date evvvvvaa :)

then I went on twitter & my timeline was so funny

beliebers "shipping" us and others still want me with Selena lol

@justinbieber: I'm sorry guys, she just brings out the romantic guy in me, constantly thinking bout marriage  with her :)

@justinbieber: but of course #mybeliebers are my first love that will never enddd<3

@justinbieber: most amazing night with the most amazing people. wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else!!!

@justinbieber: and a special shout out to my amazing date :) I know you're sleeping now.. (your're welcome for carrying you in) ;) but I had the perfect night with you... actually every minute with you is perfect, but thank you for saying yes :) @meganwilliams

@itsryanbutler: @justinbieber damn brooo. you whipped! talking about marriage already? you're still single brother! but tonight was fun with you! I gotta send you a picture Ashley took of you and Megan.. it should be framed tbh

@justinbieber: @itsryanbutler aye, if treating her right is called being whipped, then hell yeah I'll take that title. and alright! can't wait to see it :)

Ryan sent me the picture

we were slow dancing and her arms were around my neck and mine around her waist. her head was on my shoulder and my head was resting on hers

honestly.. it looked like a wedding picture

@justinbieber: most amazing night with the most amazing girl. @meganwilliams

I set down my phone and fell asleep

I have never been happier


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