my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


26. 26

We went back to Justin's house and honestly other than the fight with Scooter, tonight was perfect

I went to my room at his house and changed into pajamas then walked to the kitchen where Justin was in basketball shorts & shirtless

"hey" I smiled

"hi" he walked over to me embracing me in a hug

"I'm sorry about the Scooter thing" I told him

"it wasn't your fault. none of it was"

"I feel bad though... what if he's right?? what if I am ruining your career?"

"he's not right. you're the best thing that's happened to my career"

he took my hand and we walked into his room and laid  on his bed

I watched him tweet

@justinbieber: if you saw the videos tonight...

@justinbieber: I am not quitting music.. I could never do that to my beliebers! I am just no longer signed with Scooter Braun Projects @SBprojects

@justinbieber: I guess this is what it feels like to be umemployed.  looking for someone to sign me again. not giving up 

@justinbieber: thank you so much for the endless love you give to me. I love you

He took a picture of us. his left arm was around my shoulders and my face was cuddled up in his chest. 

he posted it with this caption

@justinbieber: it's been a LONG day.. but laying with her.. just being with her brings nothing but happiness in my life. thank you for never giving up on me. 

his phone rang and he answered by putting it on speaker



"hey dad" he sat up

"what are you doing?"

"with Megan... why?"

"no. I mean not right now.. like with Scooter? Justin you just dropped everything!"

"I know. but I don't care"

"fortunately for you. I do. me, your mother, Megan and Scooter have a meeting on Wednesday"

"well I'm not going"

"you don't have a choice"

"yes I do. I'm 20 not 2"

he hung up the phone

I felt terrible.. this is all my fault

His phone rang again 


"hey JB"

"Usher! what's up man!"

"I see you are no longer signed with Scooter"


"well I was wondering if I could sign you?"

"I'd love that!" 

"good! alright I'll see you at the studio tomorrow just to sign papers and stuff"

"alright. sounds  good"

he hung up

"well that was easy" he sighed "goodnight beautiful" he kissed my forehead

before I knew it he was sound asleep snoring.. me on the other hand was wide awake. I was trapped with millions of things going on in my mind

What if I really am the one that ruined his career? what if Scooter is right?


Justin's POV

(Wednesday Morning)

"you ready?" she said squeezing my hand one last time

"I guess" I opened up the door to the conference room

In there was my mom, dad, Scooter, Yael, and Usher

My mom came over and greeted us both with a hug

We all sat down at this large table

One one side was my dad, Scooter & Yael and then on the other side was my mom, me, Megan, and Usher

"what is this about?" I said with no emotion in my voice. I didn't want to be here

"you" Scooter said 

"and what did I do?"

"we need to talk about the incident the other night"

"there is nothing to talk about."

"yes there is"


"first of all. you BOTH went against what I had told you"

"You don't have control over my personal relationships. We didn't plan to meet there!"

"actually Justin I do. when I give you an order you listen to it"

"Scooter I'm over all this bullshit."

"I am too!"

"no you aren't! If you were, we wouldn't be sitting here right now!"

"I was just  doing what I thought was best for you!"

"You don't know what's best for me! I know what's best for myself!"

"no you don't!"

"you know what Scooter! you have some fucking nerve. You are constantly signing all these other artists that you don't have enough time for each of us individually! It used to be all about love and family.. now it's all about the money! if you aren't making money, you don't like it!"

"that's not true" he spat

"yes it is! I'm damn  sure if Megan was famous you wouldn't give 2 shits. Just like  you had me be with Selena for what over 2 years when I was fucking miserable all the time! you made me believe this was tough love. but now I've found the girl that I want to be with forever.. the one who treats me with respect and is always loving and I'm.. I'm just so happy... and you don't care because you aren't making money"

Scooter sighed and looked deeply into my eyes trying to know what to say

"so you really love her?"

"more than you'll ever understand"

he sighed again and then leaned back in his chair still looking deep in my eyes

"just think if you were in my position with Yael.."

"I would rip your face off"


"ugh. well, I guess no matter what I do, you both are going to do whatever you want anyway. but I approve of you dating"

Megan chuckled

"Scooter, we aren't even dating"

"you aren't?"

"no. we never did. you got so angry at us for just being friends"

Scooter stood up and walked over to us and hugged us

"I'm so sorry"

My mom took a picture of us 3. Scooter then me and Megan

Scooter smiled I did that face where my forehead gets all wrinkly and megan half smiled without teeth.. you could tell she didn't want to be in this picture

@scooterbraun: after yelling & many tears I'm happy to say we are all left on a good note. Although @justinbieber is no longer signed with me, we will still remain friends in the future. and I know that while @meganwilliams is by his side he will be in good hands. love you kids

Usher came over to us & we shook hands & he hugged Megan

my mom also took our picture & all of us were smiling

@howuseeit: it's official! I signed my little bro @justinbieber! so excited to work with you as your manager. looking forward to seeing all the good that will come out of it! & I am looking forward to getting to know @meganwilliams better :)

We went back to my house & my dad sent me a picture

it was at the meeting it was when I was listening to Scooter yell at me. My face was filled with anger and Megan's was filled with disgust... pretty priceless actually

@justinbieber: my dad sent me this picture from the meeting today. must say, me & @meganwilliams faces in this are pretty priceless & self explanatory about how we felt.. lol

I reposted the picture of me, megan & Usher

@justinbieber: now signed by my mentor! @howuseeit such an honor! looking forward to this new chapter of my life! & for everyone me and @meganwilliams will ALWAYS be by each other's sides no matter what. so don't try & separate us because you will lose.

"hey Meg, my parents & ryan and his new girlfriend are coming over for dinner" I walked down the steps to the living room where she was

"sounds good" she smiled


"mom this spaghetti is awesome!"

"thank you hunny!"

"bro did you see Caitlin's dress for prom like a few weeks ago?"  Ryan asked


"oh. well she looked good!"

ryan's girlfriend slapped his arm

"Megan did you go to prom?" my mom asked

"no, I was supposed to"

"ohh. I'm sorry"

"it's okay. it was a few weeks ago. like I had my dress and everything already, but since I was dating Austin at the time,I flew out here to see him instead of going to prom and then he ditched me. so it's whatever, but I got to spend the weekend with Justin, so it's all good" she smiled

I got an idea

"we should have a prom" I said

they all looked at me strange

"like next weekend, all of us teenagers and stuff who didn't go to their prom"

"I like that idea" Megan smiled

"same. good idea bro!"

now I got to figure out a way to ask her....


Megan & Ashley (ryan's girlfriend) were painting each others nails in Megan's room and Ryan and I were in the game room

"that was a good idea about prom"

"thanks man. now I gotta figure out a way to ask Megan"

Megan's POV

"so are you and Justin dating?" she painted my thumb pink

"no haha" 

"why not" 

"I don't know, he just hasn't asked me"

"well he likes you.. a lot"

"ya think?"

"girl I know it"

we laughed

"so how'd you and Ryan meet?"

"we had a class in college together this term and then we got paired up for the assignment and we just hit it off!"

"that's so cute" I smiled

"thank you"

We finished painting our nails & now we decided to watch The Notebook

"so for that prom thing. do you think Justin is gonna ask you?"

"I don't know, I hope he does, but there's so many beautiful girls he could take.  he wouldn't chose me"

"girl you're crazy. you're beyond stunning"

Justin's POV

Ryan and I were walking past Megan's room when we started to hear them talk about prom, so over course we had to ease drop 

"so for that prom thing. do you think Justin is gonna ask you?"

"I don't know, I hope he does, but there's so many beautiful girls he could take.  he wouldn't chose me"


"bro you gotta go all out for her. the fact that she thinks you won't even ask her... "

"I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna need your help and we need her and Ashley to stay busy all day tomorrow"

"got it"

Megan's POV

"what are you freaks doing?" Ashley and I said as we were practically being forced out of the front door

"we need to have guy time" Ryan said "so you can have girl time"

Ashley and I looked at each other weird

"whatever" I said and fixed my clothes

"here's my credit card. spend whatever you want, we'll call you when you can come home" Justin said

"bye then?"

"bye I love you see you in a few hours" he quickly kissed my forehead

Ashley and I got into the car and drove to the mall

"I'm so confused" I said laying my head back on the seat

"you and me both girl"

@meganwilliams: so confused



"Justin just tweeted"

"what did he say?!"

"@justinbieber: big things planned ;)"


"okay!!! @meganwilliams: @justinbieber can you pleeeaaase just tell me what you and @itsRyanButler are up to ? :(  me and @ashleyguin are annoyed with you -_-"

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams you'll see when you come back ;)

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber stop with the winky faces ya weirdo... but what if I don't come back? :p

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams no ;) and then I will find out where you are and bring your ass back here

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber what about the rest of my body?):

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams shut upppp. I'll see you in a few hours. I have things to do. :)


"Ash! that dress is so cute on you! oh my gosh, you have to get it!"

7 hours later Justin finally called me


"you may come back now"

"okay. on our way"


"I'm so tired, I just wanna sleeeeepp"

"same I'm exhausted" Ashley said

"my feet kill"

"let's make them rub our feeet"


@meganwilliams: so @ashleyguin and I were sent to the mall for 7 hours.. and as much as we love shopping, our feet killl!!! #exhausted 

We walked up to the front door and right as I was opening it, Ryan opened it from the other side

"greetings" he smiled

"what were you two nut jobs up to?" Ashley asked walking past him

"nothing... but Megan, Justin is in the kitchen, he's waiting for you"

"okay?" I sent him a confused look

I walked into the kitchen and Justin was in a tux sitting down at a candle light dinner. it was beautiful

He stood up and hugged me

I was so confused

I sat down at the seat across from him

We were having steak... my favorite

"did you make this?"

"yes" he smiled I took a bite and it was delicious

"this is amazing... oh my God" 

"thank you"

we ate for about an hour and it was so perfect. we talked about the most random things.. and it was fun

"thank you so much for dinner. tonight was perfect. I wish I would have known. I would have put nicer clothes on" I was in leggings and a large grey sweater

"the night's not over yet"

"what do you mean?" I was confused yet again

"go put on comfortable clothes"

"I am comfortable.."

"no like pajamas"

"what do I need to wear pajamas for?"

"just goo" 

I stood up and walked upstairs to my room and Justin followed behind

I opened the door and my room was FILLED with balloons. On each balloon was a picture of us and the a description of the day

it was so beautiful 

I put my hand over my mouth.... I can't believe this.. it's like something you'd see in the movies

before I knew it small tears were coming from my eyes, no one has ever done something like this for me before

Justin took a picture of my reaction & posted it on instagram without a caption.. leaving everyone confused.. as I was

I turned around and Justin was standing behind me with a poster that read "PROM?"

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out

I nodded my head and ran over to him and hugged him so tight 

@ryanbutler: @justinbieber I guess she liked it ;)

I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him I was beyond happy

he let go and handed me a teddy bear and a dozen red roses

we stood in front of a lot of the balloons and he put his arm around my waist and held the prom poster and I hand my arm around his waist and I put the teddy bear in between both our bodies and I held the flowers in my other hand. we both smiled

@justinbieber: she said yes! #prom <3

@meganwilliams: easily the sweetest thing in the world, he surprised me with a candle light dinner and then filled my room with balloons. on each balloon was a picture of us & description of that day. he gave me a dozen red roses & an adorable teddy bear. oh yeah, and did I mention he asked me to be his prom date? & of course I said yes... through the tears of joy. @justinbieber you're definitely the best. prom 2k14 will be the with you :) wouldn't want to spend the night with anyone else <3

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