my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


25. 25

"so why are you here?"

"I don't know what to do"

"well it looks like you've already made up your mind" I stood up and walked to then door

"please... please don'e make this harder than it should be" he now stood in front of me

"well then how should it be?"

"I don't know.. I really don't. but I'm gonna figure this out. I want to be with you" he sighed "I told him I am still going to Italy with you. and after lots of yelling he agreed. but he wants no contact between us before then"

"okay" I replied bluntly

"please.. please just please don't hate me"

"I don't hate you. I'm just upset and disappointed"

"I swear if what he threatened to release was something of just me.. I swear I would let him. but this is a video with Selena.. just because my career is going down, doesn't mean hers should to. I am so sorry. I don't know  what to do"

Tears were falling down his cheeks

"I'll see you in 16 days then" I turned around


"yes?" I was now facing him again

"please remember how much I love you... and if you ever forget... look on your note pad."

"I love you, too. Justin"

he grabbed my face and kissed me

I didn't kiss back at first because i didn't realize what was happening

We both let go and there were tears everywhere... after today nothing's ever going to be the same

"goodbye Justin" and I turned around and walked into my house and into my room... and continued to cry

my phone was blowing up with Justin's tweets

@justinbieber: I'm so sorry..

@justinbieber: having to walk away from the person you love is probably one of the hardest things in the world.. especially when you have no idea  how to live your life without them

@justinbieber: no idea what to do

@justinbieber: sucks when you have no control over something that means so much to you

@justinbieber: worst day ever

@meganwilliams: I don't know why you had to come over to ask me what you should do. by the time you got here, your mind was already made up

@meganwilliams: I'm going to miss you...

@meganwilliams: walking away from the person who you can't live without felt like i was being stabbed in the heart 100 times 

@scooterbraun: GREAT DAY!! only going up from here

@meganwilliams: @scooterbraun hope your happy.

@scooterbraun: @meganwilliams I am

@meganwilliams: @scooterbraun glad someone is.

@scooterbraun: @meganwilliams Megan,  you need to understand that this is what's best

@meganwilliams: @scooterbraun best for who? you? I don't understand why you had to get involved in a relationship that had NOTHING to do with you. but whatever. I'm done with this conversation.

How could Scooter do that? was all of this a lie? Did he just use me?

I went into my notepad to see what Justin was talking about

Dear Megan,

hi beautiful. You're in the shower right now and I've seen you type in your password so many times that I memorized it.. lol sorry if that sounds creepy ;) You've been in my life for a few months now & honestly you've changed it.. for the better. I can't even begin to tell you. I'm writing this in your notepad because this is  where you'll never look. So then if something ever happens between us, I will tell you to look here. I'm sure if you're reading this, that we got into a fight or something.. but since I don't know what happened.. I thought I would just tell you how much I love you. You're the most beautiful girl in the world. When I see you, it's like you're the only other person in the room with me. When I'm with you, my worries fade away & I'm just happy. I forget the bad and only focus on the good. You have the most perfect smile and when I make you laugh or smile I feel like I won something. For years, I've been trying to be in love.. to find that one girl. and you came along and we hit it off right from the start. We didn't look at each other romantically, which I think is why we became so close. Then with everyone telling us how "we're meant to be" and all that stuff, we both realized that was true. No matter what happens after today, always know... you are the love of my life.

I cried so much during that....

@meganwilliams: "no matter what happens after today, always know... you are the love of my life"

Justin favorited it & then retweeted it literally right after I tweeted it


Justin's POV

"JB man, you gotta focus!" Usher told me through the mic

I was finishing up this album but my mind is somewhere else

"I'm sorry. can I have a break?"

"you had one 5 minutes ago!" Scooter yelled

I glared at him

I walked out of the booth and sat on the couch

"what do you think you're doing?" Scooter growled

"taking a break"

"no you aren't now get your ass back in there and finish!"

"Scooter shut the hell up. I'm done" 

I grabbed my phone and walked out of the building

I got in my car and hit my head against the steering wheel

I'm beyond miserable.. and it's only been 4 days

I got home and to my surprise my mom was sitting at my kitchen table 

"hey mom"

"hi sweetie" she stood up and hugged me

"what are you doing here?"

"Scooter called"


"he's worried about you"

"HA. yeah right"

"Justin this is serious"

"Mom. believe me, I know. I just don't have time for this"

"time for what?"

"HIM! he's ruining my life!"

"Justin. please calm down"

"I can't calm down! He made me leave my best friend.. the girl I'm in love with! He gave me no choice but to leave her! and he's getting mad at me for not being able to focus! but this is my year off! Why can't I just do my own thing!"

I sat there and balled into my mother's arms

"I just want her back... but she hates me"

"she doesn't hate you"

My mom pulled out her phone and dialed a number

"who are you calling?"

she stuck her pointer finger up at me implying me to hold on

"hi Megan, it's Pattie. i'm good, how are you? yeah. I was wondering, oh you're in LA? really? yeah. I'll meet you there in a few minutes. okay see you soon. bye"

"what was that?"

"Justin, I'm going to meet up with her, she's in LA. You go back to the studio and be good and finish whatever you have to. While I'm with her, I will think of a way for you to see each other. okay?"

"thank you thank you thank you" I couldn't stop hugging her

"come on! go!"

"thank you I love you"

"I love you too"

and ran to my car and drove back to the studio

I was HOPEFULLY going to see her today

Megan's POV

I pulled up to Starbucks. Pattie wanted to meet with me

I ordered my drink and sat in a table in the back & Pattie came a few minutes later

"sorry to keep you waiting" she hugged me

"it's fine. I wasn't waiting long"

"good.have you spoken to Justin?"

"no. we aren't allowed"

"says who?"

"Scooter. he won't allow any communication between us until Justin comes to Italy with me in like a week and a half, and then after that no communication starts again"

"I'm so sorry"

I shrugged my shoulders 

"but I was just with Justin.. he left the studio because of Scooter yelling at him for not being focused and he came home and he was sobbing. he misses you so much"

"I miss him so much too.."

"what was Scooter trying to gain from this?"

"I don't know. I guess Justin is loosing money.. and fans and stuff because of me? I don't know. I thought that as long as Justin's happy, that everyone is happy. but I guess it's all about the money to Scooter"

"I don't know why Justin hasn't fired him"

"me too"

"but I want you to see each other tonight"

"we can't"

"not unless it's unplanned?"

God I love her

"so what's the unplan?"

"the crew is going to dinner tonight & they didn't rent the restaurant.. so that means other people can eat there too. so say you went with one of your brothers and you guys came like a half hour after Justin got there and then you'd see each other and everything will be good"

"what about Scooter?"

"he can't possibly get angry if your brothers took you out to eat. It's a public place"

"thank you so much! I will be there! oh  my gosh Pattie, I owe you big time. thank you thank you thank you" hugged her

"just keep my son happy. I know you will. I will see you tonight"

we hugged and then I left

I am so happy

I went to Dylan's apartment and his bitchy girlfriend answered the door

"what do you want?" she spat

"my brother" I walked in right passed her and she growled behind my back

"DYL?" I yelled

"hey meg" he walked out off his bedroom and hugged me

"Dylan I have to get home" Courtney said

"okay bye baby, I'll call you later" he kissed her and then she left

"what are you doing here?" he asked me

"I need a favor"


"can we go to dinner tonight at 6?"

"um sure? why?"

I explained the whole thing about Justin to him

"are you sure you both won't get in trouble?"

"no, but it's worth the chance"

"okay. yea, sure I'll take you. be ready at 5:40"

"sounds good. thank you so much" I hugged him


I went to the hotel and started getting ready by taking a shower

when I got out I blow dried my hair and started  doing my makeup

I curled my hair and put on ;

the white dress looked perfect on my tan skin

I didn't want to do too much 

My brother came at 5:30 and we took a picture

@meganwilliams: dinner date with the brother :) @dylanwilliams

we waited a few minutes so I could double check everything. I had to look perfect


we got to the restaurant at 6:05 and Justin was already here.. paparazzi were EVERYWHERE


we finally got inside and they seated us right away

we were put at a table in the back which was right next to this large room that had tinted windows

it must be like a back room for parties and stuff?

I quickly texted Pattie and told her I was here

she responded 

okay. we are in this tinted back room. where are you sitting?

I replied

literally right next to it

Pattie came out of the room & instantly spotted me

she hugged me "oh you look beautiful"

"thank you" I blushed

"I will have Justin come out here"

I smiled really big. I missed him so much

She went back in the room and seconds later I hear Justin "SCOOTER I'M GOING PEE" then next thing I know I see him literally running out of the room & he tripped over a chair

I began laughing and then his attention was all on me

He slowly stood up and walked to me neither of us said anything we just hugged each other

"I miss you so much" he said in my ear

I didn't respond. just hugged him tighter

we let go and just looked into each other's eyes

"my life has been hell without you"

"mine too. I hate this" I said

"I don't know how to live without you"

"don't leave me... please.. never leave again"

"I don't want to"

"then don't"

"it's not my choice"

I looked at the ground and his fingers picked up my chin forcing me to look him straight in the eyes

he opened his mouth beginning to talk 

"JUSTIN MEGAN WHAT THE HELL" Scooter yelled forcing the whole restaurant to look at us

"Scooter stop" Justin said calmly

"no you stop!"

"excuse me. I'm going to have to ask you to take this outside" the waitress said

Justin took my hand and we all walked out the front doors... and of course the paparazzi will now see what is going down. great


"we are in a public place. how did we know the other would be here?" I said


"wrong again. my brothers live out here & as you could see my brother brought me to dinner"

"but you were together! you could have looked at each other and moved on with your life! but you didn't!"


"you need to choose. right now" Scooter said sternly

"between?" Justin was confused

"her or your dream.. your career"

Justin looked into my eyes hard

"Justin.. I understand if you choose your dream I'll always supp-"

"her" he said

"what?" Scooter was surprised

"Her. I choose Megan. did you not hear me?"

"what about your career, your dream? beliebers"

"I've lived that dream. my true beliebers will support me no matter what. they actually care about my happiness and not about money.. like you. now it's time for me to live my new one. with her"

He took my hand and we walked back into the restaurant to finish dinner.. together



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