my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


24. 24

"Scooter is such a fucking asshole!" I slammed the car door and turned on the car

"that meeting was bullshit" Ryan said

"I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do. I think I might as well just fire him. that was bull shit"

"honestly. you should. how do you think Megan's going to react?"

"honestly. I don't know. I hope she doesn't get tooo pissed.."

"bro.. she's not gonna be pissed.. she's gonna be hurt"


"hey, can you see who texted me?"

"sure" Ryan unlocked my phone "it's Megan. uhm she says they just finished the ceremony and that we should meet her at this restaurant" 

"alright. say see you soon with a smiley face"


we walked into the restaurant & I instantly spotted Megan & she waved us over

Ryan hugged her first & then I hugged her

"how'd the meeting go?"

"I'll talk to you about it later"

"okay.. are you okay?"


"hey. well smile." she kissed my lips which instantly made me smile

I love the affect she had on me

we sat down to eat

"so how was graduation?" I asked her

"boring. haha"

"it would've been if I was there"

"that is true. I'm never bored with you"

Honestly. that was true. I was never bored with Megan. we always found something new to do & we are both just completely ourselves with each other that we just never get bored. There's never a dull moment with us. We're always laughing & having a good time. Even when we are being serious, it's enjoyable because I'm with her

I placed her hand on my lap and intertwined our fingers

I looked up at her & I smiled

our hands literally fit perfect together


We finished up dinner& honestly just spending time with Megan.. no matter what we're doing puts me in a better mood

We went back to my house & since they are all leaving tomorrow, they started packing. I went to help Megan

"Justin sit on this suitcase so I can zip it!"

"are you implying I'm heavy?" 

"nooooo! Justin come on please!" she made the puppy face

I sat on the suitcase and even my weight wasn't making a dent

"RYAAAANNN" She yelled down the steps

he came running


"sit on that suitcase with him so I can zip it.... pleassseee"

"are you trying to say I'm fat?"

"OH DEAR  LORD YOU BOYS AND YOUR WEIGHT ISSUES" she threw her hands in the air 

"what did you say the same thing?" Ryan looked at me & I nodded my head then we both let out a chuckle and Megan glared at us

"YAAAAY!!!! IT'S SHUT!" she started jumping up and down

all 3 of us had to sit on the suitcase and then pass the zipper

it took a good 20 minutes

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" she continued to jump and hugged me tight then kissed me than she ran over to ryan and hugged him tight

"no kiss for me?" he winked

she giggled and then kissed his cheek

"WAIT I WANT TO REMEMBER THIS MOMENT FOREVER" he pulled out his phone and handed it to me. he put his arm around her waist and she picked up her left leg then kissed his cheek & his face was the reddest shade I've ever seen

@ryanbutler: everyone mark this day in your calender. I was finally kissed by @meganwilliams!!!!! #scoreeee best day of my life

Megan saw her notification and she started laughing "ryan you're an idiot"

@justinbieber: @ryanbutler @meganwilliams photo creds ;) & hey ryan nice blushing 

Megan's POV

We finally got back home

It was the first time in so long that me, mom, dad, Dylan and Cameron were all home together & it was probably the best feeling in the world

As much as I love being with my friends.. nothing compares to my family. They are my life and sometimes it's just nice to spend time with them

Although my bothers aren't staying long.. well actually they're only staying 1 more day, it's nice they came back with us

It sucks growing up and getting further away from your family.. not only distance wise, but emotionally wise. Like when we are all together, we all try and catch up on what we've missed, but there's so much to catch up on & not enough time


I hugged my brothers goodbye. I won't see them until we go to Italy.. which is in 17 days.

I'm soooo excited for Italy. I've always wanted to go there

*beep beep*

my phone beeped

+555-0103 pooped up

I unlocked my phone.. who is this ?

The text read

Hi Megan,

it's Pattie. Justin's mom. lol Me, Jeremy and the kids are having a cookout this Saturday and we wanted to know if you would want to join us? i was going to have Justin ask you, but he is so upset about the meeting he had with Scooter, that I thought it would be better if you would come and surprise him? let me know if you can come!! Hope to see you soon, we miss you! xoxo -Pattie

she's so sweet. I replied

of course! I miss you guys so much. see you Saturdaay :)

Justin hasn't told me about his meeting.. I wonder why he's so upset?

whatever. I'm sure I'll find out Saturday


@meganwilliams: fun day ahead :)

Justin hasn't talked to me all week. I don't know what's going on but I don't like it

*knock knock knock* 

I knocked on the door 

I was in Jeremy's house in Canada

Canada was beautiful

Pattie answered the door with a huge smile on her face

"so glad you came!" she welcomed me in the house and then hugged me

"I missed you!"

"oh sweetie, we missed you too. Justin's in the back"

"lead the way" I laughed

we walked to the back porch and I saw Justin running around with the kids

I smiled and then took a deep breath

I don't know if he hasn't talked to me because I made him mad? I don't know.. I hope he's not upset that I'm here..

Pattie opened the screen door and we both walked onto the deck

"MEGAN" the kids screamed running over to me and giving me a big hug

Justin just stood there in the same place he was running around with the kids at..just staring at me. then he looked at his feet

welp. I'm pretty sure I just heard my heart break in half... what did I do?

Jeremy came over and hugged me "glad you came. he's a wreck" he said in my ear

I nodded my head and let go. The kids were now helping Pattie get something from the house and Jeremy followed them

which left me standing on the deck & Justin still  staring at his feet on the grass

I didn't know what to do

I pulled out my phone and tweeted.... knowing Justin gets my tweets to his phone

@meganwilliams: ever have someone be mad at you & you have no idea why? yeah. same

he took out his phone and read the tweet then put it back in his pocket.

He looked up at me and his eyes were red with tears in them

I walked over to him and when I was standing right in front of him he took a step back

I was hurt at his actions

"what did I do?" 

"nothing" he replied bluntly 

Pattie and Jazzy came outside

"Megan would you like to help Jazzy and I plant flowers while the boys make hamburgers and hotdogs?" Pattie asked

"I'd love to" I smiled


"Megan you're such a good planter"

"thanks Jaz" I laughed

"are you and my brother dating?"

"yes me and Jaxon are very serious"

Jazmyn bursted out laughing

"not hium silly! Justin" 

I turned and looked at Justin who was standing by the grill with Jeremy and they looked like they were having a serious talk. Jaxon was playing with some new Spiderman toy he got


"FOOD'S READY" Jeremy yelled to us

we were cleaning up.. since we had dirt all over our hands lol

we all sat down at the picnic table

girls on one side & boys on the other. Jermey was across from Jazy on one end, Jaxon was across from Pattie on the other and I was across  from Justin in the middle..he didn't even look at me the whole time we ate


"thank you so much for everything. I'm so sorry. I have to get back home and help with my dad. thank you again. I'll definitely be in touch" I stood up from dinner and hugged Pattie

"oh sweetie, thank you for coming. wish  you could stay longer" Pattie said

"have a safe drive back. thank you for coming." Jeremy hugged me

I hugged both of the kids 

"bye Justin" I said walking toward him

He didn't say anything. he just turned around and walked the other way

Pattie walked me out "I'm so sorry about him"

"it's okay" I hugged her one last time and then got into my car

I slammed my head on the steering wheel.. what the hell did I do?

@meganwilliams: I don't know what the hell I did to make you hate me so much. but whatever. have a nice fucking life


After a long 5 hour depressing drive back home.. I got into my bed and just balled my eyes out

Did I really just loose my best friend?


text from Justin Bieber

I'm sorry..

I just read it & didn't respond 

text from Justin Bieber

please answer me..

I texted him

I have nothing to say. Just like you today.

text from Justin Bieber

please.. let me see you.. and I will explain

I replied

where are you? oh yeah you're 5 hours away. I will see you tomorrow. now goodnight

text from Justin Bieber

I'm not there

to Justin Bieber

where are you?

text from Justin Bieber

look outside

I walked over to my window and saw him standing in my front yard

I ran down the stairs and went out the front door

I stood on the porch and he began to walk up

"can we talk?" he asked

I nodded my head and we walked over to my rocker bench thing and both sat down

neither of us said anything for  few minutes

"if you aren't going to talk.. I'm just gonna go inside" I said standing up

"no please. just stay" he grabbed my wrist

I sat back down

"why. why did you treat me like shit?"

"I'm sorry"

"I don't care about your fucking apology. I want to know why. I felt so stupid"

"can I explain?"

"be my guest"

"so um. basically at my meeting with Scooter...he told me that he wants me to have my own reality show"

"I don't see what's so bad about that?"

"and I told him I have to talk to you about it because since we are together so much.. I don't want cameras following you around all the time if you aren't okay with it. and he got all mad about me and you. now he wants me to have nothing to do with you. He said that I'm loosing money and all this other stuff and he doesn't like that I make you my first priority and then he said that I don't have a choice about this. He said I'm going to have to choose between you & my career"


"and if I choose you... he'e releasing my sex tape with Selena"

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