my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


23. 23

tomorrow morning we're leaving to go to California for Dylan's graduation. I'm not going to the ceremony though

Megan and I decided that we would go fishing today

I'm not exactly sure how we decided this.. because she hates the smell of fish.. buuut I don't know haha


"JUSTINNNNN IT'S MOVING WHY IS IT MOVING" Megan screamed. she caught her first fish "STOP LAUGHING AT ME AND HELP ME"

I was laughing hysterically 

I walked over and disconnected the fish from the fishing pole

"phew that was a close one" she wiped the sweat off of her forehead

"I'll say" I rolled my eyes

"J can we take a picture in front of the lake?" 

"of course"

I wrapped my arm around her waist & she put her hand on my chest

@meganwilliams: great day w @justinbieber :)

I love it when she asks to take pictures of me & then posts them.. not  even that she posts them but that she wants to just take a picture with me. I know it might sound crazy because people are always asking to take pictures with me, but she's different. It makes me feel like she wants to remember all these good times we have

On our way home I was driving & Megan was flipping through the radio stations

"I wish they played your music on the radio" she sighed

I miss that. honestly, When you hear your songs on the radio it makes you feel like you've accomplished something great. I miss that feeling

My phone started ringing and I answered it on my GPS thingy


"JB" it was ryan

"hey bro! what's up"

"just chillin with Nick and Kyle. bro I gotta ask you something serious tho"

"yea?" Megan sent me a confused look

"you know Megan?"

"no. I don't know her" I laughed

"shut up. I mean like are y'all dating?" 

I laughed "I thought you said this was serious!"

"it is"

"no we aren't dating"

"well the guys and I made a bet..."


"who could hit her fine ass first"

"she's a tough one bro" I was laughing 

"so you haven't hit that yet?" Kyle screamed in the background

Megan was  trying not to laugh "alright alright you asked if we were dating. you didn't ask about anything else"

"DAAAMNNN is she good?!" Ryan and Kyle said

"I'm very good" Megan laughed


"hahaha. hey kyle." Megan was laughing so hard

"so that's all you wanted to know?" I was laughing also

"nah man. I'll talk to you later" Kyle said

"alright bro"

"but we were calling cuz yanno if you wouldn't of hit it already.. we were gonna" 

"alright. I'm done now bye" and I hung up

"I'm so sorry about them" 

"you're fine" she giggled


@kylemassey: most awkward phone conversation of all time!!! @justinbieber @meganwilliams @itsryanbutler @nickdemora

@meganwilliams: it's only awkward for you hahahahaha @kylemassey

@itsryanbutler: @meganwilliams I am so sorry you had to hear that

@meganwilliams: @itsryanbutler it's all good :) Justin & I laughed about it the whole drive home

@justinbieber: @kylemassey @nickdemoura @itsryanbutler y'all are idiots.. hahahaaha


we got back to her house & we packed all our stuff

Megan and I fell asleep on the couch & her grandma woke us up by taking a picture of us sleeping.. but she didn't turn the sound & flash off

"damn it! this is why I don't use these gadgets"

since it was like 5am. we cuddled & watched vines all morning. it was the perfect start to the day

@justinbieber: up early. who else is up ? ;)

I retweeted beliebers & their reactions are adorable


The flight was a few hours & when we landed I told her family they could just stay with me. it was only about a 25 minute drive  from where the graduation was anyway & after Megan and I begged, her parents allowed it :)

"so what do you want to do today?" she asked 

"we could go mini golfing? my friends are going and they said I should bring you"

"can we make fun of Kyle & Ryan?" she laughed

"I thought that was already implied" 

She walked over to me hugged me

I pecked her lips

even when we kiss for a millisecond, I get butterflies

No other girl ever had this affect on me


We got to the putt putt course & My friends were just arriving also 

Kyle Massey, Ryan Butler, Nick Demoura, Khalil, Lil Za, and Lil Twist

We got out clubs and balls & began on the course

"dude guess who's in Cali" Lil Za nudged me


"chantel"  oh hell no. 

"who's here" Megan asked?

"Chantel Jefferies"

Megan started laughing 

"oh my gosh. we're gonna die"

"why?" I asked

"she's gonna stab us all" 

Literally EVERYONE bursted out laughing

I began laughing so hard that I was now in tears

"bro. you gotta date her" Khalil whispered in my ear

"I'm working on it"

for the harder courses I stood behind her and helped her shoot

All the guys kept making kissy faces & I punched Twist because he was the closest

We went out to dinner with everyone & while we were eating I heard a familiar voice

"JUSTY" oh god

I turned around to see Chantel

Megan was so busy in a conversation with Ryan that I don't think she heard Chantel

I stood up to greet her with a friendly hug.. yanno always gotta be polite

"hey everyone" she said in her annoying ass voice

Megan turned around to see who was talking and she almost choked on her food because she was trying not to laugh

Chantel was wearing a white dress.. well really she was barely wearing anything

Megan stood up & shook her hand

"hi. I'm Megan"

"Chantel. nice to meet you"

"you too" Megan fake smiled

I knew it was a fake smile because I've seen her real smile.. but if I didn't know her, I'd probably think it was a real smile

"you look gorgeous" Chantel told her

"thank you. so do you"

"Justy take our picture" Chantel handed me her phone

and they both smiled and Chantel stuck out her boobs & butt

damn girl we know you have them. calm yourself

@chanteljefferies: finally met @meganwilliams :)

Chantel went to pick something up from the table but right as she did Megan removed the knife from under Chantel

"what are you doing?"

"yanno.. just moving stuff so no one gets hurt" Megan said

"are you implying that I'm going to stab  you?"

"I wasn't but... you said it.. so now I am"

I took a picture of this.. it was priceless

Megan was holding the knife away and Chantel was looking at her crazy trying to grab it

@meganwilliams: always gotta keep the knives away. wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.... but finally met @chanteljefferies :)

hahahaha megan's gonna kill me

"Justy let's take a picture" Chantel gave megan her phone & right as Megan clicked the camera button, Chantel grabbed my face and kissed me

@chanteljefferies: missed my boo @justinbieber

She gave me a hug goodbye and pecked my cheek

I rolled my eyes then sat back down next to Megan

"I'm so sorry about her" 

"Justin, It's fine. I promise"

"no it's not"

"Justin. we aren't dating, you're allowed to do whatever you want.. or kiss whoever you want. I'm fine." she smiled

"but I don't want to do whatever I want with out you... or kiss anyone but you. you're the only one I want."

she had tears in her eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck

I kissed her hard. I'm in love with this girl and I don't care who knows

I guess Ryan recorded that whole thing after I sat down

@RyanButler: how can you not love them!?!?!?! @justinbieber @meganwilliams #WhyArentYouDatingYet !?!?


We got back to my house & everyone was really tired. Ryan was staying over because he was coming to my meeting with Scooter tomorrow.

Megan's POV

I put on my pajamas & laid in bed scrolling through twitter & so many beliebers were thanking me for some joke I made about Chantel ? 

I went on instagram and saw that Justin posted one of me and her... hahhahahaa

it was funny

@meganwilliams: great day :)

@meganwilliams: so excited to see my brother @dylanwilliams graduate from college tomorrow! so proud of you!!! love you!

@meganwilliams: honestly things are so much easier without a title.

text from Justin Bieber:

hey beautiful. make sure you wake me up before you leave tomorrow. Hopefully I will see you in the afternoon or something. but yea. I had an amazing day with you & I am soo thankful I met you. like you have no idea.. well maybe one day you will. well sleep tight, gorgeous. I love you

A huge smile was on my face

to Justin Bieber:

you made my night. thank you for everything Justin. you're seriously the best. No idea what I'd do without you. thank you so much. goodnight, handsome ;) love you.

@jblolly: @meganwilliams ARE YOU AND JUSTIN DATING?!

@meganwilliams: @jblolly nope


@meganwilliams: @ollgmydream awh. omg thank you, you're so sweet :) 

@justinsboo: @meganwilliams get off his dick already damn

@jbbabe: @meganwilliams you're such a slut

@meganwilliams: lol at the hate I get for "dating justin bieber" when we aren't even dating....

@itsRyanButler: still confused at the fact that @meganwilliams has her own room at @justinbieber's house and I get to sleep on the couch

@meganwilliams: @itsRyanButler ryan literally there's 100 rooms here, you really don't have to sleep on the couch hahahaa


My alarm went of at 7:30 yay. 

I got out of bed  & plugged my phone into the speakers so I could listen to music while I showered

I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a huge white towel then sat on my bed

I can't believe my brother is graduating from college today. it seems like yesterday we were all in grade school. I was beyond proud of him

I didn't feel like looking at twitter this morning.. it seems like whenever I do, I see something hurtful & although I don't show it, it hurts me

I went on my camera roll & started looking through my old pictures

most of them were of Justin & I

I remember not even a year ago, my pictures were just of him. I was just a belieber sitting at home watching his life happen in front of me.. and now.. now we are living our lives together. it's unbearable to think about

The more pictures I scrolled through.. I could see the change in both of us. We've both grown up so much. Not just in our appearance, but our friendship

Even from the start, Justin and I have always had that touchy/ open relationship. and to see it continue to heart warming

Justin has had the biggest impact on my life. no one will ever compare


"Justin, I'm getting ready to leave" I shook him trying to wake him up

he moaned "noo don't go"

he pulled me on top of him and kissed me

finally he sat up & walked down the steps with me holding my hands

it was funny actually.. I was all dressed up in a white dress & he was  just in his boxers

We saw Ryan sitting on the couch.. that he slept in on his phone

"hey did you sleep there?" Justin asked in his morning voice.. TO DIE FOR


Justin chuckled

I was confused "wait did you guys ? oh hell no" Ryan jumped off the couch faster than I could even explain to you. it was priceless

I started laughing & Justin was practically gasping for air at this point

"dude I'm kiddding" Justin managed to say 

"I am NOT taking any chances"

I high-fived Justin 

"meg sweetie are you ready?" my mom said coming in the room

"yes. mom you look beautiful" I hugged her

"oh baby. thank you. so do you"

Ryan was hardcore checking my mom out

"So Justin. after the ceremony and stuff we are going to dinner. would you like to come?" 

"of course, Mrs. Williams. just let me know when and where"

"okay. sounds good. I'm sure you and Megan will be texting all day anyway. haha but thank you so much again for everything"

"it's no problem. I promise"

Justin's POv

(on our way to the meeting with Scooter) 

"so what even is this meeting about?" Ryan asked me

"honestly. I have no idea. he called me and told me when I came back that we are gonna have a meeting"

"do you think it has something to do with Megan?"

"most likely. that's what it was last time" I rolled my eyes

"what did he say?"

"well he talked to us each separately and he was like saying how he wants us to date for publicity and stuff.. but Megan wouldn't get anything"

"what did Megan say? Do you ever think that kike Scooter just uses you? I mean like he can't even but out of your fucking relationship. He made you be with Selena for the money & now he wants you to be with Megan."

"well she really didn't care. She was pissed that Scooter wanted us to date for publicity and not because he actually thought we would be a good couple.. and like she said she didn't want anything from it anyway. she wants my heart, because that's more to her than all the money in the world.. And honestly, yes. he does use me. but I mean at the end of the day I'm gonna do whatever I want. when.. if Megan and I start dating, it will be because we want to & we love each other. not for the money or publicity or anything. We already talked about it"

"you got a keeper bro"

"I know man"

"when  are you gonna make it official?"

"I don't know yet. I want it all to be perfect"

"honestly. I think you could ask her out in a dumpster & she'd still say yes" he chuckled

"you think she's gonna say yes?"


"shut up. but I'm gonna need your help. it has to be more than what she could ever dream" 


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