my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


22. 22

Megan's POV

I woke up in bed with Justin... naked

last night was by far the best night of my entire life. I can't even begin to describe it

I was cuddled up next to him and his arm was around my waist I looked at him.. looking so peaceful 

I quickly took a picture of him & put it on twitter

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber is a sleepy head

his phone beeped and he started to wake up.. shit

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep

A few minutes later I opened my right eye to see if he was asleep.. he was

I looked at my phone and saw Justin responded 

@justinbieber: like you're one to talk @meganwilliams

and attached was a picture of me.. sleeping.. it was clear I was laying in Justin's arms and that I had no shirt on, but the cover covered it

"JUSTIN" I slapped him

he was fake sleeping.. because he began to laugh "well goodmorning to you too"


the whole morning Justin and I were being lovey dovey.. like acting like a couple and it wasn't awkward. it felt right

He took me to the airport because I was graduating from high school this weekend!!!

All the days I missed from traveling, I made up online, which worked well

I wasn't sure if Justin could make it to my graduation because his schedule was becoming hectic.. I hope he can come though


This whole week at school has been nothing but stressful. I thought the last couple of days in high school were supposed to be the best ones? 


Today is the day. I'm graduating from High School. I'm so nervous, excited, sad and happy. I don't know why we are graduating on a Wednesday night.. but whatever. on Sunday, Dylan is graduating from California State. So I'll be in Cali again :)

I put on my cap & gown and looked myself in the mirror... damn. I really am growing up

It seems like lately I haven't really focused on myself that much.. because when I looked in the mirror... it was hard to recognize myself. Have you ever had that? like that one day you look in the mirror and you look deep into yourself. You see not only your flaws, but also your positives? you see yourself as a little girl and then now. have you ever wondered what the little girl inside of you would say about your present self? 

As I looked deeper inside myself I realized that I am happy with who I've changed into. & that's all that matters

I took one last deep breath and got in my car and drove to the high school. My family & everyone was gonna meet up there.


"Megan Williams; graduating with 1st honors and will be attending The Ohio State University in the fall with a full scholarship" I stood up and accepted my diploma. I am proud of myself. I was living my dream

I've dreamed about going to OSU my whole life. this was my dream and knowing that it was all coming true in a few months was unbearable to think about


"MEGAN" My mom screamed getting my attention. I ran over and gave her the biggest hug in the world "I'm so proud of you" she cried 

I saw my dad in the wheelchair next to her.. Knowing he could make it today brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy I got to spend this moment with both of my parents & although my brothers couldn't be here.. I knew they were thinking about me

My grandma took a picture of me & my parents smiling 

@meganwilliams: I am who I am today because of them, thank you for always supporting me & never giving up. I love you

then me & my mom

@meganwilliams: I hope one day I will become half the woman my mom is. she is my hero

then I kissed my dad's cheek

@meganwilliams: the fact that my dad was able to come see me graduate today means more to me then I will ever to explain. I love you

I didn't see Justin.. it hurt a lot.. but he has a schedule of his own

I was talking to my grandpa about OSU because he's an alumni.. I remember when both my brothers didn't want to go there.. it broke my grandpa's heart. but  he is so proud of me for following his footsteps 

I felt arms snake around me. I looked at my stomach & instantly recognized those hands 

I turned around and embraised Justin in the biggest hug in the world

I actually started to cry in his arms

"I didn't think you could make it"

"are you kidding? I wouldn't have missed it for the world"

my mom took our picture

@justinbieber: got to see my best friend graduate from high school today. So proud of you. Can't wait to see all the good you will continue to do in your life. You looked beautiful.. not that you don't everyday..... anyway, congratulations :) love u @meganwilliams

We went back to my house for a little reception thing. tonight it was just me, my mom, dad Justin & all 4 grandparents because after Dylan graduates, we are having a party for both of us

"so are you guys dating?" my dad asked while shoving cake in his mouth

"noo" I laughed

"I'm sorry about them" I whispered in Justin's ear

"it's fine. I promise" he said back

"so meg who did you decide to take to Italy. we are leaving in 3 weeks for your birthday.. remember?" my mom said

"oh yeah. one second" I stood up from the table and grabbed Justin's hand and took him into the hallway

"hey so are you free in like 3 weeks?" I asked him smiling

"why?" he grinned

"would you want to come with me to Italy, for my birthday?"

"Megan.. I'm free the rest of the year. of course I will come"

"thank you thank you thank you" I hugged him

"one condition" oh god

I let go of the hug and looked at him waiting for him to go on

"kiss me" he whispered seductively

I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tip toes and slowly touched our foreheads together and then kissed him. he pulled me closer to him. it was perfect

*click* we both pulled out of the kiss and turned our heads to see my mom take a picture of us


she put it on twitter -_-

@AshleyWilliams: and they say they aren't dating.... #pdamuch ?! LOL @meganwilliams @justinbieber

@meganwilliams: MOM omg delete this!! stop this is so embarrassing!!! ): @ashleywilliams

Justin & I both retweeted it & let me tell you... his fans were going crazy

@meganwilliams: so I guess PDA is when you are in a hallway that no one else is in... hahahahahan ok

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams everywhere is public dontcha know?

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber bye

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams hello ;)

 then Austin tweeted

@austinmahone: ever see something that breaks you inside? 

I felt bad for him... but I'm not going back

Justin and I walked back into the room and my mom was laughing at me

"not funny" I said

"it's hilarious" my mom & dad laughed together

"annnywaaaay" I rolled my eyes "Justin is going to come with us to Italy"

"perfect" my dad said "we already have your ticket"

"sounds gooood! just let me know all the details. I'm so excited" Justin replied

"same" I smiled


Justin was sleeping in my room tonight.. I have 2 beds so my parents allowed it.

Honestly my parents trust me so much & I'm so grateful for it

We got into our pajamas & I was in my bed and he was in the other

"Justin are you awake" I said


"will you come lay with me?"

"of course" he got up and came over to my bed and we cuddled up together

Nights I fall asleep in his arms are the ones I get the best sleep in


Justin was staying with me until we went to Cali. he wasn't able to come to my brother's graduation because he had to do stuff with Scooter I guess, I don't know, he told me but I forgot :p

My mom made us breakfast & said she was going to spend the day with my dad back at the hospital

"Justin I know what we are gonna do today"

"and that would be?"

"I can't tell you"

"why not?" he pouted

"because, now come on we gotta pack a picnic basket"

We packed sandwiches, chips, drinks, fruit & all that good stuff

I drove us to the Metroparks but I left the basket in the car

"come on"  I grabbed his hand

"can you tell me where we're going?"

"you'll see. but I can tell you about where we're going"


"okay. so where I'm taking you is very personal. I always come here whenever I just need to think.. or be alone. I've never brought anyone here before. This is where I can just be me"

he looked at me and smiled then held my hand

Justin's POV

We arrived at this absolutely beautiful waterfall.. it was surrounded by rocks and the greenest color of green grass. It looks like something you'd see in a pamphlet. I've never seen anything like it.

Honestly it warms my heart that Megan let me in on this part of her life & that she trusts me that much

She took me into this cave looking thing but once you get to the other side it's even more beautiful. There isn't a waterfall on this side.. but it's like the top of a cliff and underneath is a river.. it's beautiful 

We sat down on one of the rocks & I just looked around and admired the scenery 

"thank you" I told her

"for what?" she said without looking at me


she stood up and walked over to the cave and came back with a guitar

"I wrote a song for you... while I was on the plane. I want you to hear it" she said

Me and You (Austin & Ally)

"Never known anyone like you before
Someone who could make me smile
When I'm falling down on the floor
Never laughed so hard 'till I met you
Somehow you get me when nobody else has a clue

It's okay to be me next to you
It feels good to be one of the two
Just like glue

Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
So glad I got a guy like you
Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
Always got each other's back
'Cause everything's a little bit better
When you and I stick together
Stuck on you
Ooh, Ooh
Me and you
Ooh, Ooh

If you need a shoulder, you got mine
If you're ever in a pinch,
You know I'd give you my very last dime
Two peas in a pod, me and you
In perfect harmony we're bobbin' our heads to the groove

It's okay to be me next to you
It feels good to be one of the two
Just like glue

Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
So glad I got a guy like you
Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
Always got each other's back we do
'Cause everything's a little bit better
When you and I stick together
Stuck on you
Ooh, Ooh
Me and you
Ooh, Ooh

You always got a friend, always got a friend
Always got a friend in me
Always got a friend, always got a friend
Always got a friend in you too
You always got a friend, always got a friend
Always got a friend in me
Always got a friend, always got a friend
That's the way it's gonna be

Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
So glad I got a guy like you
Me and you
Ooh, Ooh
Always got each other's back we do
'Cause everything's a little bit better
When you and I stick together
Stuck on you
Ooh, Ooh
Me and you
Me and you, me and you

Always got a friend, always got a friend (oh yeah)
Always got a friend in me (me and you)
Always got a friend, always got a friend
Always got a friend in you too

'Cause everything's a little bit better (yeah)
When you and I stick together
Stuck on you
Ooh, Ooh
Me and you

"that was beautiful" I had tears in his eyes "thank you" 

she hugged me& kissed my lips

"can I sing you a song?"

she handed me her guitar

I started singing Fall (y'all should know that one ;) )

she was in tears

"I.. I just love you so much.. it hurts" she said 

"baby. I love you more than you'll ever understand" I kissed her lips

Even though we aren't dating, we act as if we are. she just means so much to me 

"yanno why I like being up here so much?" she said 

We were cuddled up laying against a rock


"there's no cell phone reception.. no distractions, no one knows I'm here.. It's just like I'm away from the world"

"when you come over again... I'm going to take you to a place that I've never taken anyone before... like you have this.. and I have that. I trust  you"

she turned around and kissed me 

I was so happy


We got back to where her car  was & we set up the picnic on the big field

we set up the blanket & everything (picture it like Troy & Gabriella from high school musical 2)

We were feeding each other & throwing grapes into each others mouths. It was the perfect afternoon

"can we take a picture?" I asked her

her face lit up & she nodded her head

we took a selfie on shots & then it saved to my camera roll & I put it on instagram

@justinbieber: most perfect afternoon with @meganwilliams :)

she tweeted a picture of me throwing a grape into my mouth

@meganwiliiams: everything is better with you <3

We went back to her house & we were cuddling watching some movie her grandpa had on

She got up to get us a drink & her phone lit up

It was a text from 

Douchebag (Austin)  I laughed in my head

the text said 

"Megan.. I know you want nothing to do with me.. but please give me a chance to at least explain.. I love you so much & I will do anything to get you back"

damn boy what does she have to do to make you understand she doesn't want you?

Megan came back and read the message

she sighed and replied

"no, delete my number. I'm blocking you. just leave me alone" 

then she put her phone back down.

atta girl.. that's my girl

I need to make her mine..I need to make her my girl

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