my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


21. 21

"Justin you're on in 2" a lady with a clipboard told him

he nodded  his head and I hugged him "good luck out there. Me & Scooter will be in the audience" I told him

"I'll look for you"

"I'll be the girl screaming and jumping up and down"

We both looked out the curtain to see hundreds of girls doing the same thing in their seat

"that narrows it down" he chuckled

"well good luck out there" I hugged him and kissed his cheek

"thank you" he said as I began to walk away "but hey!" he ran up and turned me around "what do you want me to say if they ask about you?"

"Justin, I don't care... hahaa say whatever you want. this is your interview.. your career. just be honest and say whatever feels right" 

"Mr. Bieber. you are being announced in 25 seconds" 

"that's your que. have fun" I walked to my seat and sat next to Scooter

Justin's POV

"and everyone give it up for JUSTIN BIEBER" Ellen yelled!

I walked out on stage waving to the fans with a huge smile on my face. Once I made it over to Ellen I hugged her and kissed her cheek then sat down in the red chair... I've missed this feeling

"how are you?!" she asked 

"I'm good, I'm good. thank you. and how are you?" 

"I'm good! I missed you! it's been what? like 2 years?"

"I know. I'm sorrry"

"yea yea yea you celebrities and your busy schedules" she palyfully rolled her eyes "so I heard you're making a new album?"

"I am. it's coming out soon actually and I'm so excited for everyone to hear it. it's the best music I've ever made"

"we are all excited to hear it! does this mean a new tour?"

"yes." I winked at the audience "this tour will be a combination of the Journals album & the new one"

The cheers became so much louder

"how do you deal with all the craziness?" she laughed

"I just try to stay humble and surround myself with people who sometimes allow me to forget about it.. and just feel normal"

"you can feel normal?"

"yes" I laughed

"how? In the Believe Movie, which I got on dvd" she winked "your buddy Alfredo I think his name was, said you had to go in the trunk of a car just to get ice cream"

"I did. haha but I mean like I'll never know what it feels like to be completely normal &I'm okay with that.. but people around me try and always make me feel normal. Like I was in Ohio for a few days & literally there were no paps or anything and as much as I love seeing my fans because they are my world... I have to admit, it was the best time of my life.. just because I wasn't being screamed at people yelling rude things to me.. it was just nice to feel normal I guess"

"what were you doing in Ohio? I didn't even know you knew where that was"

I laughed "I didn't"

"was it for your girlfriend?" she nudged

"I don't have a girlfriend"

the cheers were louder

"so then who is this?" I looked back at the monitor which had a picture of me and Megan on it from the award show last night.. when I kissed her

"oh that's Megan" I said with a cheesy grin

"Megan.. alright now we're getting somewhere"

I laughed at her

"so you like her?"

I was blushing hardcore right now..I started laughing because this was getting awkward

"you miss her?" she asked

"she's here... haha " 


"in the audience.. why you wanna meet her?" 


I ran up and down all the stairs but I couldn't find her.. well this is quire

I stood in the front of the stage

"alright. I don't see her." I pulled out my phone & typed her number in it "okay everyone be quiet" and the audience went silent

"If i was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go" (Megan's ringtone for Justin) I turned around and saw Megan sitting on the red chair I had gotten off of & her and Ellen chatting

I ran over to her and she stood up

"miss me?" she winked

I hugged her tight

she sat back down on the seat and I just  leaned on the edge of it

"here. you sit here. this is your interview" she said standing up

"no no no it's fine.  sit down"

but she just stood in front of me

I scooted over and sat on the chair and she leaned on the edge of the chair in the same place I was

I pulled her over so now she was sitting on my lap and the crowd was going CRAZY

she was looking down. I took my pointer and middle finger and lifted her chin

our eyes connected and it was a perfect moment

"sooooooooo" Ellen said getting our attention

Megan and I both let out a laugh

"so you aren't dating?"

"no" megan answered

"well you guys know  I gotta ask about last night... first of all. Megan I had no idea you could sing like were fantastic"

"oh thank you" she smiled

"so what happened? you like found out Austin was cheating?"

"yeah.. haha uhm well I found out like 2 weeks ago I wanna say, but I just didn't want to believe it"

"he cheated on you with who?"

"uhm Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony.. and she's like one of my favorite people ever now. and uhm Selena Gomez"

"Selena!? woah woah woah. Justin does this mean she was cheating on you?"

"no. we weren't dating at this time"  I said

"but let's not focus on Austin.. I mean this in Justin's interview... so let's talk about him and his music" Megan smiled

she amazes me


we got back to my house and sat in the theater 

"did Scooter talk to you?" I asked

"yeppp. he told me that he wants us to date.. but when we do, there is like some settlement thing and all the publicity & money you get will all go to you"

"so you get nothing?" that's bullshit

"I don't care about that. I would get your heart, Justin. and that's worth more than anything in the world"

"so looks like someone already is under the bieber spell aye?" 

"shut up I try and be cute for 20 seconds" she rolled her eyes

"I'm kidding babe" I kissed her 


after our very steamy makeout session.. she was in her bra & thong and I was in my boxers.

We were cuddled up on the couch and both on our phones. I was on twitter

@justinbieber: loving life

I was scrolling through my feed when I saw Megan's tweet

@meganwilliams: don't know what to do or how to feel.. it still feels numb to me

I locked my phone and put it down



"what's wrong?"

"I don't know" she put her phone down and then looked down

"talk to me"

"promise you won't judge me?"

"I will never judge you"

"okay so when I was 16.. I lost my virginity to Austin" well.. that escalated fast. "right before he left.. I found out I was pregnant.." woah woah woah "the day I went with his grandparents to drop him off at the airport.. that morning I found out it was a miscarriage. Austin was so upset with me.. because he didn't even know  I was pregnant. he kept telling me I killed the baby he didn't know he had" tears were coming down her face "he didn't talk to me after he left. I was miserable.  and I know all the shit he's put me through in the past couple of months,.. but at the end of the day.. he's the boy who took my virginity and who is the father to my unborn baby. no matter how hard I will ever try... he will always be a part of  my life and I absolutely hate it" she was sobbing

"hey hey hey" I rubbed her back "can I tell you something?" she nodded her head

"I lost my virginity to Selena.. and as far as I'm aware she was never pregnant.. but regardless. no matter what. she will always have that place in my life. but you know what? she isn't in my life now. as much as it hurts to see the person who took everything from you.. leave your life.. that means there's an empty spot open. and that spot is for you. the only difference is, we aren't leaving each other. I thought... I thought for the longest time I was in love with her. but when I met you.. when I kissed you.. I realized I was never in love with her. I'm in love with you, Megan. we both may have already lost our virginity to someone else... and there's nothing that can change that.. but after tonight.. we can make sure no one else will ever take away what we have left"

I gently kissed her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I picked her up and we walked to my room... and tonight was the night I made love to my best friend 


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