my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


20. 20

He dipped me over allowing my left foot to leave the ground

I could  hear the crowd screaming and chanting their  lungs out.. but I wasn't paying attention to them. I was paying attention to Justin & how my stomach was erupting with fireworks and butterflies

I smiled in the kiss but it all ended to fast.. Justin and I were being ripped apart by a very angry Austin

He tore us apart & harshly pushed me to the side causing me to fall and he started punching Justin, but Justin didn't let him win.. It became a full on fight. on the stage but it was obvious to everyone Justin was winning

"so you have the nerve to call ME a cheater when you're banging this guy" He yelled at me as the security guards came out

"I was NEVER cheating on you Austin. just accept the fact that you were caught and own up to your mistakes.. not that that will change anything. or are you just upset because you didn't win something before Justin? yea. I know that story too. you're pathetic. and  from this moment on, I want NOTHING to do with you. don't text, call, tweet.. whatever. don't get in touch with me. you're worthless to me. After I walk off this stage & out of those doors I want you to forget I was ever in your life. okay? you hurt me enough. so just accept the fact that you cheated and all of this is because of YOUR choices. I'm done here & I'm done with you" I turned around and walked off the stage followed by the girls and Justin

"slut" he yelled through the mic

Justin turned around and started pounding on him



I was trying so hard to hold back all my emotions right now.. I was so hurt, but I wasn't going to let anyone see it. he didn't even apologize to me, so why should I be upset over his mistake? 

Ariana hugged me really tight "I'm so proud of you" 


We finished the award show and then Justin and I just decided to back to his house instead of the parties. I wasn't feeling well either

We got to his house & I ran right to the bathroom and started puking & Justin held my hair (':

He made me sit on the couch cuddling with him & he covered us with a blanket 

I was cuddling with him and he was holding his phone in front of us & we just scrolled through his twitter

@rihanna: honestly so much more respect for @justinbieber after seeing the way he defended his best friend tonight. that's a real man

@perezhilton: can't say I'm a fan of @justinbieber, but I sure as hell do have respect for him after tonight

@arianagrande: congrats to my bbys @meganwilliams @camilacabello @selenagomez who absolutely KILLED IT tonight!! & to @justinbieber for standing up for his best friend

@jeremybieber: @justinbieber so proud of you son. & it's about damn time you kissed @meganwilliams, hopefully I will see you both soon.

@beyonce: so much respect for my biggest fan @justinbieber 

no one could wipe the smile off of his face.. 

@justinbieber: thank you for all the nice tweets. sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. @meganwilliams love u :)

"has Austin tweeted?" I asked

he didn't answer, he just went to Austin's profile but before he started scrolling, he pressed the unfollow button which made me giggle

3 min ago @austinmahone: I'm so so sorry..

5 min ago @austinmahone: It's starting to set in.. I've lost the best thing I ever had

6 min ago @austinmahone: feel like shit

6 min ago @austinmahone: wanna know what sucks? seeing the person you love kiss someone else right in front of you & knowing there's absolutely nothing you can do about it because it's your own fault

7 min ago @austinmahone: the worst night of my life.

8 min ago @austinmahone: So many people hate me now & honestly I can't say how sorry I am.. but their opinion of me doesn't matter.. the 1 person I care if hates me or not.. does and wants absolutely nothing to do with me

10 min ago @austinmahone: I made a HUGE mistake that I will never be able to take back. I am truly so sorry to everyone I hurt.

I retweeted the one about seeing the person you love kiss someone else


"hi" he pecked my lips

"morning" I smiled

his phone started going off & the caller ID read Scooter Braun

Justin answered and put it on speaker


"JB you remember you have an interview today?"

"yea. Megan is coming with me. are you gonna be there?"

"I wasn't going to... but I think I need to talk to you both"

"okay" we said looking at each other confused

he hung up and we ate breakfast then got ready to leave

I was just wearing black leggings & a big sweatshirt with a messy bun. I wasn't in the mood to look nice.. ahhaa

@justinbieber: never been happier :)

I retweeted him & fans were freaking out thinking we are dating.... hahaha no

@justinbieber: be sure to check out @theellenshow today to see my interview. It's live, so ANYTHING can happen ;)

We are meeting Scooter at some cafe place then we are all going to go to the show

I didn't feel to good, but I wasn't going to ruin Justin's day


Justin and I walked into the cafe & scooter was already there at a table 

He stood up to great us both with a hug

"looks like both of you took a beating" he laughed

my face still burned but now it's a purplish yellowish bruise.. still in the shape of a handprint, but I was just to lazy this morning to clean it up & put make up on

Last night Justin had a bloody nose, so after he helped me while I puked, I helped him take care of his bloody nose. He had a black eye, but he was wearing sunglasses right now, so I don't know how Scooter saw it.. but whatever

"how are you guys?" he asked trying to lighten the mood from his previous comment

"I'm doing good, thank you" I said

"what did you want us for?" Justin spat

"last night"

"if you will excuse me, I should take this" I stepped away from the table and answered the phone


"Megan.. hi sweetie. It's mama Mahone" oh gosh..

"oh.. hi"

"I know you probably weren't expecting my call but I watched the award show last night" uh oh.. I gulped "I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the way my son acted.. I truly do apologize to you and I hope this doesn't ruin the bond you and I have. obviously I know we won't be in as  much contact, but I just wanted to apologize"

"oh Michele, thank you. and of course, nothing could ruin our relationship. you're my mama  mahone!" I laughed. she was so sweet

"thank you sweetie, I don't want to hold you up. call me soon"

"I will, goodbye"

and I hung up

I was standing in line to order a strawberry smoothie & a blueberry muffin :)

after I paid and got my food I was walking back to the table when someone whimpered behind me & tapped my shoulder

I turned around and saw Austin standing there with bloodshot eyes and in the same clothes he wore last night

I stared deep into his eyes.. I was so angry. but in his eyes all you could see was sorrow

"I'm so sorry" he said obviously holding back a lot of tears

I didn't reply. I took the lid off my smoothies and poured it on his head.. I looked straight into his eyes the whole time

when I looked so deep into his eyes I was reminded of all our memories... our first kiss when we were only 14. and our first date to McDonalds.. I saw all of our good times which were of course followed with the bad. no matter how much I will try to erase him from my life.. he's still the boy who I fell in love with when I was 14... and the boy I lost my virginity to at 16.. no matter what.. he was my first love and nothing will ever change the relationship we once had

he didn't run.. he stood there with smoothie dripping from him

"just stay out of  my life" now I was the one holding back the tears.. but I couldn't.. I broke down as I ran out of the cafe "I HATE YOU SO MUCH" I screamed walking out of the doors

truth is, I don't know if I really hated him.. I hated myself for allowing all this to happen. I should hate him.. but he's him... and I will always have a place in my heart.. he's the boy that took everything from me

and that's when Justin ran to me

I was crouched over on the floor sobbing and Justin kneeled next to me rubbing my back and giving Austin a death stare.. if looks could kill, Austin would have already been dead

"come on" Justin helped me stand up

We began walking outside and paps were everywhere

Austin pushed past  us and some paps laughed at him

Justin and I were standing in the doorway. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door

we stood right outside the door "wait" Justin said

I looked at him confused

he took off his sunglasses and put them on me

"what are you doing?" I said confused

"no one should see you cry"

"what about your black eye?"

"I don't care" he took my hand and we got to the car 

as we walked to the car.. the paps didn't make it hard for us. yet the made an aisle  way for us to walk through and clapped.. barely any pictures were taken... they now had respect


We were driving to Ellen's studio

"so what did Scooter want?"

'"he wanted to talk about us"

"what about us?" I was now confused

"he says he wants us  to date"



"that's bullshit"

"that's what I said"

"it seems like whatever you do, it always has to be for publicity.. like why can't  you just do something because you want to do something?"

"I don't know.. but I told him when I date you I"

I interrupted him "when you date me? what boy you think you already got me under your bieber spell?"

he looked at me with the cheeziest smile "well I'm hoping" 

I laughed

"but he said he's going to talk to you about something else while I'm in my interview"

"about what?"

"he wouldn't tell me"


"yeah. but hey, nice  job with the smoothie"

"it was a rough decision.. I really wanted to drink it" I pouted

"I'll buy you as many smoothies as you want" he laughed

I looked at him and smiled.. no matter how shitty of  a day I was having.. Justin made me forget  about it all. He was the smile on my face & because of him, I am who I am today.. no one will ever compare to him.. ever





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