my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


2. 2

He looked at me and smiled

His smile was even more perfect in person... how is that even possible?

"you ready?" he beamed

"yes. let me just grab my phone" 

I picked up my phone from the counter and we walked to the elevator

"okay. so there's a lot of fans outside. I have my body guards out there making a path. I'm gonna take a few pictures with them. Stay close okay?" 

"yes sir" I laughed

He smiled at me then looked down at his shoes


we are now in the lobby and one of Justin's bodyguards was standing by the door

We walked over to him and Justin talked to him

He looked at me "ready?" 

I nodded my head. The fans standing outside were so overwhelming

He grabbed my hand and we walked outside. The screams became louder and everyone was freaking out

I was so overwhelmed

After Justin took pictures with fans, we finally made it to the car

I sighed of relief

Justin laughed at me

"Justin, we are going to drop you off to get your car. Where is it?" the driver asked

"Its at the studio" Justin replied also giving the address

After a few minutes of driving Justin finally talked

"so we are almost at the studio. Do you wanna go up there with me while I pick up some stuff? and then we can go to eat and then chill for the day?" he asked

"I'd love that" I smiled

We arrived at the studio and there were a few fans standing outside the doors.. not that many though. Thank goodness

We walked up to where he recorded his songs at. We walked in and it was filled with people

Usher, Scooter, Yael, Mike Posner, His Dj, Nick Demoura, Khalil, Major Ali, Alfredo, Ryan and a few other people I didn't know.

"HEEEEEY! everyboddy! this is Megan. I just came to pick up a few things make her feel comfortable" Justin said as he introduced me to everyone

Justin was gathering papers from a desk

"hey Justin, what are you doing later tonight?" Scooter asked

"me and Megan are hanging out all day. why?"

"Well me and Yael are going to dinner, would you guys like to join us?"

Justin looked at me

"I'd love that" I said

"Okay I got everything I need. Scooter text me when and where you wanna go to dinner. Nice to see everyone. Meg you ready?" Justin said

"Yea, It was nice meeting you all"

As we were walking out of the door we heard 

"DAAAAYYYYMMMN she got an asss tho!" 

"if he don't hit that, I sure as well will"

"she's hot as fucccckkkkkk. where'd she come from"

Justin and I looked at each other and started laughing

He peeked his head in the door again and said "hey guys. we're still here"

The guys started laughing and I popped my head in the door next to Justin and I was laughing

We walked to his car and started driving

He was blasting the radio and since my jam came on I started singing really loud and dancing to it

All Justin did was laugh at me

A few minutes later we pulled up to Menchie's (frozen yogurt)

We got our frozen yogurt and sat down at a table

"so meg, how long are you going to be in New York?"

"a week, and you?"

"Probably a few days, I don't know though. their always changing my schedule on me"

"aren't you on break though?"

"technically yes... but I still have responsibilities"

"ohh..I gotchu"

We threw out our cups and were walking out of Menchie's

"so meg, you play any sports?"

"I do. Basketball, dance, gymnastics, softball and a little ice skating"


"no I'm lying. yes really"

We walked to a skate park

"do you know how to skateboard?"

"nooooo, hahahahhaa teach me!"


It was now 7 and we were on our way to TGI Friday's to meet up with Scooter and Yael

Justin and I have been hanging out all afrernoon doing crazy fun things and I honestly have never had so much in my entire life. I didn't look at him like Justin Bieber, the popstar. I look at him like Justin... my friend and honestly I loved it like that


Justin was such a gentleman. He opened the door for me and pulled out my chair at the restaurant 

After we ordered our food we all chated

"So Justin you have a photoshooot in 3 days for the cover of your album. I'll text you all the details the day before" Scooter said

"alright. sounds good"

"I'm so excited to hear your new music" I smiled really big

"It's the best music he's ever made and there's so many collabs"

"reallly?! with who?"

"promise to not tell anyone? it's a big secret(; Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer, Miley Cyrus and Austin Mahone so far"


They all laughed at me


We finished dinner and as we were leaving Scooter had the waiter take a picture of all 4 of us and it was so cute. he instagramed it saying

@scooterbraun: great dinner at TGI Friday's with @yael @meganwilliams @justinbieber now who's ready for Ice Cream?!?

We went to this  ice cream place down the street and it was the best ice cream I've ever had

Justin and I said goodbye  to Sccooter and Yael and went back to the hotel

He walked me to my door

"I had so much fun today with you Meg. I hope we can do it again soon, especially while we're both in New York"

"Me too. it was probably the best day of my life. Thank you for everything"

"text me tonight and we can see when we can hangout again?" he smiled

"sounds good to me. goodnight megan"

He kissed my forehead and hugged me tight


I shut the door and walked to the bathroom to take my makeup off and put on my pajamas. I was to tired to shower tonight. it was already 11:30. Time goes by when you're having fun

I laid on my bed and plugged my phone into charge and then I wondered... where are my brothers? We are all sharing a room. Oh well, they're probably out 

I checked instagram and liked that picture Scooter posted

Then I saw Justin added a photo of me... oh gosh

It was a picture the paps took of us at the skate park when he was teaching me to skateboard

I was on the skateboard and Justin was standing behind me holding my hips. I was looking over my shoulder and was smiling at him as he smiled at me... it was picture perfect

@justinbieber: nice shot paps. fun day with @meganwilliams

I screenshotted it and then cropped it to make it my background. It was perfect


I woke up to a text from

Justin Bieber: I'm coming to pick you up at 12! be ready, beautiful(:

what does he have for today? I'm so excited. I got out of bed. it's 10:16. shittt! I need to hurry up.

I jumped in the shower then dried my hair, did my makeup and everything. I put on high waisted shots and a crop top and flip flops. I looked goooooood!

@meganwilliams: so excited for today(:





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