my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


18. 18

Justin and I were on our way to visit my dad

I was so scared.. honestly

I never wanted to see my dad like this

As I was driving, Justin kept telling me comforting things.. it was so relaxing

We walked up to right outside my dad's room and I took a deep breath

Justin hugged me andd said "it's gonna be okay"

I smiled slightly and walked in

My dad was sitting up on his bed & he looked a lot different then I thought he would

"hi dad"

"hi sweetheart, how are you?"

"I'm good. but the real question is how are you?"

"I'm doing better. I didn't expect you guys to come"

"what did you think we were gonna forget about you?"

my dad laughed

"thank you for coming with her, Justin"

"it was no problem at all"

"so what are you kids doing this weekend?"

"well later today we are picking up Selena & Austin from the airport an-" 

"you're still dating that faggot?" my dad interrupted and Justin chocked on the water he was drinking

I rolled my eyes "then I don't know what we will do today or tomorrow. but then Sunday we are going to that baptism"

"you didn't answer my question"

"yes, I'm still dating Austin.. I thought you liked him?"

"not till I saw how shitty he treated you!"

"dad, I know. I'm going to break up with him next weekend... calm down"

"no I won't calm down. my babygirl needs to be treated like a princess by someone who puts you first! where is Austin now? who the hell knows! but look who's here with you"

I looked over at Justin who was looking back at me smiling

"and why are you waiting a week?" he asked

"the way she's breaking up with him is really good" Justin laughed

"well I can't wait to see  it. so Megan, for your birthday we are going to Italy.. so I'm assuming you'll be done with Austin by then so we don't get him a ticket?"

"correct.. but I still wanna take someone" 

"okay, when I get back home we will talk about it all."

"okay daddy, but we have to go. I will see you soon, I love you" I hugged him and he kissed my cheek

Justin shook his hand and we left


"so your dad doesn't like Austin?" Justin laughed

"I guess not" I shrugged

"I feel like this weekend is going to be VERY awkward"

"same hahaha. I wonder if like Selena is going to try and be nice to me"

"she probably will.. cuz helll I don't want anything to do with her!"

"and you think I want anything to do with Austin?'

I looked at him and we started to laugh


"BABBY" Austin yelled running toward me at the airport

he attacked me with a huge hug

"hey" I laughed

"hey megan" Selena hugged me

I didn't reply

"so what are we doing today?" Austin asked as we all got in the car

"well I was thinking me and Megan could go to the store or something and you and justin can do whatever?"

"sounds good" he replied

Justin looked at me and glared


Selena drove us to some studio

"I thought we were going shopping?"

"hahahhaha no. Camila is meeting us here, we have to rehearse!"

We walked inside & went to the vending machine to get 3 waters

When we got to the room Camila was there with another girl, but the girl was bent over getting stuff out of her bag, so I didn't see her face

"hey meeg!" camila ran over to me and hugged me and she did the same for Selena

The girl stood up and it was Ariana Grande

"hey girls!" she walked over and hugged us.. omg she's flawless

"so you girls wanna start and like pick parts for this?" selena said

"sure!" Camila said "Ariana is here to give us suggestions.. we have to make sure this is perfect!"


"this is gonna be so good! I can hardly wait" Selena gushed as we got into the  car

"I know. he's going downnn" I laughed

We  got in the car & Selena took a selfie of us

@selenagomez: successful day w/ @meganwilliams :)

When we got back to my house the guys were playing videogames so me and Selena went in my room and hung out

we painted our nails & just talked

it was weird cuz I wasn't completely sure how much I could trust her

"So after you dump Austin, are you gonna go for Justin?"

"uhm. I don't know.. like I don't look at Justin like that right now" I lied "but for right now, I'm planning on just focusing on myself"

"oh. well Justin is faithful as fuck"

"then why did you do what you did to him?"

"honestly, I don't know. I thought i was in love with him.. but I wasn't and once I started dating him I got more money and I got caught up in it.. then the death threats became to much and I realized I didn't love him.. I loved what he brought to me yanno?"


"yeah.. but you and Justin would be good together"

"why do you say that?" I questioned

"you just work well together and you're both so happy I don't know how to explain it"

"that's what everyone says" I rolled my eyes

"it's true.."


"megan megan megan" I opened my eyes to Austin shaking me


"I barely saw you yesterday" he pouted

"I know" I frowned and sat up

"so what are we doing today" Selena asked as she hugged Justin and he looked like he was about to strangle her hahaha

"we can go to the beach? it's really nice out!" Austin suggested

"nooooo last time I was there it didn't turn out well" I said crossing my arms

"come one I''ll protect you" Austin said

yeah.. you said that last time asshole -_-


We got to the beach & I took off my cover up 

my bikini was; 

Justin's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me

"come onnnn guyys!" I said trying to oull Austin and Selena's hands to make them get up

Austin and Selena were to busy tanning so Justin got up & walked over to the water with me

"so over this" I said to him

"you and me both. how did yesterday go?"

"it was good! we finalized everything but we are gonna meet right before the show"

"good! I can't wait. I might laugh my head off.. actually I know I will"

'why cuz of my singing" I playfully bumped him with my shoulder

"not because of your singing" he bumped me back

We were standing with just our feet in the water

and I turned around and saw Austin and Selena talking very close

I nudged Justin and he looked back

this is annoying

and now there's paparazzi. great

"hey let's do something" I said

"like what?" 


I did a cartwheel

"anyone can do that" he replied attempting one but failing

I laughed at him "really now?"

"what's so funny?" he walked closer to me with a grin on his face

I didn't say anything I turned around and ran 

He ran behind and since he could run faster than me he was able to pick me up and throw me over his shoulders

"justin put me down" I laughed because now he was tickling me

"nope" and he continued running

but now he wasn't just running to piss me off.. he was running because there were fans and paparazzi EVERYWHERE


"look you guys made the cover of US Weekly" my mom said setting down the magazine at the kitchen table.. we were having a small breakfast because we are going to a baptism soon

the cover was me over Justin's shoulder and we were both laughing and then underneath us was Austin and Selena talking closely

The headline said Bieber and Mahone switch girlfriends?

lol. how pathetic

I tweeted a picture of the magazine @meganwilliams: lol. people are desperate for a story

"come on guys. we need to leave in 1 hour for the baptism" my mom said 


We all got ready and were heading out the door

I walked to the car

"MEGAN" i heard and turned around to see Dylan and Cameron

I ran over and gave them the biggest hugs ever

"I missed you so so so so much" I squeezed

"we missed you!" Dylan said

"come on we have a baptism to go to" Cameron said

We got in the car and my mom drove and Dylan was in the passenger seat, in the middle row  was Selena and Cameron and then in the way back was Austin, me, and Justin

We got to the church and my little cousin's were freaking out when they saw Selena.. they love her so much.. boy if they only knew her

my teenager cousins were hitting on Austin and Justin hardcore.. I was trying so hard not to laugh at them


After the baptism we went to a reception at some hall

"megan, can I talk to you?" Selena asked 

I nodded my head and we stepped away from Justin and Austin. Justin sent me a confused look

"listen.. I know you aren't the biggest fan of me right now.. and at the hospital I was a complete bitch to you and I'm so so so sorry for that. You didn't deserve that. you're truly a remarkable girl and I just want you to know that I really do hope we can work on being friends because knowing you, I feel like my life changed for the better. I don't expect you to forgive me.. I just want a chance to prove to you that I'm not as bad of a person as you think I am"

I was shocked

"I would like that"

"thank you thank you thank you" she hugged me 

"J! take me and meg'a picture!" Selena said handing him her phone

we hugged each other and smiled

@selenagomez: luuuuuvvv ;** @meganwilliams

"I wanna picture with my babbbby" Austin said coming over to me

he hugged my waist and kissed my cheek and I made a kissy face toward the camera

@austinmahone: my life <3 @meganwilliams

"meggy peggy degggy I don't wanna be the odd one out" Justin whined

"get over here then ya faggot" I laughed

I opened up my arms as he walked over to me and he hugged me and right as they were about to take the picture he licked my cheek and I said "eewwwwwh" that picture was priceless

actually... most of me and Justin's pictures are priceless... :)

@meganwilliams: h8 u @justinbieber

then Selena took one of me wiping his saliva off me and putting it on his face

@justinbieber: lame @meganwilliams

"I had so much fun today!" Selena said on our way back home

Honestly.. I did have a great day

@meganwilliams: days with you are the best ones :)

everyone thought I was talking about Austin.. but little do they know it was about Justin


A/n okay. so this was one of those filler chapters... but  I promise you this next chapter is going to be SOO good. it  actually might even make your jaw drop ;) sooo be prepared ;**  10 comments for the next chapter!! 

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