my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


17. 17

Austin's Pov

"Austin get off the phone! you have an album to finish!" my manager yelled 

I quickly hung up the phone

Megan knows not to call me while I'm in the studio! I get in trouble. damnit


I finished up in the studio and was driving home

my phone rang

"hello" I said without looking at who called

"hey babe"

"hey Sel"

"whatchha doinnng?"

"driving home and what is your hot self doing?"

"waiting for you. come over"

"I cann'tttt" I was upset now

"whhhy" she whined

"I have rehersals in the morning cuz the day after tomorrow I'm going to Megan's cousin's baptism or something"

"come on. a quicky. and you're going!? I'm going tooo!"

"i'm on my way baby. and forreal?"

"yes! and yes I'm going with Justin"

"you're still dating that faggot?"

"we aren't dating. you're still dating Megan. like you have room to talk!"

"hey. I already told you. I'm not dating her because I love her, I'm dating her for the money remember.. the same thing you did for Justin"

"whatever. just hurry up and get your ass over here"

Selena's Pov

i recorded me and Austin's conversation. that's what me and camila are doing... hahahahahaha we are getting as much blackmail on him as we can then at the award show when we go to sing, we are showing the pictures and videos. 

I am starting to feel bad for everything Megan is going through. she doesn't deserve what Austin and I are doing to her honestly

"SELLL" Austin yelled

"hey baby" 

I ran down the stairs and hugged him tight then kissed him

wee started making out and it got really heated I was straddling him on the couch... and he was horny as hell... perfect timing

"babe. I have to pee" I said

he looked pissed but I got up anyway and walked to the bathroom

I came out and he was anxiously awaiting me


"yea babe?"

"I just got my period" I lied

"the fuck Sel!" he stood up and his boner was pointing out.. hhahahaha

"listen, I don't plan this!"

"but you  know when you're supposed to get it!"

"I'm irregular!"

he walked toward the door

"you're just gonna leave me?"

"well what's the point of staying?!"

"to fucking be with me!?"

"Selena. you're my fuck buddy. nothing less nothing more what the fuck don't you understand!"

"fuck you Austin"

"you wish you could" he winked

"whatever. asshole"

and he shut the door and left

I sent the video of me on the phone with him to the making out to what just happened with Austin to Justin.

Justin is going to send it to Ryan who's making the whole video thingy for the background

Austin Mahone  you are going down

Justin's Pov

Selena sent me this long ass video of her and Austin and honestly it was disgusting how he was doing this shit behind Megan's back. like are you not a gentleman? I hate guys like this, I wish I would have beat his ass more.

@justinbieber: treat your girl right or someone else will

"Justin, hunny. would you want to stay at our house till after the Baptism? you're more than welcome to" Megan's mom said as we were leaving the hospital

"are you sure?  I was just gonna go to a hotel"

"Justin don't be ridiculous you let me stay at your house countless times AND you flew out here today. you bend over backwards for me and seriously I can't thank you enough. of course you're welcome to stay" Megan said

I smiled "so how do you get to your house from here?"

"Megan ride with Justin and show him. I'll see you guys at home"


We got to Megan's house and it was really nice

not that I thought her house wasn't going to be nice but I didn't realize she was in like a gated community.. I didn't know Ohio had these.. her house was actually really big

When Megan and I walked in her mom was already there putting dog food in the dog bowls

"sorry the house is such a mess!" her mom said

"you call this a mess? it's spotless!"

"well thank you. make yourself at home!"

"thank you so much again"

"it's no problem at all. but kids you should go to bed soon. tomorrow I'm going to need your help"

"with what?" Megan said

"we have Austin, Selena and your cousins staying here for the weekend. we are going shopping to make sure we have enough food"

"oh yeah. okay. uhm is Cammy and Dylan coming home?"

"yes, they will be here sometime Saturday"

"YES YES YES YES" Megan yellled. I guess she was excited

I was nervous about going shopping...I hope my fans & paparrazzi don't go to crazy.. I already brought Megan into this part of my life.. I don't wanna drag the rest of her family into it too


"alright are you guys ready?!" her mom said waking us up

"mommmmmm we aren't even up yet" Megan said putting her face back into the pillow I laughed at her

"come on! hurry up and get ready we are leaving in an hour! hurry up!"

I walked into a guest room and changed into this ;

then Megan came out of her room and wore this;

we weren't even planning on matching

her mom took a picture of us on their porch and we took a normal one

@meganwilliams: shop shop shopping trip @justinbieber

then one where we were laughing... completely off guard

@justinbieber:  we didn't even plan on matching. but always laughing with my best friend @meganwilliams 

Megan's POV

We got to the store & picked out so much food

Justin literally looked like a little kid when it's his first time at a candy store... while he was in Walmart. it was so cute ahahahah

he was amazed by everything

I guess when you have people to do everything for you.. you miss out on the littlest things


We got back to my house and helped my mom put away all of the food & stuff

@justinbieber: today was the first day in a LONNNG time  I was able to go somewhere without being surrounded... as much as I love my beliebers it was actually really nice to feel normal :)

I looked at him and laughed

he found so much joy in the little things and those are the moments I wish I was like him

I realized I take advantage of the little things.. like just going to Walmart. Justin can't go anywhere without being bumbarded with's actually really sad because he can't be normal and that's all he wants to be

"I'm in such a good mood" Justin said jumping up and down on my bed

I looked over my shoulder and laughed at him then continued to put my clothes away

"come on!! let's do something!!!" he said jumping down and stubbing his toe

I bursted out laughing

"HAHAHAAHAHA sure. what do you want to do?"


"like watch movies here?"

"nooo!!! let's go to the movies!"

"what movie?"

"you pick!"

"alright! come on let's go!"

I picked up my car keys & we got in the car


"2 tickets for Divergent"

the lady at the ticket booth handed me my tickets and Justin looked at me rolling his eyes


"yes" I laughed

We got a large popcorn & large iceys & a bunch of candys

We got to our seats & Justin was in such a good mood today.. no one even followed us to the movies I was actually very relieved


"I'm actually surprised that was a good movie" he threw out the empty container of popcorn

"what did you think I would pick out a shitty movie?"

he looked at me and smiled

"whatever" I nudged him "Theo James is hot as FUUUCCCKKK"

Justin stopped walking 


"you're just jealous"

@justinbieber: pretty sure me & @meganwilliams broke SOME kind of record today; finishing a whole large popcorn & 4 large drinks AND a bunch of candy... movies was fun :)


"kids come on! let's eat dinner!" my mom yelled

we went to the kitchen and she made spaghetti :)

"THIS IS MY FAVORITE"  Justin said really happily and sitting down across from me 

"good, I'm glad" my mom said setting down the garlic bread then having a seat for herself

"this is so good mrs. williams" he took a picture of his plate & put it on twitter

@justinbieber: Mrs. Williams' cooking is life :)

"thank you Justin"

"mom, have you seen dad?"

"yes. I went while you were at the movies. he was moved to a regular room and the doctors said he's doing very well so far"

"that's good. I think I'm gonna go see him tomorrow before Austin & Selena come"

"I'll come with you" Justin said

"okaay" I smiled

my mom was right... Justin always did put me first in his life.. and that's exactly the kind of guy I needed ;)


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