my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


16. 16

A smile appeared on her face "you would want to?"

I took her hand and intertwined our fingers

electricity through our touch

"I do"

"good because I want to too"

A huge smile came on my face as well and this time I couldn't hold back

We were sitting on the couch facing each other holding hands and I smashed my lips onto hers causing her to lay back

there were fireworks exploding all over my stomach.. I couldn't describe this feeling. It was something I've never felt before

She grabbed my face and started pulling on my baby hairs on the back of my head

I put my tongue in her mouth and she glady accepted

our tongues fought for dominance

She let go because we both needed a breath

damn... the electricity between us and that kiss was un explainable

we were both out of breath & breathing heavy

"sorry. I couldn't help myself" I said

"hey, don't be sorry. if you wouldn't have done that.. I would have" she winked

and that moment I knew forsure.. I am in love with my best friend


Megan's POV

that kiss.. that's all I could think about

I felt guilty for doing that to Austin but he's doing the same thing.. and more

It's not good to fight fire with fire.. but if he never finds out.. it can't hurt him.. right?

or maybe that's what he was thinking when he first started to cheat?

uh. so many questions 

Me and Justin's kiss though. it was something I've never felt before.. not saying I've kissed a  lot of guys but

When Justin and I kissed you could feel the electircity and the love and I don't know how to explain it... but it was just perfect

@justinbieber: un explainably perfect night

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber :)))

fans were going CRAZY asking if we got together

"I took my world and gave you half of if baby I pray you never give it back back back" (my ringtone for Austin)


"what the hell megan!"


"what was so unexplainably perfect about to night!?!?" he screamed through the phone

"first of all. calm down. who the hell do you think you are calling me at 2 in the morning screaming? calm the fuck down. once you're calm then talk to me. I'm not going through this bullshit"

he sighed "ok. I'm sorry. I was on twitter and I saw a bunch of fans talking about you and Justin getting together"

"so you think I'm cheating on you?"

he sighed again "no. I'm sorry. I just love you so much and I don't want to lose you. You're my one and only. I love you"

"I love you too. but I'm getting tired. so I'll talk to you tomorrow"

"love you baby"

"I love you too"

Justin stared at me 

"what is there something on my face?" I put my hands all over my face

he laughed "no, I just don't know how you are able to be so calm with him when he yelled at you and then how he cheated"

"I can't deal with people screaming at me because the conversation will just get no where... and I'm just trying not to believe it"

"you amaze me you know that?"

A huge smile came  on my face


"MEGAAAANNN WAKKKE UPPP! YOU'RE GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT" Justin yelled up the stairs to the guest room I was sleeping in

I walked down the stairs and saw Justin making waffles 

He was singing and shaking him butt

I started laughing at him and he quickly turned around and his face was so red

"never speak of this" He said 

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right" I winked at him

"I didn't expect you to come down so  quickly"

"suuureee. I think you just wanted me to watch you shake your ass"

he rolled his eyes trying not to laugh

"yeah. I'm right. but hey question"

"shoot" he said setting down both of our plates and sitting down

"what are you doing this weekend?"

"like in 3 days?"


"um I don't  know. why?"

"well I'm gonna be home this weekend because I have my cousin's baptism to go to and I'm coming back to Cali the next weekend for that award show. So my  mom wanted me to ask you, Austin & Selena if you guys wanted to come for the weekend?"

"of course I will! you and Selena are friends?"


"then why are you inviting her?"

"because we have to keep it as normal as possible remember? and my cousins love her. plus it'll be awkward with just me you and austin"

"true, I'll ask Selena. but I'm not kissing her"

I laughed at him

"so Austin's going?"

"he told me he was"

"cool cool"


"bye megan! I''ll see you soooonnn" Justin hugged me really tight

"bye J. text me when your flight lands on Friday & I'll come pick you up"

"okayyy soounds good! be safe now!" he kissed my forehead


I got home and my mom was sitting at the kitchen table looking upset

I put down my bags and sat at the table

"is everything okay?" I asked very concerned 


"what's going on?!"

"your father was in a car accident"

my heart dropped

"is he okay?"

"I don't know. they won't tell me"

"well what are we doing here? let's go to the hospital"

I drove to the hospital trying to stay strong for my mom. it was so hard. all I want to do is cry

@meganwilliams: please keep my dad in your prayers. He was in a bad car accident.

right after I tweeted that, I got a phone call I picked up without even looking who called

"hello" I said quietly

"MEGAN what's going on? are you okay?"

"i'm okay. I'm at the hospital right now with my mom. we  don't know how my dad is... I'm so scared... Justin please help me" I couldn't hold back the tears anymore I just started sobbbing right there not caring if anyone saw or heard.. I wanted to know if my dad was ok

"I'm on my way" then he hung up


About an hour later my mom was still staring at the wall with no expression

"hey mom. I'm gonna grab some food. do you want anything?" 

"no" she said without even looking 

I sighed and walked down to the cafeteria 

I got myself a bag of chips and a drink and I ordered my mom the same thing even though she said she didn't want it

I called Austin

"hello?" he said really fast

"Austin" I said quietly


"I need you"

"with what? Megan I'm busy right now. I told you, you can't call me while I'm at the studio! I'm going to get yelled at! I really have to go. I'll talk to you later" then he hung up

great. that's exactly what I needed 

I put my elbows  on the table and right there, I just started crying into my hands I was miserable

I just wanted someone to hold me & tell me it will all be okay

but Austin can't even make time for me.. whatever


I finished my chips and walked back to the waiting room where my mom was

I sat next to her and started to rub her back

She started to calm down a little bit.. 

I saw a bunch of vans and people pull up to outside of the hospital.

what was going on?

"mom, I'll be right back" 

she nodded and I walked outside

I saw Justin running to the entrance 

it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders with him just being there

his head was down as he was running so I ran over to him and luckily that's when he picked his head up

he looked at me and without saying a thing he just hugged me

I didn't care how many people were out here yelling, screaming, watching.. it didn't matter to me. this is the hug that I needed. He rubbed my back and whispered "it's going to be okay"

I only paid attention  to Justin at this moment & I'm glad. this is what I needed

"let's go inside" he said in my ear

I didn't respond I just let go of the hug and started walking toward the door, but he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked together

We walked to where my mom was sitting and her face lit up when she saw Justin with me

"hi Justin" my mom said hugging him

"hi mrs. williams. how is everything?"

"I don't know. they haven't told me"

"I'm sorry. do  you mind if I ask what happen?"

"He was on his way home from work and he called me asking what I wanted for dinner. he noticed I was upset"

"why were you upset?" I said

"Megann.... I had a miscarriage"

"you were pregnant?" I was in shock

"yes. and when I told him that... he was very upset and lost control I guess.. this is all my fault"

"it's not your fault" Justin and I both said


After about and hour a nurse finally came out to talk to us

She said my dad lost a lot of blood & he's in ICU right now.. but he will be moved. he's stable and he will be okay. but it'll be a while until he's completely back to normal

He broke his leg & arm but he's coming home in a few days which is really good


We aren't allowed to see him yet

Justin went to go get us some more food from the cafeteria so I stayed with my mom.. I still can't believe she was pregnant.. well I guess with all the time I was out of time they had time to do stufff (;


"yea mom?"

"why are you dating Austin and not Justin?"

"honestly. I don't know. why do you ask?"

"because it seems in Austin's life you're always 2nd and in Justin's your 1st. Austin didn't drop his things to be with you.. Justin did. not only this time, but many times before. you realize how lucky you are that he's in your life? Megan... I'm going to be completely honest right now. Austin isn't the guy for you. Justin is"

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