my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


15. 15

There were a few different ways I could handle this situation

but I didn't listen to my head

I grabbed Megan's hand and walked over to Caitlin

"take  her home now" I demanded

Caitlin was a little taken back at first but nodded & took Megan's hand. I saw her get Fredo & Ryan to leave with her

I waited until Megan left to do anything

When I saw them get in the car & drive away I walked right up to Austin and punched him square in the face but my hand didn't stop punching. I was just so pissed

I heard Selena gasp once she saw all the blood on the ground.. I broke his nose.. no doubt

I kicked hard him in the balls and he fell over 

I bent down next to him and screamed "asshole" 

then walked away

I grabbed the rest of the crew and we went home


I went to my bed after I cleaned up all the blood on my hand & Megan was laying in it with the same clothes she went to the club in

I got up & grabbed one of my tshirts & basketball shorts & changed her

I laid down next to her.. she looked beautiful 

Now how am I supposed to tell her about Austin... or do I?

Megan's POV

I woke up with a terrible headache in Justin's bed... wait what am I doing here? 

I literally remember nothing from last night

I sat up& my headache got worse... damnit

I looked over at Justin and he looked so peaceful so I didn't wanna wake him up

I was in his clothes.. I don't know how that happened either whatever

I got up and walked to the kitchen & made some cereal. Everyone else was asleep.. some people even crashed on the couches cuz they didn't make it to a bed... HAHAHA

I sat at the kitchen table & turned on the tv

I was switching through the tv stations when the news caught my eye

popstar Austin Mahone Hospitalized after club fight.. with another popstar?

what happened?

who would beat him up?

why was he in a club?

is he okay? 

oh my god. 

so many things were running through my mind I couldn't keep up

How did this happen

Before I knew it tears were slipping down my cheeks

I called Austin... no answer.. it went straight to voicemail..

I need to see if he's okay

Luckily Justin was coming down the stairs right now

"JUSTIN" I yelled jumping up from the chair

"aye" he said running his hand through his hair

"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND?!" it was all bruised up

"oh nothing" he said hiding it behind his back

"you're lying. I'm gonna find out soon. but I need your help right now"

"and that would be?"

"Austin is in the hospital. can you please please please take me"

"uhhhh... sure" he grabbed his keys "do you know why he's there?"

"some club fight last night.. well that's what the news said" 



We got to the hospital & I guess has having surgery.. the punk that did this to him kicked him so hard in the balls that they bruised it.. I don't know it sounded gross. they also broke his nose and some other things on his face

"MICHELE" I yelled running over to hug her

"hi meg!" she hugged back

"how's Austin?" I asked

"he's in surgery right now. but the doctors said he should be fine"

I was relieved

Justin and I sat down and I started playing with my hands

Camila walks in & hugs Michele.. why is she here?

Camila then sits across from where Justin and I are sitting.. this is weird

"Megan what are you doing here?"

I turn around and see Selena in a skimpy dress with a plate of  food

"I was gonna ask you the same thing" I said

She sat down a few seats over from Camila

"I came here last night with Austin after he got beat up"

"why were you with Austin at a club anyway?" 

"long story"

"I have time" I was now beyond pissed

"you know what story would even be better?"


"the one where you find out who did this"

"and who would that be?"

"Justin why don't you tell her?"

"tell me what" I looked at Justin

"Selena you're such a bitch" Justin spat

He took my hand and walked me over to a corner

"what's going on?"

"I beat up Austin"

"what?! why?!" I practically yelled

"he cheated on you"

"what?" tears started coming

"okay. so I''m assuming you don't remember.. but last night you had a LOT to drink & you were practically drunk by now. so me and you went on the dance floor and we danced.. then you started grinding on me"

I gulped.. how could I have done that

"As much as I was enjoying it.. I knew it was wrong  to take advantage of you like that... so nothing happened. I turned my head and saw Austin sucking faces with Selena. so I took you over to Caitlin and had her, Fredo & Ryan all take you home. Once I saw the car you were in, leave. I walked right up to Austin and punched him square and started punching him more and more in the face then kicked his balls & called him an assshole. I KNOW I could have handled the situation differently, but it was the first thing I thought of. It hurt me knowing he hurt you.. So that's why I have this bruise on my hand"

I had a whole bunch of different emotions running through my head

"thank you" I managed to say through the tears hugging him

He hugged me back then we walked back to our seat

Selena started laughing

"what's so funny?" I asked


"you think it's funny that my boyfriend fucking cheated on me last night with you?"

"I think it's funny how he's played us all" she said sitting back crossing her arms

"what the hell are you talking about?" me and Camila said in unison

"he's been with all of us  secretly.. except Megan.. but he's been with us for the headlines don't you see?"

"Austin and I have been together for months! I knew he was cheating on Megan with me.. but I didn't know Selena was in it too!" Camila said

"the hell? he said he hasn't dated anyone since we broke up! and he never got over me!" I said

"So Selena you've been going behind my back.. for how long?" Justin said... I knew he was holding back tears

"Justin, you seriously believed we had a chance again?" she said sort of laughing "Well since I seem to be the only smart one here. I'll explain it to you. He was dating Megan again for the headlines... yanno for the story 'gets back together with ex girlfriend because they broke up to make his dreams happen' Megan.. he was planning on breaking up with you when his tour started & he was going to announce him and Camila dating because they are on the same tour.. which would get more money. and for me... well we started seeing each other after Justin and Megan clicked so well. He KNEW from the start you and Justin had something. It's a competition do you not see? He's been called "the next Justin Bieber" so if he can win something before Justin does.. which would be you.. then he wouldn't have that title. It's a competition"

I could feel the blood inside of me boiling.. I've never been so upset in my life

"so you knew this whole time and you pretended to be my friend!?" I yelled

"Megan. don't kid yourself, you knew he was cheating from the start. He didn't even send you those flowers.. Camila did"

"How did you know?" Camila asked

"Austin and I have been seeing each other! He told me! I'm in the same position as you two, but at least I knew what I was getting myself into!"

"so Austin dated me for the headlines knowing he was going to break up with me for Camila when his tour started to date Camila & what were you used for again?"

"I was just his fuck buddy"

and that's when I lost it I threw up all over the waiting room floor.. How was I supposed to comprehend my boyfriend cheating on me with not 1.. but 2 girls & having sex with them behind my back?!?


After I finished cleaning up I felt a little better.. but I still felt like shit. Camila helped me clean up

"I am so sorry. I wish this never happened.. he didn't tell me he was going to break up with you! We never were officially a "thing"  but I feel so bad... I am so sorry... I don't expect you to forgive me because it's all my fault... but since you've been dating him we haven't like done anything.. just like cuddling and kissing on the cheek.. I am so sorry" She was crying

"thank you" I smiled a bit


Camila and I walked back to the waiting room and Selena and Justin looked like they were about to rip each other's head off

"so how are we going to get him back?" Camila said

"what do you mean?" I asked

"I mean he did play us... mostly you.. and I think we need to get him back"

"I'm listening" Selena said

"well that award show is in 2 weeks right? the one he's performing at? and you're his date right?"


"welll.. I'm thinking while he's performing in the middle of it we can go out and start singing a song that we will write about him. He doesn't think we know each other.. so he will be caught off guard"

"where do we get this song from?" 

"We'll make it! we don't have a long time, but we can do it!"

"public humiliation, I like it" Selena said

I glared at her & Justin saw so he snickered

"so what do we do until then?" I asked

"Let's pretend everything is normal so then he won't have a clue! it'll work!"


"hey babe" I said watching Austin open  his eyes. he just got out of surgery

"hi" he smiled

"how are you feeling?"

"crummy. but they said I'll start to feel normal again soon"

"well that's good! I'm glad. I can't wait till you can come home!"

"me too baby, me too!"

"I have to go, but I'll come visit you tomorrow."

"okay, bye baby. I love you"

"I love you too"

I started walking out the door

"no kiss?" I turned around and saw him doing a puppy dog face

I walked over to him and pecked his lips

Knowing those lips have been on other girl's while we've been together  makes me sick to my stomach.


"and then he made me kiss him"

Justin was laughing so hard when I told him how it went when I saw Austin

He thinks it's hilarious because Austin is so clueless & he's going to be publicly humilated

"JUSTIN STOP! IT'S NOT FUNNY! come on help me write this!"

"you're right. it's hilarious!!! HHAHA okay uhm can you sing?"

Justin's POV

"you're right. it's hilarious!!! HHAHA okay uhm can you sing?"

she shrugged her shoulder then  started singing the refrain to Confident

Music to my ears

All the times we've sang in the car.. I always thought she was being serious when she sang.. and that sounded horrible

but now.. hearing her real voice makes me get goosebumps.. it was so good.. like an angel

She was so into the song she was dancing and everything so I recorded her & she had no idea

I put it on instagram 

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams next big thing ? ;)


"I love this song!!! thank you so much for helping me write it! I'll send it to Camila and Selena now!" she hugged me

"of course!"

"how are you doing?" she sat down on the couch next to me

"I'm good.. why?"

"Justin no you aren't. how are you doing with what you found out today with Selena?"

"I'll be okay. how are YOU doing?"

"I'll get over it. right now I just feel numb haha"

"do you really believe what she said?"

"which part?"

"about like becoming the next me. and dating you again before I did and all that stuff"

"he's always been really competitive, so I'm not surprised I just never would have guessed it would have come to this level.."

"well just think... less than 2 weeks it'll all be over"

"do you think the public humiliation is to much though?"

"no. he deserves it all"

"well then what happens to us when it's all over?"

"there won't be a you and him anymore?" 

"no. not me and him.. me and you?"

"what do you mean?"

"like we saw each other so much because  of Austin's schedule.. now without him where does that leave us?"

"well.." I was putting it all on the table right here right now "we can try to be an us.. like a girlfriend and boyfriend...?"

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