my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


14. 14

Justin looked down at his feet

"I'm tired" Jaxon wined 

"me too buddy. let's get ready for bed" Justin said standing up

"who's sleeping where? we set up 3 tents" Pattie asked

"uhm. me and Jaxon, you and Jazzy, then Megan and Justin?" Jeremy asked

"no funny business children" Pattie said sternly

"there won't be" i replied

After we finished cleaning up all the stuff from the campfire we all went into our tents

Justin and I were in our tent & we set up the sleeping bags and everything.. it was roomy haha

"I saw that picture you and my dad took"

"you did?"

"yea, what did you guys talk about that was so inspirational that it changed his life" he mocked

"youu" I laughed

"what about me?"

"he's convinced we are in love.. and some other stuff"

"it seems like everyone believes we are"

"well do you think we are?" 

he looked down"I don't know" 

"me neither"

"they all seem to say that we will realize it.. maybe not today"

"or tomorrow" I interrupted

"but one day, we will see what they see" we said in unison

I looked up at him and smiled

"so how long do you wanna wait until we try this whole being in love thing" he asked

"justin, you can't decide? hahaha it's called falling in love. you don't have control of when it happens.. it just does"

"I know that. I just mean like... what if You being with Austin & me with Selena is holding us back?"

"it might be. but I don't think either of us breaking up with the other person will be the answer"

"then what is?"

"we keep doing what we're doing & see where it take us"

"okay. is this what it feels like to be friendzoned?"

"it's only being friendzoned if me?"

he looked down

"Justin, look at me"

"I don't know what I feel anymore"

"I don't either, but hey. we are going to figure this out together.. okay?"

"okay" he smiled

I laid down in my sleeping bag



"will you lay with me... I''m cold"

I have to admit.. I was freezing my ass off

I didn't say anything I scooted over next to him and we both undid our sleeping bags so it was like a comforter. I put my mine directly on top of us & he put his on top of mine.

 I scooted closer towards him & he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer. I rested my head on his chest and let me tell you.. I fell asleep in the most comfortable position in the world...


"kids come on! wake up"

I opened my eyes to see Jeremy standing over Justin and I

I looked over and I was still in the same spot I fell asleep in.. I feel like I've slept for years

"Justin" I whispered in his ears

His eyes fluttered open. They widened when he saw Jeremy

"I thought we said no funny business?" Jeremy laughed

"there wasn't any.. we got cold" Justin defended

"yeah yeah yeah. come on  we are gonna eat breakfast then we are going on a hike" 


"Does everyone have a water bottle?" Pattie was going through a list of things for this day hike we were going on

We all nodded our heads & we're off


After 2 hours of walking we reached this beautiful waterfall

We sat down on the tarp that we brought & got out our lunch.. we are having a picnic :)

"Justin come with me!" I said

"to where?"

"haven't you ever wanted to stand behind a waterfall?"

"uhm sure? here get on my back!" 

He crouched down and I jumped on his back

"are you on?"

"yes Justin" I laughed

"Oh sorry. you're so light I couldn't tell"

"oh shut up"

"guys smile" Pattie took a picture of us "I'll send it to you"

"giddy up horsey" I laughed

We walked to behind the waterfall & Justin set me down

"this is so beautiful" I said looking at all the gorgeous scenery

I sat down on a rock & Justin sat with me

"I wish I could stay here all day" I said

"who said you couldn't?"

I looked over at him and he was looking forward

And in that moment.. I looked at how perfect his chin line was and how he blinks his eye his nose scrunches up. he has a scar on the bottom of his chin line. I admired his tattoos.. each had a different.. yet very important meaning to him. I looked at his caramel eyes and how soft his lips looked

He looked at me

"take a picture, it lasts longer" he joked

"sorry, I was just thinking" I looked down slightly embarrassed

"about what?"


"come on, let's get back" he stood up

"you said we could stay here all day!" 


"hate you"

"I love you too." he smiled


We all walked back to where we had all our tents up & since the kids had school Monday, we decided to leave tonight


We were on the RV on our way back to Justin's house & the kids were out cold in the bedroom

"mom can you send me the picture you took of me and meg today?" Justin asked

"sure sweetie, it's sending now"

"Meg look how cute we are" Justin cooed

"we're adorable! can you send it to me?"


he instagramed it

@justinbieber: my best friend (with the crown emoji thing) @meganwilliams


We got back to Justin's house & said goodbye to Jeremy & Pattie. the kids were asleep

@meganwilliams: thank you so much @pattiemallette @jeremybieber @jazmynbieber @jaxonbieber & @justinbieber for an amazing camping trip. An experience I will truly never forget. love you guys

@pattiemallette: @meganwilliams Jeremy is driving right now, but we both wanted to say you're more than welcome. Thank you for coming!!! Hopefully we will see you soon!!! love you to the moon and back

"I'm pooped" I jumped laying on the couch

"me too" Justin said intimidating my actions

"what are we gonna do tomorrow?"

"the crew is coming over, they all wanna meet you"

"hahahahaha okay"


*tomorrow afternoon*

Justin's POV

"hey guys!" I welcomed my friends in

Lil Za, Lil Twist, Kyle Massey, Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, Christian Beadles, Caitlin Beadles, Alfredo Flores, Khalil and Maejor Ali

Megan was upstairs getting changed and stuff.. whatever girls do idk

"where's the girlfriend?" Fredo said as we all sat in the living room

"1 she's not my girlfriend & 2 upstairs getting changed"

"well you obviously knew who I was talking about"

I rolled my eyes

Megan came walking down the stairs in leggings & a huge sweatshirt and her hair was down.. honestly she could pull anything off

"MEGAN" Fredo ran up to her picking her off her feet and swinging her in a circle

She giggled.. God was her laugh adorable

"hey Fredo" she said as he set her down

"hey everyone" she sat down on the couch across from me

"so what are we doing today?" Kyle asked

"I wanna go out tonight!" Khalil said

"let's do it!" I said

I saw Megan look down

"Meg, you wanna come help me get some food. they're always hungry" I asked

She didn't say a word just got up & walked with me to the kitchen

"what's wrong?"


"I know something is wrong.. do you not wanna go out?"

"no, I do. but I'm 18 & I don't know if I can get in"

"Megan. I'm Justin Bieber. I can get you in"

A huge smile appeared on her face and she jumped wrapping her arms around my neck

"thank you" she said in my ear

She let go

"now I have to ask Austin" 

She says that literally after everything. It seems like she always has to ask his permission for her to do ANYTHING yet he can do whatever he wants & she finds out from anywhere BUT him. IT's not fair

Megan's POV

Justin and I walked back to the living room. I was so excited to go out tonight

"Megan, do you wanna come shopping with me! I need some cute clothes to wear tonight!" Caitlin asked

"yes please!"

We said a quick goodbye to the guys then arrived at the mall

We first went to Victoria Secret.. you always need to start off with a cute bra & thong lol

After 2 hours of shopping we were done & we got so many cute clothes.. and hot ones to wear tonight(;


We got back to Justin's & we went into the spare room where I had all my clothes and stuff at when I stayed here

Caitlin was curling her hair and I was sitting on the bed.. time to call Austin

"hey babe" he said 


"whatcha  doinnnnng?"

"uhm well I was wondering if it would be okay if I went out to the club tonight?"

"with who?"

"Justin & his friends"


"what? why?"

"I don't trust them"

"you're friends with them!" now I was angry

"yes, but not when they all drunk and high!"

"Just because they will be, doesn't mean I willl!"

"Megan I don't want you going!"

"I don't care. I'm going! I should have never asked you!"

"so you would go behind my back?"

"that's all you do for me! I'm done with this conversation"

& I hung up

A tear slipped down my face 

Caitlin came over to me and hugged me

"babe, don't let him get to you. I promise it will get better. now come on let's get ready all the guys are gonna flip when they see your outfit!"


Me and Caitlin both curled our hair, we had smokey eyes & like 6 inch heels

I was wearing a very revealing black lacy dress while she was wearing a revealing red dress

we looked so hot 

we took a mirror selfie & I put it on Instagram

@meganwilliams: outttiiie <3 @caitlinbeadles

Justin's POV

All of us guys were waiting for Meg & was already 10:30

"GUYS COME ON" Chaz yelled up the stairs

right as he said that both girls appeared at the top of the steps.. and damn did they look good

Especially Megan.. I'd fuck her right here right now if she wasn't with Austin. I didn't care about anyone watching.. she looked so hot

I think they noticed all of the guys' mouths had dropped at how sexy they looked because they started laughing


We got to the club & I got us all drinks

We were in the VIP lounge for a little while till I asked Meg if she wanted to dance

It was obvious she was already drunk at this point.. me.. It takes longer to set in. I'm not trying to get drunk tonight... I wanna remember it all

Megan & I are on the dance floor and she starts grinding on me... great now I have a boner

I want to fuck her so bad.. but I don't want to take advantage of her like that.

I don't even know if she's a virgin or not

I feel like she is because of how strong her morals & values are but I also feel like she's not because I mean damn.. you just gotta look at her and think someone has to already tapped that

She's so drunk right now and she's dancing so sexy 

I'm enjoying this honestly.

I look around and see a familiar face sucking on another familiar face

Austin and Selena... the fuck?

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