my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


12. 12

Justin's POV

I've been in the studio all day finishing up this album but my mind is somewhere completely different

I can't stop thinking about what Isabella said.. was she right? could everyone really see me and Megan's love... that we can't?

I knew I couldn't talk to Megan about this.. especially while I'm working on things with Selena & she's with Austin.. it would just turn into something bad. 

Scooter came into the booth to yell at me for "not focusing" blah blah blah

"I'm sorry Scooter. I'm just not focused right now" I set down the head phones

"I see that. what's going on?"

"can we talk somewhere a little more private?"

"sure" we both walked out of the room & he said to meet him at starbucks

We both arrived at the same time, ordered our drinks & sat down

"so what's going on?"

"well.. before I telll you the whole story.. what do you think about Megan?"

he looked confused "well uhm, I think she's a great influence on you. You seem to be a lot happier with her in your life & her mother has told me that Megan is a lot happier with you in her life. why are you asking me? you usually don't give 2 shits about what I think of the people you hangout with"

"okay, so when we were at the Children's Hospital the other day.. & I went to see Isabella.. you remember her? Well when you guys left, I hugged her and told her to promise to stay strong for me. She said if I promised her something. I sat on her bed and asked her what I would promise.. you know what she said? Marry her. I asked Selena? she said no. Megan. she said that we are both in love with each other & one day we'll realize it. do you think that's true?"

He looked hard into my eyes

"Justin, it's obvious to everyone. I mean yea you both just keep saying "we're bestfriends" but if you saw the way you both looked at each other you'd understand. Did you watch Austin's interview on Ellen the other day? even HE said he's a little insecure that she might leave him for you because I'm sure he knows that you're in love with each other but you're both to stubborn to admit it. don't believe me? have her meet your family & you meet hers & see what they have to say. Listen, I know right now would not be a good idea for you 2 to be together, but I will agree  with Isabella. You're in love with her and she's in love with you"


I thought about what Scooter said about her meeting my family.. and I think that would be a good idea.

Right now, I don't look at Megan any differently. She's still my best friend & I love her more than anything.. but right now in my relationship life, I working on being with Selena.

It's really hard for Selena and I to be together. The media eats us up & my fans hate it. They think she's bad for me. They're mad at me for hanging out with her again after I wrote journals.. but honestly no one understands what Selena & I have. And yes, we've hurt each other, but we've fought for each other. She's worth all the heartache to me


It's Thursday night & my mom & dad are both coming over. I'm excited. I know my parents aren't together anymore, but I love seeing them together

"hey son" my dad bro hugged me

"hey dad" I patted his back

"mommmmmmy!" I ran over to her & hugged her tight

I don't care what anyone says, I'm a mommy's boy. My mom is my whole world. I have no idea what I would do without her.

We walked into my living room & my parent's sat on the one opposite of me

"so Justin. you know how Erin and I are getting a divorce?" my dad said interuptting the awkward silence 

"yes?" I was confused

"We told Jazzy and Jax today and welll... they didn't take it very well. anywho. I called your mother & that's why we are here"


"she gave me the idea to take Jaz & Jax away from all the craziness for the weekend and make sure they know that I still love them a lot. So. Pattie and I were talking and we thought it would be a great idea if Me, You, Jazmyn, Jaxon, and Pattie went on a camping trip for the weekend. Get away from the hectic schedule & relax with the family"

"I like that idea. I'm in. but are you and mom getting back together? You guys couldn't even be in the same room now we're talking a whole weekend away?"

"no.. we aren't getting back together. buuuuut, we are working on a friendship"

I smiled really big, I was so happy that my parents were going to try and work this out. I know they knew  how much it hurt me to always see them fighting

"and there's more" my mom said

"you can bring that girlfriend of yours.. what's her name? Megan?" my dad said

"Megan's not my girlfriend"

"she will be one day. so I think it would be great if we meet her sooner than later. Call her up"

"Dad. it's not that easy. I have to ask Selena if it's okay.. then I have to ask Megan and she has to ask HER BOYFRIEND"

"Justin, just call the girl. If she's really just your best friend, there shouldn't be a problem"

I glared at him & picked up my phone and dialed her number

she answered on the 2nd ring

"hey Justin" I heard her smiling 

"hey meg"

"what's up?"

"I have a question for you"

"I have an answer"

"ha. okay. so my parents are here right now and they told me they want to go on a family camping trip this weekend"

"and you're telling me this becauuuusee?" she sorta laughed

"well they wanted me to ask if you would wanna come with me?"

"so you're telling me your  parents asked you to ask me to come on your family camping trip?"

"that's exactly what happened"

"well, I would love to go!"

"you can?" my voice got really excited

"yea, Austin bailed on me for the weekend,, he has something to do for tour. I was actually gonna call you later to ask if you wanted to chill or something. So yes, I can go"

"alright, that sounds perfect. text me your flight information and stuff & I will pick you up at the airport tomorrow"

"okay. and I don't go back to school till Next Wednesday, So I'll be in LA till Tuesday night. So when we come back from this camping trip, would it possibly be able to stay with you?"

"of course. See you tomorrow"

"I can't wait. bye J, love you"

"love you too"


"so when are you going to wipe that ridiculous smile off your face?" my dad laughed

"I don't have a ridiculous smile on my face" I mocked him

"yeah yeah yeah. so you love her aye?" he winked

"oh my gosh. as a friend"


Me and Megan just got to my house 

We grabbed some Wendy's on our way & decided that we would do a twit cam thingy with my fans tonight 

@justinbieber: twit cam tonight from me & @meganwilliams starting in 10 minutes. so be there or be square ;)

@meganwilliams: @justinbieber as square as spongebob squarepants? 

@justinbieber: @meganwilliams squarer

I looked over at Justin and we both just bursted out laughing

Megan went to the kitchen to get us popcorn & drinks so I started the twit cam

"hey everyone, Justin here" I smiled really big "so guys, tweet me with the hashtag #JustinTwitCam & I'll respond to your tweets, and answer any of your questions soooo goooo"

"okay, first question from um @jblover: I thought you were with Megan? I wanna see what she looks like! #JustinTwitCam. 
I am. ahah she's here. she went to get us popcorn & drinks so let's go to the kitchen. I don't know what's taking her so long"

I picked up my laptop and started making weird faces in the camera as we walked to the kitchen 

I put the laptop on the counter next to where she put the popcorn and the drinks.. now where the hell is she?

"MEGGGG" I yelled

next thing I know she's scooting in the kitchen in a huge cardboard box

I look and her and burst out laughing

"what are you doing?" I could barely get the words out of my mouth

"I wanted to be square" she crossed her arms over her chest.. I could tell she was trying to hold in a laugh

I was throwing popcorn and catching it in my mouth.. showing my skills

Megan is in the background trying to get out of this box. She pushed so hard she fell backwards

I started laughing really hard again... I could barely breathe

I walked over to her hunched stomach hurt from laughing so hard) & extended my hand to help her up

She took my hand and stood up but game me the biggest death glare, which made me laugh harder

I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her 

she just stood there so I started rocking back and forth and she started to giggle and she hugged me back

We both let go and she walked over to the popcorn & started throwing it in her mouth & then catching it. I did the same

"here try and catch if you're so good" I threw it at her mouth and she caught it

"your turn" she threw the popcorn at my face.. but she didn't throw 1, she threw like 5


she shrugged her shoulders and started laughing 

"I'M KING OF THE WORLD" she stood really straight & had her hands in fists on her hips & her chin was held high

I walked up close to the camera and whispered "she's crazy"

"I am not crazy"

"so not crazy people decide to get a cardboard box and sit in it to be square..?"


"where'd you get that box anyway?"

"your garage"


We walked back down to the living room & sat on the couch

"okay.. next from uhmmmm @beliebeerrrbabbby: I don't remember EVER seeing Justin this happy. I love it!!! Thank you to Megan who brought out this side of him!!!how do you do it?!?! ily gorgeous.
Meg, you can take that one"

"oh my gosh,haha I love you too. Uhm I don't know. I'm just myself & so is he and we just get along together, haha but thank you"

"okay.. so many of you are asking if we are dating.. but no we are not. We are just best friends" I laughed and so did Megan

"from @acmforever: Idk y im watching this. I bet Megan is secretly cheating on Austin with Justin. I wouldn't be surprised. She's a whore anyway. I just wish Austin would realize that. Megan just pick one guy. we hate you.

HAHAHAHAAHAH. okay. well first of all I'm not cheating on Austin. Justin is my best friend. I don't understand why if you have a best friend of the opposite gender it just gets transformed into them dating. I;m dating Austin & only Austin. & how can you say I'm a whore? you literally know nothing about me except from what you hear. How would you like if people based their opinions of you off of what they heard? exactly. What's there for Austin to realize? I'm dating him and only him. I love him & would never do something to jeopardize our relationship. I've already picked a guy, thanks though. & hate me all you want, that's not going to change a thing? My life is going to go on whether you hate me or not. so I could care less. thank you and have a good day"

Justin looked at me and smiled then clapped his hands

"very good. very good. I don't know how you respond to hate so well like that. but please everyone. don't send her hate okay? She's my best friend & although she won't show her true emotions all the time, It hurts me, and if you don't care about my feelings.. it hurts Austin's too. so please, keep the negative thoughts to yourselves. I see everything. but on that note. I'm going to read 1 more tweet then we are logging offf. from @jdblifesaver: I know you say you and megan aren't dating, but I truly believe you would make a great couple. you seem to bring out the best in each other. Ignore the haters. I hope you stay bestfriends forever. I love seeing my idol so happy. thank you for saving my life, Justin.
awh, thank you so much. thank means so much to us. We will be bestfriends forever. stay strong beautiful, We love you
I had a great time tonight, thanks guys. I just wanna say thank you for all your constant love & support. It means more to me than you'll ever know. I love you so so so so much. goodnight" 

I pressed "end" 


We both fell asleep on the couch last night & woke up to my alarm

My parents & siblings were gonna be here in 2 hours to get ready to leave for camping shit.

I woke up Megan & we both took quick showers & I threw on sweats 

*knock knock knock*

I opened the door & greeted my mom & dad with hugs

Jazzy & Jaxon attacked me. I missed them so much

Megan was coming down the stairs

She was wearing jeans & a sweatshirt with her hair in a messy bun. she actually pulled that look off really good

"Hi I'm Megan" she introduced herself to my dad by shaking his hand

before she could say anything to my mom, my mom pulled her in for a hug

Jazmyn walked over to Meg and hugged her leg she said "you're so pretty"

Megan bent down to her level and told her "thank you, but sweetie, you're beautiful" 

Jazy smiled really big and hugged Megan tight

Jaxon was hiding behind the door

"you must be Jaxon" Megan was squating down in front of him

he shly nodded his head

"well I'm Megan. and I was wondering if you would want to be friends?"

he shook his head really fast up and down then hugged her and she started laughing

this was adorable

My dad and I packed everything into the RV I rented 

We were all in my  kitchen gathering the last of our things

"hey jaz, jax. do you like justin's girlfriend?" my dad asked

"oh we aren't" Megan tried to say, but before she could she was interuptted by

"YES YES YES NO SHE'S MINE YES YES YES" the kids loved her

I sent my dad a death glare and and smiled shrugging his shoulders

I looked at Megan and gave her an apologetic look and she nodded her head in understanding

"hey, she's gonna be your girlfriend sooner or later. I'm just getting the kids prepared"
If my dad doesn't drop this girlfriend thing.. it's gonna be a long weekend



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