my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


11. 11

Megan's POV

Alfredo, Ryan, Scooter & I were waiting in the hallway while Justin finished talking to Isabella. She was truly such a sweetheart

Justin came out of her room and he look like he's been thinking hard 

"you alright?" I asked

"yea, I just made her a promise... that I don't know if I can come through on"

"what was it?"

"you'll find out soon"

what is he talking about?

We got in the car and I uploaded the picture of us 3 to instagram

@meganwilliams: such an amazing day meeting Isabella today. She's such a strong girl & It was amazing to see what big of an influence my best friend & his music had on her. It was so inspiring. @justinbieber I become prouder & prouder of you every day :). Stay Strong beautiful, Isabella. We all love you & are praying for you

Justin uploaded a side by side picture of them; the smiling one & where he kisses her cheek

@justinbieber: words cannot even begin to describe how much today changed my life.. especially my talk with this beautiful girl, Isabella. Today she promised she'd stay strong for me if I promised her something.. When she told me what she wanted me to promise her... I thought "how in the world am I supposed to do that?" we talked privately & she gave me so much hope. She is so inspiring & I am proud to say she is my inspiration. I made you a promise.. and I will stick to it. I love you Isabella. Thank you for changing my life

What is this promise?  It must be really important..


Justin dropped me back off at the hotel where I waited for Austin

I couldn't get over how weird Justin was acting since he left Isabella's room...


Austin got his own personal plane  to get us to Texas!! I was so excited

We got on the plane & I was so tired

I laid my head on his lap & he started rubbing my back & playing with my hair.. I soon fell asleep

Austin's POV

Megan looks so precious when she sleeps

I took a picture of her sleeping on my lap & posted it on twitter

@AustinMahone: she's adorable when she sleeps <33 @meganwilliams

Since I have nothing to do for the next few hours.. I decided I was going to do a follow spree & tweet my fans :)


Megan's POV

I woke up & We were still on the plane Austin was asleep leaning on me. hahhaha

I went on twitter & I see that he tweeted a picture of me sleeping -_-

I took a picture of him

@meganwilliams: I look adorable when I'm sleeping? babe, look at yourself ;* #payback @AustinMahone (;


The pilot announced that we were landing so I woke Austin up my pecking his lips

His eyes fluttered open & he smiled

"we're landing" I told him

"alright, when did you wake up?"

"like an hour ago"

"you could have woke me up"

"I wanted you to get your sleep. thanks for taking the picture of me sleeping though" 

He started laughing "what can I say, you're adorable"

"oh hey, I said the same thing about you"

He looked confused

He stared at me while he took his phone out of his pocket & went on twitter

"OH. MY. GOODNESS. you did not" 

"but I did" I winked


We got off the plane & got into the car that was waiting for us to go to his grandma's house

I was so excited to see his family again... I missed them


We got to his grandma's and his family was outside 

He intertwined our fingers & we first walked up to his grandma he hugged her

"don't tell me this is Megan.. she got even more beautiful"

"hi grandma" I hugged her

"hello sweetie. We missed you! You're still a twig.. how!? do you not eat?"

"nooo! hahaha I eaat ALLLLLL the time"

his grandpa came out

"Don't tell me that's Megan!"


"how are you?!" he hugged me

I was always close with Austin's grandparents. They're the reason Austin & I met


We walked inside & had dinner

It was me & Austin, his grandparents & his mom 

It was very nice & the food was so so so good

"Megan, I really don't know how you do it" Austin's mom said as we finished up dessert

"do what?" I was confused

"you literally eat so much & you put on 0 weight"

I laughed

"so I'm assuming you guys are back together?" his grandma asked me while I helped her and Michele clean up the dishes. Austin & his grandpa went outside to start the little bonfire we were going to have tonight

"hahah, yes we are"

"good. I'm glad, I like having you around. You bring out the best in him"

"well thank you, he brings out the best in me"


I held the back door open for Michele as she carried out the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.. We're having smores.. my favorite :)

We all sat down around the fire & chatted. it was great catching up with them

@meganwilliams: beautiful dinner, now an amazing bonfire #greatnight :) 

@AustinMahone: great night with the people that mean the most to me. Never forget where you come from. Family is everything


I woke up laying in a bed with Austin... to the smell of BACON

right as I was waking up, Austin was too

We both looked at each other and ran out of the room to get to the kitchen first

That's what we always used to do.. We'd wake up & have a competition to the kitchen to eat the bacon & whoever won got to dare the loser to do something.... We made that rule up when we were like 14 HAHAAHAHA but it was always fun

Austin tripped me in the living room & made it to the kitchen first. I call bull shittt

As I was standing up, He stood in front of me eating a piece of bacon

"I hate you" I said running to get my own piece

"gimme your phone" he said extending his hand


"the dare"

I sent him a weird look but gave it to him

I looked over his shoulder to see what he was doing..not that I had anything to hide




"you are so weird" I laughed at him taking my phone back


"Megan, would you like to come to the store with Michele and I?" his grandma asked

"surre! I just have to grab my jacket" I said standing up from the couch where Austin and I were cuddling 

"here, babe where my hoodie" he took the sweatshirt  off & as he pulled it over his head his shirt came up.. his abs were FINNNNNNE

I smiled to myself.. I'm so lucky.. he's amazing & his body is  a bonus

I put his hoodie on & it smelled like his cologne :)

I kissed him goodbye 

"don't be tooo lonnng. I'm gonna miss youuu"

I blew him a kiss from the door


We got to the grocery store & It felt nice to be able to do regular things again

Like when I'm with Justin, he always has bodyguards & fans & paps and stuff

& Austin has fans who hate me & paps all the time

It was nice to get away from that for a while


We got back to his grandparents house & Austin literally attacked me with the biggest hug. he was holding on so tight

"Austin I can't breath"

"soooorrrrrrryyy, I just really missed you" 

"I was gone for like 2 hours"

"i know, but still"

"I missed you tooooo, but can you hellp me pack? I have to leave in a few hours" I frowned


It didn't take long for me to pack all the stuff with Austin there helping


I said goodbye & thanked his grandparents & mom for everything

Austin drove me to the airport & as my flight got  called he kissed me and we said goodbye

"bye baby. I'm going to miss you so so so much. text me when you land. I have my first interview on Ellen tomorrow. promise you'll watch? I'm sure they'll ask about you. I love you"

"I will, I love you so much"


*next day*

After school, I came home & turned on the tv

Austin just texted me to remind him to watch Ellen. boyyy I watch her everyday where have you been!?


Austin's POV

"and today our special guest is teen heartthrob AUSTIN MAHONE" Ellen called me on stage I was so nervous

I waved to the audience as I walked on & then hugged Ellen & sat down

"So Austin, how are you?"

"I'm doing good, and how are you?"

"good, good, thank you. So I hear you have an album coming out soon?"

"Yes, It's called The Secret, It comes out May 27th! A single actually already dropped. It's called Till I Find You. and Mmm Yeah is also on the track!"

"I'm so excited to hear your new music! And is it true you're going to be starting a tour?"

"yes! the tour dates were just released. I'm so excited!"

"and Fifth Harmony is opening?"


"so there are rumors that you're dating Camila.. from Fifth Harmony, is that true?"

I laughed a little "no"

"are you dating anyone?" she winked at me then moved her eyebrows up & down

"I am"

"does she have a name?"

"she does"

"are you going to tell us? or leave us hanging?" she laughed

"her name is Megan.. Megan Williams" I couldn't help but smile like an idiot when I said her name

"her?" they showed pictures of us on the screen behind us


"how long have you been dating her?"

"well. okay so we dated for 2 years then we broke up when she decided she wanted me to live my dream once I was discovered. So when she won that contest for the Today Show... we met up again.. not planned & everything between us felt like we never broke up. I don't know.. like my feelings for her just never went away. but uhm oh gosh, she's gonna kill me for not knowing.. I wanna say we've been dating like 3 weeks to a month"

"that's so cute"

"thaank you" I laaughed

"So the rumors of her dating Justin Bieber are false?"

"yea,, no she's dating me. Her & Justin are very close. They're bestfriends"

"you're not jealous?"

"I mean, I feel like If I wasn't jealous.. I wouldn't care. But I mean I do sometimes get jealous because they do have such an amazing friendship that I get insecure sometimes, I'm not gonna lie. but at the end of the day I trust her & him. I know they wouldn't do anything like that, so I'm not really worried. but it's always in the back of my mind yanno? like what if she gets bored with me? but I try not to think about it."

"gotcha. I wish you both the best. Now performing his NEW SINGLE TILL I FIND YOU GIVE IT  UP FOR AUSTIN MAHONE"

Megan's POV

was he really insecure that I'd leave him for Justin? Justin & I are best friends. nothing more. nothing less.




okay, so I really don't like doing Author's Notes cuz I feel like it takes away from the story. idk. anyway. I wanna say I'm sorry this chapter was kinda crapppy.. The next chapter will be good though. I just needed a filller chapter to get to where I want the story to go, thank you for all your sweet comments. I love reading what you have to say about this story. I have an idea where I wanna go with this, but if you have any suggestions, please tell me & I will definitely look into them! Please comment about what you think. it gives me motivation!  much love. xoxo

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