my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


10. 10

Austin's POV

I've been in the studio all day & all I want to do is go home

I went to the airport this morning to surprise Megan, but by the time I got there, She was already on the plane back home

I messed up really bad this time.. I should have made her a bigger priority especially since my time now with her now is based on a schedule 

I walked back to my car & Camila was waiting inside

I had to BEG the dance teacher to let me take a break.. I told him I was gonna grab lunch, but I came to the airport instead

Camila wanted to tag along, but I had her stay in the car


We got back to rehersals & my manager was not happy with me leaving. because "we are on a very tight schedule" 


We got a 5 minute break & I decided to go on twitter & reply to my fans.

Their reactions when I notice them are the best. It warms my heart

I'm scrolling down my feed & I see a picture Megan took of her smelling flowers

Who is sending my girlfriend roses? the fuck?

So obviously I text her asking her who they're from because now I'm pissed.

She replied telling me I sent them? what?

"Austin, why are you so upset?" Camila asked sitting down next to me

"I'm just confused" 


"Megan  posted a picture of her smelling roses on twitter & I asked her who they're from & she said the card said from me... I don't even know what the fucking card said"

she laughed a little "Austin.. I sent them to her saying they were from you"

I was relieved "why?"

"I don't know... maybe the fact that your girlfriend flew over 2,000 miles to be with you for a weekend & you couldn't even be with her.If my boyfriend did that,, I'd be pissed as fuck. In the card I just said how much you apologized for everything and next weekend is going to be amazing and how much you love her & all that stuff. Just tell her you didn't expect them to come so soon or something like that"

"thank you so much.  I owe you big time"

I hugged her and she laughed

to: my baby <3;

I did :) I just didn't expect them to arrive so fast! I hope you like them. I can't wait to see you this weekend. I love you <3

Megan's POV


text from Austin Mahone:

I did :) I just didn't expect them to arrive so fast! I hope you like them. I can't wait to see you this weekend. I love you <3

to Austin Mahone:

aahah okay, I was confused there. lol but good, I can't wait to see you. I love you too. <3


It's Wednesday night & I've started to pack for this weekend

On Friday I'm flying into LA & I'm gonna be there until Saturday afternoon, then Austin and I are flying to Texas for his grandma's birthday :)


"Megan! Come look! Selena is on Ellen!" my mom called 

I came down stairs & Selena was just walking onto her interview

Ellen was asking about her music, & her future plans

"so are you and the biebs back together"

Selena laughed "no"

"are you going to be" Ellen winked

she was still laughing "I don't know"

"why is he dating someone else?"

"not that I know of"

"so he's not dating Megan Williams?" whhhhat?!

"hahaha no, they're really just like best friends. They're hilarious together oh my gosh" she started laughing again

"you've met her?"

"yes, she's such a sweetheart. I love her so much & I miss her. I was with her a little this past weekend and it was so much fun"

"what'd you guys do?"

"Well okay so it was me, Megan, Justin & Alfredo Flores and we just went to the park & then we got some food and chilled at Justin's. It was fun"

"That's good, so you think she's a good influence on him?"

"Oh my gosh, yes. He definitely seems a lot happier lately and he's himself again"

"I'm glad. I hope I meet her"

"If you invite me back, I'll bring her" Selena winked then laughed

"I willl. hahah now performing her hit Come & Get it, give it up for SELENA GOMEZ"


@meganwilliams: @selenagomez I saw your interview, good job girl. you killed it!! I love you so much & I miss you! Hopefully I'll see you soon :)


*Friday after school*

I didn't even go home after school, my dad drove me straight to the airport

"bye sweetie, we'll see you Sunday. text me when you land. love you princess" he hugged me & kissed my head


I arrived in LA & it was around 8

Austin said he was going to pick me up :)))

I was looking all around for him... 


I turned around and saw Austin

I ran over to him and jumped in his arms... I've missed him so much

"hi baby, I missed you" he said

"I missed you so much more"

"come on, let's go! we have reservations!"

he intertwined our fingers together and we got in his car

"where are we going?" I asked

"you'll see"


We arrived at this Japanese restaurant.. I was so under dressed

We walked in hand in hand & I saw many familiar faces

"MEGAN" they all screamed & ran over to hug me

Selena Gomez, Alfredo Flores, Ariana Grande, Khalil, Kyle Massey, Lil Za, Ryan Butler, Madison Beer, Scooter Braun, Yael, and Justin Bieber were all there

I was fangirling so hard when Ariana hugged me

"meggggyy poo poo" Justin hugged me really tight

I swear he makes a new nickname every time he sees me

It felt weird since it was mostly all Justin's friends.. like I wish I could meet who Austin's been hanging out with lately.. I mean I guess since he's been with Justin, they are all his friends but idk..


The dinner was really nice, it was good to catch up with everyone

Ariana, Selena, Madison & I took a picture together & it was sooo cute

@meganwilliams: obsessed w/ these girls <33 @selenagomez @arianagrande @madisonbeer

Then we tried to take a funny one & of course Justin was in the back photobombing it -_-

@madisonbeer: s/o to @justinbieber for the photobomb. love these girls <3 @meganwilliams @selenagomez @arianagrande

Then Austin and I took one and he kissed my cheek

@austinmahone: I love you @meganwilliams 

Then Justin & I took a funny picture & I made it look like he had a pig nose with my fingers and then he gave me bunny ears & we were both laughing really hard

@meganwilliams: dysfunctional ? @justinbieber

@justinbieber: I don't think we can take a normal picture @meganwilliams


We said goodbye to everyone & we got to the hotel

I crawled in bed.. I was exhausted

Austin came in right next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist

I rested my head on his chest & soon fell into a deep sleep


Austin's alarm went off at 10

"morning gorgeous" he smiled


"I don't wannnna gettt upppp" he whined

"then donnnt"

"I have to go to the studio"

"you do?" 

"yea. I have to finish this song"


"but guess what"


"I'm only gonna be there for a few hours.. not long at all. but Justin said he'd hangout with you while I'm there, and then when I'm done, we will be on a flight to Texas and there will be no interferences the rest of the weekend" he smiled


Justin picked me up from the hotel & I got in his car

"so whatcha wannna do?" he asked

"up to you" I smiled

"well, would you mind coming with me to surprise some of my fans in the hospital?"

My heart melted "It would be an honor"


We got to a children's cancer hospital right out side of LA.

When we got there Alfredo, Scooter & Ryan Butler were there


Justin walked into the rooms of little kids & some had posters of him on the wall, his music playing, a bracelet with his name on it, blankets, etc. it was so heart warming. He talked to each of them as if they'd been friends for years

He walked into this girl Isabelle's room.. she was 14

He walked up to her bed and hugged her then sat on the chair next to her

They started talking and she was telling him about her favorite memories of riding horses, and going to his My World Tour. She told him how his music is the only reason she's still fighting.. he gives her hope

I saw Justin's eyes starting to get watery.. I honestly don't think he will ever understand how much he means to his fans.. he's the reason most of them are alive still


We were about to leave her room & Justin was going to take a picture with her

They both smiled & then he kissed her cheek. 

"wait" she said

"yes sweetie?" Justin said

"I want one with you and Megan please" 

I was confused but I walked over to the other side of her bed & all 3 of us smiled

It was precious

Justin's POV

After all 3 of us took a picture Scooter, Ryan, Alfredo & Meg left the room

I hugged Isabella 1 more time

"promise to stay strong, for me?" I told her

"I will, If you promise me something"

"and what would that be?" I sat on the edge of her bed

"you'll marry her one day"

"who? Selena?"

"no, Megan"

"Megan? She's my best friend"

"Justin. I'm 14. I don't have much longer to live okay... the doctors keep telling me that. I know what love is. and I know you guys have it.. One day.. one day.. not today.. not tomorrow.. but in a few years.. you'll realize.. you're in love with her & she's in love  with you. Everyone can feel the love between you guys.. just please.. please promise me that. After I'm gone.. The only thing I wish is for you to be happy.. and I know she will make you happy.. for the rest of your life"

I let every single word set in my mind carefully... she was a wise girl.. but would I... Could I really be in love with Megan?

"okay Isabella.. I promise.. And I don't break my promises.. alright? now if she doesn't fall in love with me we might have a problem" I laughed

"Believe me.. she already did"

I smiled and kissed her forehead

What if she's right? I mean I know I'm 20.. and Megan's gonna be 19 soon.. but could this be fate? I mean we met by chance of her winning a contest... and it was by chance that we clicked right off the bat.. and had a lot in common.. we know each others secrets... we're best friends...or will one day we be more?

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