my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


1. 1

"and you're on in 3.... 2.... 1"

"Good Morning everyone  I'm Matt Lauer and this is the Today Show. First we are going to talk about the contest we've been talking about all week. In case you missed it, here it is.; Popstar Justin Bieber has been having a heck of a year or 2 so far... So many allegations, problems with the law, spitting on fans, his break up with Selena Gomez, and the list goes on. So we put this contest out to you Justin Bieber fans who have supported him through it all. All you do is submit a 30 second video to the website saying why you're Justin's biggest fan and we will pick who we think is the #1 fan. If you win, I Matt Lauer, am going to come to your house and interview you. A whole interview on Justin. Then you will come with me back to the studio the next day, where you will get to meet Justin himself. So today is the day where we pick the winner. All the videos were great... inspiring actually.. but one really stood out. the Winner of Justin Bieber's biggest fan contest goes to Megan Williams from Cleveland, Ohio! Congrats Megan! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!" 


"Megan! the Today Show is here!" my mom called to my room

"coming!" I yelled back taking one look at my room to make sure it looked presentable for the news crew

I walked to the living room and saw my mom talking with Matt Laurer.. She always had a crush on him, pretty creepy if you ask me

"Hi Megan, I'm Matt Lauer. It's nice to meet you, Congratulations on winning the contest!"

I shook his hand and smiled

"It's nice to meet you. and thanks!"

The cameras are in my face. They haven't even been here 5 minutes and I'm done with the cameras

The interview was in my room. Probably to see all the Bieb's merchandise I have. We went in my room and I sat on my bed,  Matt sat on my desk chair and the camera men were every where else. They put a mic on me and made sure the lighting was good.

"Okay Megan, before we start. I just want you to know that this isn't live, so don't be nervous. We are showing this interview tomorrow morning on the show and that's when Justin will see it. Your flight to New York is tonight... your mom will talk to you about that later. but you ready?"

I shook my head

"as ready as I'll ever be"

"in 3, 2, 1 go"

"Hello everyone! I'm Matt Lauer and as promised I'm here with 18 year old Megan Williams from Cleveland Ohio! Congratulations! How are you Megan?"

"Thank you so much! I'm great, how are you?"

"Wonderful! Okay, so first we are going to start off. In your video, you said Justin Bieber was the best idol you could ask for.... why?"

"Well there's so many reasons. First of all, I think his story is so inspiring. He's such an inspirational person. He's not perfect. As much that I say he is, I know he's not. He makes mistakes just like everyone else.but he's learning from that. He's a strong guy, not muscles or anything... even though he has them. but with everything he goes through. We all have a story. People think that they know all about him because of what they hear or see... but there's so much more to him than that. He not only taught me, but he taught millions of other people to believe and never give up on your dream"

"There are so many rumors going around about him...... it seems like every day is a new rumor. How do you respond to them?"

"Well first of all, if you really listen to some of the rumors, they are to stupid to be real. I laugh at some because who has the time to do that? like get a life. It's ridiculous how people sit at home and talk crap about  someone they don't even know. Like why are you wasting your time trying to ruin someone else's life. like I don't understand."

"How do you feel about Justin and Selena?"

"I look up to Selena. Honestly I think she's really inspiring. I support whatever makes Justin happy. I just don't want him to forget his worth by trying so hard for love. it breaks my heart because I honestly think that he just doesn't wanna start over with someone else. Him and Selena's lifestyle's were similar so I think that's why they worked well together. If they are happy, I'm happy"

"Do you think Justin is a good person?"

"I think he's an amazing person. Although I don't know him personally.. I think if he was a bad person so many people wouldn't still be supporting him"

"Do you get a lot of hate  for supporting him?"

"More than you'll ever know. People hate on him just because he's such an easy target. And like if I wear anything that has his name or picture on it... you already know people will say something. I'm constantly being judged.. for what? Supporting someone who I truly believe in and who has helped me through his music in obstacles in my life. I don't know how Justin does it.. like getting hate constantly for just living his dream. People need to realize that at the end of  the day, you have to remember.. he's someone's son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, friend, idol etc. How do you feel when people you love get bullied? Not good. So why would you bully someone else?"

"okay, and last serious question. What is something you want to tell Justin?"

"Oh gosh. There's so much. Justin, I just want you to know that we are all here for you. Us Beliebers. We want to see you succeed and do even more amazing things. We believe in you more than you'll ever understand. We are always here for you. I promise. I honestly wish you nothing but the best in your life. Make some mistakes & learn from them. You're an amazing guy. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you sooo sooo soooo much."

"You have so much Justin Bieber merchandise in your room... what is your favorite?"

"I love them all. But I'd have to say the scrapbooks I've made of him. Like I went to the Believe Tour over the summer and I printed all the pictures into a scrapbook. I have so many scrapbooks of him. All doing great things. Like building the school, make a wish kids, donating time and money, his meet and greets,pencils of promise... the list goes on. But it's all positive."

"Can we look at them?"

"Of course"

I went to the back of my closet and got the big brown box that was fillled with my scrapbooks. We went through each one individually and then it was the last scrapbook in the box. Matt pulled it out... I instantly remembered what that was and why it was at the bottom..... this wasn't Justin's scrapbook

Matt opened it 

"who is this? this isn't Justin? is this..... Austin... Austin Mahone?"

"uhm yea...." I looked down

"where'd you get all these pictures... of you and him? you know him?..."


"you're kisssing?! did you date Austin?"

"yea... we dated a little over 2 years... I forgot I still had that scrapbook"

"why'd you break up? If you don't mind me asking?"

"I wanted him to live his dream"

"That's so sweet. you were so cute together!"

"Oh thanks.... he probably doesn't remember me. we haven't really talked since we broke up"

"I'm sure he remembers you! these pictures look like memories you could never forget! He's working with Justin now you know?"

"YESSS! I'm soooo excited for their music!"

"so you support Austin still?"

"of course I do. Always have and always will"


"Megan! Hurry up, we are going to be late for the flight!"
"I'm coming!"

I picked up my suitcase and walked to the living room where my dad took it to the car

I was so nervous to meet Justin tomorrow.... this is nerve wracking! AHHHHHH! my dream is finally coming true


the flight was only a few hours which I was thankful for. When we left the airport we went to the hotel and got situated. Me, my 2 older brothers, mom and dad all went to the dining hall to get dinner.

My brother's are 22 and 20. The 22 year old is named Dylan and the 20 year old is named Cameron. I was so close with my brothers and when they left for college I took it really hard. Especially Cameron. He was seriously like my best friend. Both of my brothers are super protective over me and that means so much. I love them! They are both on Spring Break right now, so I'm soooo happpy that they got to come to New York with me!


Today was the day I get to meet Justin! AAAAAHHHHHH! I woke up at 5:30 since we have to be at the set at 6:50. I showered, curled my hair did my makeup and put on this gorgeous dress, I was so confident with how I looked. I can't wait to see Justin.


We arrived at the studio and me and my brothers were backstage by the food table eating donuts. My dad and mom were in the audience

I was sooooo nervous! The show just began and right now they were doing the weather. The stage crew came and put a mic on me and went through how I was going on stage etc

My brothers went to the audience to sit by our parents. I was so nervous. I haven't seen Justin yet...

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a chin on my shoulder

I turned around and IT WAS JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER omg pretty sure I'm about to pee my pants

My jaw dropped and I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms went around my waist

He pulled me close and it was the most perfect hug in the world

"hey beautiful, so I heard you won. It's nice to meet you. I can't wait to see your interview!" he smiled

my mouth hung open.. I was hoping words would come out put I looked like a fool with my mouth open and nothing came out... talk about embarassing

Justin just laughed and pulled me in for another hug.... God did he smell good

"welll I'll see you out there. Don't be nervous. I promise. okay? I'll sit right next to you. If you get nervous just look at me.. pretend like it's just me and you out there okay?" he rubbed my back then kissed my cheek

I smiled really hard. I can't believe I was just with Justin Bieber..... and I looked sooo stupid!

Before I knew it I was being called onto the stage.

There in front of me stood Justin, Matt and some other host.

I hugged Matt and the other host then Justin. And sat next to him just as he said

I guess while I was reflecting on how stupid I looked, They showed the interview Matt and I did yesterday

Matt asked Justin a bunch of questions about his music and his life. 

I felt so relaxed next to Justin

Justin was performing so I went to sit in the front row

They set up the band and everything on stage. and they put a stool in the middle. and 1 mic on each side of the stool

Is he doing a duet with someone?

Justin started singing One Less Lonely Girl and then walked over to me and grabbed my hand took me on stage

I was about to sit on the stool when Justin took my other hand and started slow dancing with me.. it was perfect

I sat on the stool and admired Justin's dancing

The beat changed.. to a song I knew toooo well

I turned my head to see no other than my ex boyfriend Austin... Austin Mahone


I was taking it that he wasn't expecting to see me because his mouth dropped and his eyes got large.. kinda like what I looked like earlier with justin

"Meg?" Austin said 


I got up and ran over and hugged him so tight.... I missed him so much

He whispered in my ear "I never forgot about you.... I wrote this song for you"

he took my hand and continued singing his hit U

The song ended and Austin hugged me really tight and kissed my head


Austin did a quick interview with Matt and Justin and I stayed backstage... this time, words actually came out of my mouth

"So um Megan.. I was wondering if you'd like to hangout tonight? Yanno, I can show you around New York" Justin asked

"I'd love that" I replied smiling

"Welll, I will pick you up at your hotel at 3?"

"sounds perfect"

I gave him my number and hotel name.. I was so excited. I honestly hope I become good friends with him!


I got to the hotel and looked at the time 11am.... so what am I supposed to do until 3?


My brothers and I decided to go swimming!

We were hanging out in the pool when I saw someone whole looked really familiar Alex... Austin's bestfriend

He looked over at me and smiled. I returned the smile

Someone walked up behind him it was Austin

Alex whispered something in Austin's ear and Austin looked over to me and walked towards me

My brothers started laughing and got up to say hi to Austin and they did a bro hug

Austin sat down next to me. And neither of us said anything at first

"Great job today, Austin! You didn't even look nervous" I broke the silence

"I wasn't nervous because I was singing... to you"

"what do you mean?"

"I'm not over you... After we broke up, I didn't talk to you that much because i'm not over you. When I'm with you, Everything comes naturally... easy. I'm just myself"


We turned around to his fans running toward to pool some were climbing over the gate while others were pushed on it

Austin got up to great his fans. I got up too. I quickly side hugged Austin and pecked his cheek

"We'll finish this conversation later.. it looks like you have people who wanna see you" I said

"I'll look forward to it. how long are you staying?" 

"oh I'll be here all week" I laughed

"Well do you think you can pencil me in your busy schedule?" he laughed

"I'll see what I can do" I winked 

I went to my room to get ready for my day with Justin... I had no idea what he had planned.

I sat on the bed looking at twitter on my phone

@justinbieber: today is gonna be great :)

I'm so excited. Thoughts were running through my mind. What could he have planned?

I was interrupted by a knock on the door

It was Justin.. and oh God.. did he look good 

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