Its scary you know, how quickly your life can go from a fairytale to hell in just a matter of hours. You’re tricked into believing that you’re life is amazing the way it is but then reality hits you hard. And it’s only a matter of whether or not you’re ready for what lies ahead that determines where you end up. Well, here’s my story.


8. Seven

The sun had begun to set and the sky was turning a bright shade of orange and pink. It wasn’t long before I had pulled onto my street and set my eyes on my flat. I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. I pulled my keys out of the ignition and grabbed the pizza, getting out of my car. I walked up the stairs to my front door and pushed it open, closing it as I walked in.
“Rebecca?!” I called.
There was silence and moments later I heard the soft footsteps coming down the stairs and then she appeared. And for some reason I felt my heart skip a beat. I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t beautiful. Even in a pair of maroon shorts and an oversized shirt and messy hair. She looked beautiful.
“Hellooo. Earth to Harry?” She chuckled.
I sapped out of my thoughts and looked down at the pizza in my hand.
“I uh, brought the pizza.” I told her.
She smiled. “I see that. Unless you’ve got something else in that pizza box.”
“Yeah, I decided to pick up some raw fish instead. I didn’t think you’d mind.” I joked.
“You’re gross Harry.” She chuckled.
Her and I walked into the kitchen and I set the pizza down on the counter while she got plates. She set one down in front of me and one in front of her and I opened the box and took a slice.
“So, how did your meeting go?” She asked, taking a slice from the box.
I shrugged. “It went well I guess. It was nice seeing the lads again.”
“Are they anything like you?” She asked.
I shrugged. “I guess. We’re all kinda different too. You’ll probably meet them sometime.”
I finished my first piece of pizza and reached for a second.
“So, why don’t we watch a movie after this?” I asked.
She smiled. “Depends on what movie.”
“How about a horror movie with a ton of blood and gore.” I chuckled, almost predicting her reaction.
As I had predicted, her eyes widened and she stopped chewing. Her head shook rapidly and once she swallowed, she spoke.
“Are you trying to kill me?” She asked.
I laughed. “I take it you’re not a horror movie fan?”
She shook her head. “I mean, I’ll watch it if it’s not too scary.” She told me. “And I prefer to watch it when I’m with people.”
“Well we won’t watch a horror movie, maybe.” I grinned.
She groaned. “You’re mean.”
“Well how about this? You choose the first movie. I choose the second. No protesting.” I told her.
She smiled. “Deal.”
I looked down at her plate and noticed the crusts of two pieces of pizza on her plate. I reached over and took one and she raised her eyebrows.
“I was gonna eat that.” She chuckled.
“Were you? Oh, I’m sorry.” I grinned,  reaching for the other one.
She slapped my hand away.
“You better not.” She gasped.
“Or what?” I teased.
“Or I won’t speak to you for the rest of the night.” She told me.
I shook my head. “That’s not possible.”
I reached for her plate and grabbed the pizza crust off her plate.
“Harry Styles! Give that back right now!” She gasped as I scurried to the other side of the kitchen.
She rushed after me and I bit a piece of the crust and her eyes widened.
“You’re just asking for it!” She said, lunging at me.
She caught up to my and tackled me to the ground, taking the remaining pizza crust out of my hand. The two of us were laying on the floor, her straddling my waist. I looked up into her blue eyes and for a moment I got lost in them. It was silent and I was our eyes were locked on each other. Our faces were only inches apart and as seconds went by, we drew closer. Our lips were about to touch when I quickly reached for her hand and grabbed the pizza crust, hopping up.
“Harry!” She squealed.
I stuffed the crust into my mouth and looked at her with a cheeky grin.
“Fine, I’m not speaking to you for the test of the night.” She told me.
I slowly walked up to her, a sly grin on my face.
“Is that so?”
She zipper her fingers across her lips and locked them, a smile forming as I drew closer. I got to the point were she was backed up to the counter and my hands were on either side of her.
“Rebecca.” I said.
She only smiled.
“Rebecca. If you don’t talk to me, I’ll force you to watch a horror movie with me.”
Her eyes widened slightly but she said nothing.
“If you don’t talk to me I’ll tickle you.” I grinned.
She shook her head vigorously but still, not a word came out of her mouth.
“Fine then.” I grinned.
I began to tickle her sides and she began to squirm, fighting back laughs.
“C’mon Rebecca, I know you wanna talk to me.” I smirked.
She shook her head and continued to squirm as I tickled her. Finally she opened her mouth and let out a laugh.
“Okay okay!” She gasped out through laughter. “You win!”
I grinned and smiled down at her. “See? Wasn’t that hard.”
She narrowed her eyes at me. “We’re not still watching a horror movie are we?”
I chuckled. “Of course we are.”
She shot me a playful glare. “Fine, then I’m going to choose the girliest possible movie there is.”
“Oh and what might that be?” I asked.
“Mean Girls. What else?” She said simply.
My jaw dropped slightly. “Oh god, does that mean you’ll be quoting mean girls for th next few days?”
She laughed. “Maybe.”
Her and I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. While she selected the movie on Netflix I looked at her and smiled. I’m glad she’s finally settled in and stopped hiding away. She was actually great company. As the movie started she sat back on the couch with a grin on her face.
“Your favorite movie I’m guessing?” I asked her.
She smiled. “One of them.”
As the movie played, every once in a while I’d look over at her and see her smiling. I swear, her smile could light up a dark room. I watched her laugh at the famous jokes and lines from the movie and I smiled. When the movie ended Rebecca sat back in her seat and a grin spread across her face.

"Hey Harry?" She chuckled slightly.

I looked at her.

"On Wednesdays we wear pink." she grinned.

I leaned my head back and groaned, stifling a laugh.

"And so it begins." I groaned.

She smiled. "Well now you're forcing me to sit through a horror movie."

I smiled. "It's only payback."

She rolled her eyes. "Lets just get this over with."

I snickered. "Why don't we watch Paranormal Activity."

Her eyes widened. "Oh my god no."

"Even better, number three." I grinned.

Her jaw dropped slightly. "Thats the scariest one. No. Harry. No. Are you trying to kill me? Because I'm pretty sure getting hit by a truck will be less painful."

I chuckled. "You'll survive."

"I hate you." She frowned.

"No you don't." I replied with a grin.

She sat beside me and huffed. As I set up the movie she looked at me.

"So what do your friend's call you? Do they just call you Harry?" She asked.

I turned to her and furrowed my eyebrows. "Random question time?"

She smiled and his my arm lightly. "Tell me."

"They call me Haz or if I'm in trouble, sometimes they call me Harold." I laughed slightly.

"Haz huh?" She asked. "I guess I'll start calling you Haz then."

"Only if I get to make up a nickname for you." I smiled.

"Well my friends used to call me Becca or Bec. But if we're being formal here, just Rebecca." She smiled.

"Well then, Bec, lets start the movie."

Her eyes widened. "Just start it."

I clicked play and the movie began. Within the first fifteen minutes she had buried her face into my chest and screamed at least a dozen times. I liked it though. I liked having her close to me. 

"Oh my god." Rebecca screamed as a face suddenly appeared on the screen.

I looked down at her face buried into my shirt and chuckled. She looked up at me, her eyes wide.

"You think this is funny Harold?" She asked.

"I think it's absolutely hilarious." I grinned.

She frowned and turned her face back to the screen as another horrifying scene came on. She screamed and again her face met my chest.

"I hate you so much for this." She groaned.

"You'll get over it." I told her.

She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. "Will I?"

I nodded. "Besides, you quoting Mean Girls is payback."

She rolled her eyes and turned back to the movie. When the horror finally came to an end I looked down and saw Rebecca asleep next to me. I slowly lifted her off the couch and carried her bridal style out of the room. I walked up the stairs quietly and when I reached her room I pushed it open and laid her down on her bed. She stirred a little but quickly laid still. I grabbed the cover and pulled it over her and for a moment I stood there watching her sleep. She was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

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