Its scary you know, how quickly your life can go from a fairytale to hell in just a matter of hours. You’re tricked into believing that you’re life is amazing the way it is but then reality hits you hard. And it’s only a matter of whether or not you’re ready for what lies ahead that determines where you end up. Well, here’s my story.


1. Prologue

“Oh my god! Why are you making me sit through this girly movie?” Luke complained as the couple on the screen struggled with their attraction to each other yet again.
Laughing at him, I answered. “Because it was my turn to pick – you made me sit through that horrible action movie last time, so consider us even.”
“Fine.” Luke grumbled. “But I need more beer to get through this, do you want one?”
Shaking my head, no. I lifted my legs from his lap so he could stand. I didn’t think that my boyfriend, Jackson would be happy if he came home from work and I was rolling around on the floor, drunk with Luke. Actually, Luke needed to be gone before Jackson got home. They weren’t exactly friendly with each other.
I sucked in my breath as I heard the key enter the door and click it open, it was as if the thought had been enough to conjure him.
Luke spun around and locked eyes with me, his own as wide as mine were. Gulping, I watched as Jackson walked through the front door and prepared myself for the verbal tirade that was sure to follow.
“You’re early.” I pointed out, my heart thumping loudly as I flicked my worried gaze to Luke in the kitchen.
Jackson followed my line of sight, his face darkened as he spotted my friend.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Jackson bellowed at Luke, giving him zero chance to respond before he marched towards him, planting the full force of his fist into the side of Luke’s face, rocking him back on his heels before he slowly fell.
“No!” I screamed, covering my mouth in horror as I watched Luke fall to the floor. “What are you doing Jack!? Get away from him!”
My protests were futile. As Luke scrambled to get up, Jackson grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him to the door, throwing him unceremoniously out into the hallway.
“Stay the fuck away for good this time! If I see you near her again I will personally make sure you never see the daylight!” He yelled at Luke before slamming the door and flicking the lock.
As Jackson turned his attention to me, I stopped breathing but my heart raced.
“You!” He bellowed, I felt the bile rise in my throat as he charged towards me, his face twisted with furry.

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