Its scary you know, how quickly your life can go from a fairytale to hell in just a matter of hours. You’re tricked into believing that you’re life is amazing the way it is but then reality hits you hard. And it’s only a matter of whether or not you’re ready for what lies ahead that determines where you end up. Well, here’s my story.


10. Nine

Sometimes, right before I'm about to fall asleep I just stare straight ahead with my head rested on the cotton pillow. I imagine that I'm laying there in my old room, and in only a matter of hours, my little sister would come bounding through the door just to say good morning. I imagine that I'd walk down the long hallway and pass my brother's rooms and I'd find myself in the kitchen where my mum sits peacefully, drinking her morning tea. Sometimes I just like to imagine it. But as soon as I wake up, I'm faced with the simple brown walls that hardly resemble anything of my old life. 

I lay here, the room's light dimmed and only a small sliver of light peaked through the curtains. I was almost certain that the sun had already risen but I couldn't bring myself to lift the covers and get up. It was one of those days where I simply thought about the past. I never quite liked these days but I couldn't bring myself to forget them either. 

I pulled the soft cover up to my chin and closed my eyes. I made no attempt to fall back asleep but instead, I just lay there engulfed in the peaceful silence. It was so quiet that I could almost hear my heart beating slowly. It wasn't until I opened my eyes and looked at the clock that I decided to pull myself out of bed. Unhurriedly, I folded the covers off of me and slipped my legs over the bed and stood. As usual, a soft chill ran sown my spine as the chilliness of the floor impacted my feet. I shuffled over to my bag that sat on the chair and pulled out my old sweatshirt. A Cambridge sweatshirt that my brother had proudly presented to me after coming back from his first semester in college. He and I had always gotten along just fine. Of my three siblings, he and I were the closest. I held the sweatshirt to my chest in hopes of getting some kind of sense that he was there with me. I slipped the sweatshirt on and slowly walked out of my room and into the long hallway. My feet padded on the wooden floors and I began descending the stairs.

"Harry?" I called through the echoing house.

Silence was my only response. I peaked my head into the living room but saw no sign of him. I wandered into the kitchen thinking he might be in there but he was still nowhere to be found. I was just about to turn when I saw a small piece of paper sitting on the kitchen counter. I walked over to it and picked it up, my eyes scanning it.

        Sorry if you woke up and I wasn't there. We're out of a few things and I just needed to stop at the market. Be back soon. Xx 

I folded the paper and set it back onto the counter. I walked over to the fridge and scanned the contents of it before grabbing the orange juice. After pouring myself a glass I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where I grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. It was set on the news and the latest news story was about a shooting at a high school in America. I frowned. I had always hated the topic of shootings, or just killing of the innocent in general.

"And now more news on the upcoming election." The anchor spoke.

My eyes darted up and the screen showed pictures of the candidates for Prime Minister. I slowly set the remote down and watched. 

"As of right now, the current Prime Minister is still soaring at the top with more than fifty percent of the votes." The Anchorwoman spoke. " Prime Minister, Christopher-"

I heard the front door open and I glanced over my shoulder to see Harry struggling with multiple bags in his hands.

"Need help?" I chuckled.

He looked towards me and smiled.

"Nah, I got this. I promise." He told me, as if he was trying to reassure himself.

"Oh shut up. You do need help." I told him, getting up from the couch.

I walked over to him and grabbed half the bags from him.

"Jesus Christ, did you buy out the whole market?" I laughed.

He shook his head. "Nah. I decided to make a pitstop as well." He said.

I raised my eyebrows. "Oh really?"

He nodded and looked at the bags we had set on the counter. "Half of these bags are food. The rest is for you." He smiled.

I gave him a funny look. "You bought me my own food?"

"No," He pulled one of the bags off the counter, a bright yellow one. "I bought you a bunch of clothes and a phone and stuff."

My jaw dropped. "Harry!"

"You're just always wearing that old sweatshirt and-"

"What's wrong with this sweatshirt? Harry, there's nothing wrong with this sweatshirt. I didn't ask you to go out and buy anything from me. Take all these bags and take everything back." I insisted.

"No. I bought this stuff for you Bec I-"

"Harry! I'm already living in your house! I don't want you spending any money on me!" I said a bit loudly.

"Well I did! Now if you'll please accept my kind gesture and take the bags!" He replied, a bit agitated.

"No! If I wanted to buy clothes I would have bought them already! I already told you! I don't want you to spend a cent on me! And besides, my clothes are just fine!" I shouted.

"Oh you would have gone out and bought some?! With what money Rebecca?! Because from what I know you don't even have a single cent with you!" He yelled.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "So what am I? A charity? Help the needy and moneyless?"

He stared at me and raked his hands through his hair. "No. That's not what I meant. I just-"

"No it is. I'm just some sad little girl who you happened to pass on your way to your million dollar mansion. You just felt sorry for me. And I bet that's why I'm still here. You know what, yeah. I don't even know why I thought we were actually friend-"

"Rebecca!" Harry bellowed in anger.

"No, I was wrong to even stay here one night more than I said I would let alone a month." I glared.

"I picked you up that night because I would never forgive myself if I didn't help you! But look at us! We became great friends and now you're just trying to destroy that!" He yelled.

"Oh because I'm so fucking good at destroying everything! I mean, how do you think I ended up in the pouring rain with nothing but a bag of clothes and the clothes on my back! Because I fucking destroy things Harry! And look, I'm destroying this too!" I screamed.

"So leave! If you don't want to destroy this any further then leave!" He bellowed, so much anger filled his eyes.

I stopped and looked at him silently.

"Fine." I chocked out. "I will."

Horror struck his face. "Wait I didn't mea-"

"Yes you did." I scowled. 

I turned on my heel and stormed out.

"Rebecca!" Harry called after me. 

I could hear his footsteps following me but I dashed up the stairs into my room and slammed the door behind me.

"Rebecca! Please! I didn't mean it!" Harry called.

I grabbed the few clothing items I had and shoved them into the small bag. Once I had everything in my bag I flung the door open, revealing a panicking Harry.

"Rebecca please." He begged. "Please stay."

"No." I spat out, walking past him.

He tried to grab my arm but I spun around and glared at him.

"Don't fucking touch me. I might get some of my poor dirt on you." I hissed angrily.

"Rebecca you're being irrational!" He said desperately.

"Oh am I? I'll just be leaving then so your life can go back to being perfectly rational." I spat.

"You know I didn't mean it like that!" He yelled.

"Maybe I don't!" I shouted back.

I began swiftly walking back down the hall and I could hear his eager footsteps behind me.

"Where are you going to go Rebecca? Are you just going to walk out and have no set destination. It's raining you know, someone a lot less kind as me might pick you up and they'll hurt you." Harry warned.

That didn't stop me. I reached the bottom of the stairs and stormed towards the front door.

"Rebecca!" Harry bellowed.

I had my hand on the door knob, ready to open it and walk out into the damp, clouded daylight but the tone of his voice caught me. I turned and looked at him. From just one look I could see so much in his eyes. So much that I almost wish I hadn't seen. In the silence, he walked slowly towards me.

"Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't walk out this door." I whispered, my hand still clutching the door knob but my back flat against the door.

He said nothing, but he drew nearer. The look in his eyes was something else. So dark, so... lustful? I sucked in my breath as he took one last step towards me, his face now inches from my own. It was so quiet I could almost hear his heart beating in his chest. His dark green eyes never left mine and he positioned his hands above my head, almost trapping me against the door.

"Harry..." I whispered.

Still no words left his pink lips. By now I could feel his breath on my lips and my heart began to beat a mile a minute. What was this feeling, I found myself asking.

"Harry?" I whispered again.

Before I could speak anymore, he put a single finger to my lips, silencing me. His eyes darted from my eyes to my lips and I could feel my lips quivering. I felt a hand touch my cheek and his lips drew nearer to mine. And upon the moment they touched, a new feeling engulfed me. So much power, so much... life. And it was with one kiss. So simple, and yet so lustful and intimate. The way his soft lips moved against mine, the way I felt the exhilarating power shoot through me. It was a feeling you'd only hear about in romance novels. And the moment our lips parted, I could feel the tingling. I opened my eyes and I looked straight into his dark ones. 

"That's why you should stay." He whispered huskily. 

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