Its scary you know, how quickly your life can go from a fairytale to hell in just a matter of hours. You’re tricked into believing that you’re life is amazing the way it is but then reality hits you hard. And it’s only a matter of whether or not you’re ready for what lies ahead that determines where you end up. Well, here’s my story.


6. Five

"You don't seem like you have much of an appetite." Harry said as he took another bite of his waffle.

I shrugged and looked down at my plate containing an omelet and bacon. My fork had been picking at since it was set in front of me.

"Just not that hungry." I mumbled.

He set his fork down and looked at me from across the table we were sitting at in the deserted diner.

"You know, I've begun to thing you're like a puzzle. I look at you and you are so hard to figure out." He told me.

I set my fork down next to my plate and frowned. "Maybe I don't want you to figure me out."

"Why not? C'mon, I'm not one to judge. If you tell me I promise I'll keep it between you and I." He said.

He stared down at my plate and fidgeted with the ripped denim of my jeans.

"Look Harry, I just- I can't." I said softly.

He was silent for the longest time before I looked up at him.

"So, um, do you like- have a job or something?" I asked awkwardly.

He chuckled slightly to himself. "Yeah. Um, I'm in a band."

I raised my eyebrows. "A band? You don't seem like the type to be like rocking out on stage for hours on end."

He shrugged. "Well I'm not in that type of band but that's be cool. I'm in more of a boy band-"

I raised my eyebrows even more.

""Now before you say anything, I'm in a cool boyband. Not one of those ones made up of teenage boys who can't sing for their lives and use auto tune more than they actually sing." He told me. 

I shrugged. "So you can sing?"

"I suppose I'm not the worst." He smiled.

"Well you lads must be pretty good if you live in a house like yours." I said, a small smile creeping on my face.

He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you could say we've got a few fans." He looked at me. "What about you? What kind of job did you have or what's your dream job?"

I shrugged. "I was never really allowed to have a job. My parents were so against it and they thought it made them look bad. I guess the one thing I've always wanted to be is a model but that'll never happen for me."

I raised me eyebrows. "And why not?"

I sighed. "Well one, I'm not pretty enough. I mean, have you seen those models from places like Victoria's Secret? They're literally gorgeous. And two, my parents would die before I ever even thought about it."

"Why do you care so much about what your parents want for you? You should be free to be whoever you want." I told her.

"Um, its kind of hard to explain. It doesn't matter anymore. Lets just stop talking about it." I hurried.

"Well, Rebecca, for what its worth, I bet those Victoria's Secret models have nothing on you." He smiled.

Before I could say anything a waitress came with the check and he had my food packaged up. When we walked out of the diner he and I got into his car and we pulled away. As he was driving, Harry's phone rang and he looked down at it, answering it moments later.

"Hey mate, what's up?" He asked.

There was a long pause.

"Next week? Lou, we still have like a month left of our break." He said.

Another pause. Harry glanced at me and sighed. "No, no. Its just that right now isn't the best time."

He chuckled. "No. Its nothing like that. Look mate, i'll see you later okay? I'm in the car and I'm about to arrive home. I'll call you back later."

"Alright. See ya." He said before hanging up.

I looked at him. "Bandmate?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yeah. You know, if you two met I'm sure you'd get along just fine."

I shifted in my seat. "Harry, you do realize I'm only here for a few more days until I find a place to stay."

He looked at me quizzically. "Why are you so against staying with me?"

"Its not that I'm against it, its just that I hardly know who you are and besides, I think it's time I get back on my own feet." I told him.

He sighed. "How about this, there is an apartment complex near my house. If I rent you out an apartment will you stay there?" 

"And allow you to pay my rent? Absolutely not." I frowned.

"Well then I simply can't allow you to leave. Rebecca, the more I get to know you, the more I want to know you. And that also means the more I want you safe. I told you on your first night at my house that I respect girls and I wasn't lying. I want you to be safe."

"But I can't allow you to pay my rent for me."

We stopped at a stoplight and he ran his fingers through his dark curls, seemingly frustrated.

"Why don't you ever let me help you? You've been with me for more than a week now and not once have you allowed me to help you." He frowned.

"You helped me by giving me a place to stay Harry, that's enough." I told him, turing my head towards the window.

"No it's not. You know, for the first time in a really long time my house seems a lot less lonely. Even if you don't talk to me much and spend most of your time in your room, its your presence that's comforting." He told me. "I want to help you Rebecca and nothing you say is going to change my mind."

I frowned. "I'm still not going to change my mind about you paying my rent."

"Then you'll continue to stay with me. Who knows, you may actually grow to like me." He said.

"You think I don't like you? Harry, you're a really great guy, a really generous guy but I don't let myself depend on other people. I've made that mistake once before and I'm not doing it again." I told him honestly.

"I'm not asking you to depend on me, I'm just asking you to take a chance." He sighed.

Thats the thing. Every chance I've taken always leaves me in the same place. Hell.

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