What Hurts the Most

a young girl, Taylor is in love. Then to come of the death of his car crash. she had never realized what hurt the most is being so close then watching it just go away. she feels that he is still by her side. but knowing he is gone makes it hard for her to get through life.


4. the hospital


  Taylor and the rest are in the hospital. They have already lost Zach, and are loosing the parents. One of the nurses tries to wake her, sticking ivs in her and asking her to stay awake.

  The next morning Taylor wakes up in her room to see Zach's parents sitting next to her with tears in their eyes. His mom is holding her hand, as soon as she felt it move she jumped up, "NURSE! NURSE! SHE IS AWAKE! SHE IS AWAKE! Taylor, how are you.?" "I-I guess I'm okay, what happened?" she tried to speak up.

  "T-Taylor, you was in a reck with Zach on his bike, you crashed into a car because of a brake failure." Zach's dad said with tears in his eyes. "WHERE IS ZACH?!" she screamed. "You, he, Taylor I don't know how to explain this... but... Zach didn't survive the crash" His mom broke down into tears as she fell to her knees.

  "WHAT?? NOO! HE CANT BE! HE CANT! YOU ARE A LIER! WHERE IS HE! I HAVE TO SEE HIM!" She started screaming and crying with tears rolling down her face. Taylor tried to run out of her room to go and find him. Zach's dad grabs her by the arm before she got out the door she was fighting back trying to get away until she finally collapsed. She fell to her knees as his dad held her tight... but she didn't realize, that they are all she has left.

  Taylor finally calmed down, "Where is my mum and dad? Are they outside waiting for me? I have to appolagize to them. I told my dad I hated him for making me stay away from Zach. I feel bad." she asked the nurse with tears in her eyes.

  "Umm, well Taylor, your mom and dad are not here." She tried to explain with out making her scream like she did with about Zach. "Taylor, excuse me for the words I am about to say, I am so sorry for your lost. Your parents were in the other car of the crash, they didn't make it either."

  Taylor started crying, more but not as bad because she was already worn out and could barley move enough to fight back for her family. She laid in her hospital bed, crying the whole night.

  She went home, with Zach's parents. They took her to her house to get her stuff. When they pulled up her driveway, there sat the duck that followed them home two nights before the crash. When she saw the duck she went up to him and sat next to him. "You will never believe what happened duck." She felt the duck had already knew, like it was trying to send a message to her that something was going to happen and it would be bad. She felt that the duck was there for her. There was something different about it unlike most other animals.

  The duck still followed her every where no matter where she went, it followed her inside when she went to get her stuff. When she walked past her parents room, she broke down into tears in the middle of the hallway. She sat in the hallway with her stomach arched over her knees. Her arms were streach out in front of her. The duck walked up to her as if he was there for her once again. The duck had set its foot on her hand as if it was trying to comfort her. She allowed the duck to sit in her lap as she cried. The duck kept its head high but still gave her a look of concern. Taylor and the duck became really close.

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