What Hurts the Most

a young girl, Taylor is in love. Then to come of the death of his car crash. she had never realized what hurt the most is being so close then watching it just go away. she feels that he is still by her side. but knowing he is gone makes it hard for her to get through life.


2. the duck...

  It was about one in the morning, Taylor and Zach was sitting on the roof of his house. They had to keep quiet because they didn't want his parents to call Taylor's parents. Taylor stared into Zach's blue/green eyes with a look of concern. "You know I really, really care about you, right?" she asked him. "Yes I know sweetie, and I will always care about you!" he answered, followed by a playful voice, "Love Forever And Always!" he said making her giggle.

  Taylor hugged Zach in a tackle mode, making the both of them laugh. Zach went back at her in a playful mood bear hugging her from on top of her attacking her with kisses, making her yelp with laughter.

  Zach stared into her eyes like he had just seen a beautiful beach with clear water running threw his toes. To him she is the love of his life and would do anything for her, he would die just for her.

  Zach did a air guitar, "YOU ARE MY LOVE, MY ONLY  LOVE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN SKIES ARE GRAY! I LOVE YOU BABE!!" He sang to her making her laugh and bulsh at the same time.

  "Hahahah, Zach keep quiet, you are making me laugh, we cant get caught." She tried to say in a ferm voice but couldn't hold the laughter in. "Well I love you, I would risk anything for you. You are the love of my life, my heart and my soul. I honestly don't know what I would do for you." He said making her smile with tears in her brown eyes. Zach brushed her long brown back, "Just, just beautiful!"

  Taylor looked down, shyly. She couldn't help but to smile and turn red. "I love you too." she finally replied. 

  The two teens decided to take a walk in the park, Zach jumped off the roof to be followed by Taylor jumping in his arms to catch her. "See! I told you I would catch you!" she said playfully. "I know, I know, I know, I just was nervous that is all" she answered.

  He kissed her on the nose and put her down. They walked towards the woods when they heard something. "What was that?" Taylor said looking into the dark distant night. "I don't know, maybe it was just a dog or something." he answered looking in the same direction. "Yeah, I'm sure you're right." she replied.

  "You do realize we won't be able to see one another unless we sneek around like we are right now. I really-" she was interrupted by the noise again. A few moments of silence they heard it again. It sounded like it was following them. "I know for a fact it has two legs Z-Zach... I am getting scared." she said in a scared shaky voice. "Don't worry babe, nothing is going to happen I promise." Zach said taking her hand.

  When she heard it again, she yelped and tried to run another direction. "Stop, Taylor, don't be loud, we have to keep quiet?" He asked her. When they heard it again, they turned around to see a duck behind them.

  "Do you see the duck?' Taylor asked Zach. Zach fell on the ground laughing to be followed by Taylor.

  The two of them sat there as the duck stared at them. "Do you think he is hungry?" Taylor asked. "I don't know!" Zach said in a playful voice. "Ask the duck!" Taylor looked at him like he was crazy.

  Taylor got up off the moist/wet leaves, "Well come on, lets go." She demanded him. He got up and followed her. When they started walking the duck followed behind them. "Is that duck still following us??" Zach asked to turn around to see him waddling after them. "Maybe he thinks we have food? Or he just needs a friend?" Taylor said as she walked towards the large black and green duck. "Awh, Zach he is sweet, come here, look!" she said excitedly. Zach just kept walking ingoing Taylor and the duck.

  "Zack? are you okay?" Taylor asked. "Yeah, I guess I'm fine." He said with a smile.
  Finally they got to her house, still to be followed by the duck.

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