What Hurts the Most

a young girl, Taylor is in love. Then to come of the death of his car crash. she had never realized what hurt the most is being so close then watching it just go away. she feels that he is still by her side. but knowing he is gone makes it hard for her to get through life.


3. tell me you love me.

  Taylor was laying in bed checking her face book on her Iphone 5s. She had got a text. it was from Zach. "bby! Look out your window! I love you!" Taylor slowly got out of bed to stumble to her window. She looked out to see Zach there with roses and a sigh that said "Happy One Year! Baby I Love You SO SO SO much!!! Thank you for being mine! Will you go out to eat with me?"

  Taylor wanted to cry, she covered her mouth before she screamed. Before she knew it she had tears rolling down her face.

  She told her mum and dad that she was going to go out with some friends and ran out the door.

  They loved each other so much! Zach was outside her house at 12:30 am. She went down before her dad had noticed that she was going out with Zach. "Wow, you look great!" she smiled. "Thanks...."

   They got on the bike and started down the road. Zach was speeding down the motor way.


  Taylor: "could you slow down a bit?"

  Zach: "Okay, if you say you love me."

  Taylor: "I love you, slow down, now!"

  Zach: "Okay if you give me a big hug."

  Taylor hugs him

  Taylor: "Now, slow down please...?"

  Zach: "okay if you put my helment on, its hurting me?"

  Taylor takes off his helment off him and puts it on her head


  Reporter: "A motor bike has crashed into a car due to a brake failure, four bodies found, but only one survived....

  This is what happened

  Half way down the road Zach had realized that his brakes had broken. But he didn't want Taylor to know because he knew it would scare her. In stead he had her say he loved her one last time and give him a hug. Then he had her put his helment on so that she would be safe... that ment he would die... even though she loved him so much, she didn't cry over him, because.... the other people in the car that he crashed into ....were her mom and dad...

  Taylor didn't get to say goodbye, or I love you one last time to her mom and dad.

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