What Hurts the Most

a young girl, Taylor is in love. Then to come of the death of his car crash. she had never realized what hurt the most is being so close then watching it just go away. she feels that he is still by her side. but knowing he is gone makes it hard for her to get through life.


6. i am still here

  "Every thing will be okay, my love. Don't worry, I am here with you till the end and after the end."
  How do I know that? I can't even see you! you said you would never leave me! and you did!

  "I am here, I am in your heart, and your eyes. Don't be afraid, my love."

  Don't be afraid of what? why do you keep saying that? TELL ME!

  "Of falling in love. I want you to be happy. no matter what promise me you will find someone amazing and allow them to love you the way you love me my beloved."

  I... I cant Zach, I have lost too much and I just cant loose another------ "promise me, my love."

  I promise Zach, I promise.

  Taylor woke up with her hart beating so fast she swear she could feel it rising up her neck.

  Today was the day of her loved ones funerals. Her mom and dad were berried right next to one another as Zach was put under a tree that his parents had picked out.

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