What Hurts the Most

a young girl, Taylor is in love. Then to come of the death of his car crash. she had never realized what hurt the most is being so close then watching it just go away. she feels that he is still by her side. but knowing he is gone makes it hard for her to get through life.


1. father's acceptance

  She was in love with him. Her name is Taylor, his is Zach. She wasn't allowed to date yet, although she was allowed to see him at school or at the park. No one knew that she was "dating Zach" every one thought they was just best friends.

  One day Zach came over, they was sitting on the front porch. He was holding her so close in his arms making sure she felt loved and in comfort. He kissed her a few times on the cheek. He noticed she had looked upset.

  "What's wrong? Are you okay?" She sat up straight and nodded yes. "Is it your dad?" he asked. she answered nope as she sighed. "d-do you ever thing about the future? what do you see?" Taylor asked Zach. "what do you see?" he answered. "I am serious what do you see?" she replied "well... I guess I see, I see you." She smiled as he answered. she kissed him on the lips playfully and ran in the other direction as he yelled, "Wait! What do you see?!"

  He chaced off after her then picking her up bridal style making her scream and laugh, kissing her on the lips her dad walks out side.

  "Who is screaming?" he yelled seeing the two of them together made him mad cause now he knew. Taylor's dad yelled for her to go inside as he ran after Zach.

  The father had gotten he wrong idea when he saw the two of them, he though she was screaming because she needed help.

  "Dad! No! Leave him alone!" Her dad caught up to Zach and grabbed him by the arm.

 "What was he doing to you! Why did you scream and he kiss you?"

 "Because we was playing around"

 "Taylor, him kissing you is not playing around!"

 "Well, I do! WE ARE A COUPLE!"



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