Diary of the Unwanted Sister

Meet Brielle. She's 16 and stuck in the middle of her divorced parents feuding, her family's constant battles and is now about to get the shock of her life. Her mother is marrying her arch enemy's father and her father is moving in with her arch enemy's best friends mother. Could anything get any worse but with her diary by her side, will this unwanted sister become wanted?


12. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

I haven't really used this thing in a couple of months I have a lot to fill you in with. Me and Mitch are still going strong, Natalie is still being nice to me, Kaitlyn has been to visit and her and dad are now so much closer than they were, I still haven't managed to bring Talia round but its getting there and she's being nicer everyday, cos its been like 3 months I've now finished school and am going to start college very soon, mom and Bob are having a baby (unfortunately) and are getting married in a few weeks so I have to wear a blue dress which is actually quite nice and Dad and Victoria are sorting there wedding slowly but surely. I'm meeting Mitch and Kendall today at the mall so we can buy some new things for college. Mitch is going to Berkeley in Cali which is a 40 hour drive away which upsets me a bit but I'll be flying down to see him when I can, Me and Kendall are going to the university of Florida in Gainesville which is only an hour or so away from home, Natalie is also going to Florida, Alexis is going to Princeton,  14 hours away, Chloe is going to Yale, 17 hours away and Talia is thankfully going to UCLA,  a whole 35 hours drive away from me. A handful of my grade are going to Harvard to study law, most are going to Gainesville like me and Kendall, some are going to Yale and other ones I've never heard of and a handful aren't going at all, like Callie Hamptons who's in her 7th month of pregnancy. All in all my life is changing and mostly for the better. "Can I talk to you Brielle for a minute?" Mitch said, dragging me off to the Hollister entrance across from Chloe at Abercrombie & Fitch. "What is it? What's wrong?" I questioned. "Brielle, I don't want to go to Berkeley alone." "Is that the problem?" I asked confused. "No, Brielle I want you to come with me." He said, my jaw dropping. "Mitch I'm going to Gainesville I can't just drop out!" "Brielle, I've already transferred you to Berkeley, I asked you parents and got you onto the course you want to do. Come on Brie." He said, me still stood there shocked. "Mitch, I can't believe you would do that for me" I said. "Its because I love you, I don't want to move 40 hours away and never see you, it wouldn't seem right" He said, kissing my forehead. "I'd love to go to Berkeley with you Mr Law" I said, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, what if something went wrong with us and I was stuck at a school I didn't really want to be at? Could I transfer back to Florida? What would I do if this all went wrong? 

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