Diary of the Unwanted Sister

Meet Brielle. She's 16 and stuck in the middle of her divorced parents feuding, her family's constant battles and is now about to get the shock of her life. Her mother is marrying her arch enemy's father and her father is moving in with her arch enemy's best friends mother. Could anything get any worse but with her diary by her side, will this unwanted sister become wanted?


5. North Carolina Dreaming

I'm finally on the way to North Carolina, my sister, her boyfriend and baby Laela came and met me in a 7 eleven parking lot a block from my moms house after I'd been home to change and get my stuff so mom didn't find out. Id be stuck in the car for 7 hours so I kinda felt back door Kait cos they will have driven for 14 hours today for me but I'd have little Laela to entertain so it would be OK. I was on the phone to my friends to stop the boredom and to block out the fact that today was the day Victoria and Talia moved into my dads and Bob and Natalie were next week at moms. After a very long tiring journey, we finally got to Kaits house and I got to finally sleep. Tommorow was the day if get my nose and lip done and my tattoo before them taking me home Sunday. My dad had been calling for a while so I had too tell him where I was and he promised to not tell mom and be home by 3 on Sunday at moms  house so she didn't suspect I'd gone anywhere, but she'd end up knowing cos my lip and nose will be pierced and I'll have a pretty visible tat but I didn't care at all, no one in my grade has a tattoo and most of the girls really want one so there are perks. But now I'm off the bed ready for my very busy day. 

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