Diary of the Unwanted Sister

Meet Brielle. She's 16 and stuck in the middle of her divorced parents feuding, her family's constant battles and is now about to get the shock of her life. Her mother is marrying her arch enemy's father and her father is moving in with her arch enemy's best friends mother. Could anything get any worse but with her diary by her side, will this unwanted sister become wanted?


3. Daddy Day Care

"Brie! Kadie! Grab your stuff so I can whiz you to your dad!" My mom yelled at us. "Mom! I'm sorting K's hair, dads girlfriend will complain of its messy" I shouted, thinking of dads girlfriend, Talia Barnhills mom Victoria. Talia Barnhill is the most popular girl in my grade, she's obnoxious, annoying and the slut of the century with guys falling at her feet, she has peroxide blond hair, blue eyes and goes through bottles of fake bake like lions go through meat, she constantly lpooks down on me cos her dad is a CEO of some company in South Carolina so he lives there and she takes the mick out of my hair and the way I dress (she once called me Candy cane for 3 weeks none stop I know it doesn't sound bad but it was after 3 weeks!). "Brielle Tiana Winters, Kadie Ariana Winters! Hurry up and Brielle of your trying to dye your sisters hair pink again stop now!" Mom shouted, making me put down the bottle of freshly mixed dye that I was gonna stick in my sisters hair. "Sorry K, got caught again" I sighed, my sister sighing and drooping her shoulders. "Brielle!" "Oh mom keep your hair on, were coming!". Twenty minutes later, we got to dads to be greeted by him and Victoria smiling at the door which was something that never happened. "Bye mom..." I said looking suspicious because of they way dad was acting. "Dad, what's wrong?" I asked curiously. "Oh Brie, you'll never guess what!" He said. "What?" I sighed trying to look excited. "Vic and Talia are moving in!!! And were getting married!!" He squealed. "Oh not you to" I said, storming inside to go to my room. "Oh come on Brie" He shouted to me. I can't believe my parents, they have a better love life than me but that's not why I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed because since the day they broke it off, I wanted them to get back together and hoped okne day they would. Parents are over rated. 

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