Diary of the Unwanted Sister

Meet Brielle. She's 16 and stuck in the middle of her divorced parents feuding, her family's constant battles and is now about to get the shock of her life. Her mother is marrying her arch enemy's father and her father is moving in with her arch enemy's best friends mother. Could anything get any worse but with her diary by her side, will this unwanted sister become wanted?


8. Back at moms

Moms just picked me up from school and is making me go through a car journey home with Natalie everyday of the week I'm there seeing as she promised Bob she'd do this so he could stay on at work longer. "Brielle, can I borrow your hair straighteners when we get home mine are broken so daddy's getting me new ones" Natalie asked, trying to be sweet in front of mom before we got in and she'd turn bitchy. "Yea I guess..." I said cautiously. I knew she wouldn't break them but I was worried about what she would do. "Thanks, I promise I won't break them" She said smiling. "Well isn't it nice to see you two getting along" Mom said, also smiling and thinking we were actually being civil. We got home and I went straight to my room to do some homework and Natalie followed, again asking to borrow my straighteners. "Thanks again Brielle. Listen, I'm sorry that I act so horrible to you at school I shouldn't really take out my problems on you and your friends. I hope we can maybe start being a bit more civil towards each other" Natalie said, seeming genuinely sorry about what she had put me through the past few years. "Why has this apology suddenly come round? You absolutely hate me" I said to her. "Honey spoke to me, told me to give you a chance. Anyway I better go get ready. " she said leaving my room and closing the door. Natalie Weir just said something nice to me, Natalie just was nice to me.  Maybe my status as the unwanted sister will go up to half wanted. Now all I needed was for Talia to be nice to me..

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