Fire Meets Fire

Emma is a bad girl. With her parents abusing her continuously and her boyfriend dumping her in the midst of it, how will she survive? Soon things in her life begin to change, and she meets a young curly haired brunette named Harry. Although he is bad as well, maybe they can help each other?


1. Chapter 1


Hey people! This is my first story so sorry if it sucks 😂

But I hope you enjoy it!


"Emma! Come in here!!"

Oh not again,I though as I walked in to the living room where Jon,my stepdad,was standing. By the way he was slurping with the words I could tell he was drunk.

"Look at this!!"

he was waving with a bill.

"What makes you think that you can live in this house With me and your mother taking care of you and to thank us,you spend all our money??!!"

He was now breathing me in the face and his breath smelled like alcohol. I felt the chills go down my back cause I knew what was coming. It was the same every time. Even though how much I fought back,it always happened.

"Therefor I think it's only right for a punishment,huh??"

He smirked at me as he slowly took of his belt. He pulled it slowly out of his pants and...




The belt was burning at my skin as I fell to the floor. A weep escaped my mouth.

"Now I guess you'll learn!"

Again he swung his belt.




I was now lying on the floor all out of energy.

"I'm sorry...I'm..."

I know it I'm dying now and it's the most beautiful feeling in the world.

"You think it's enough to say you are sorry??!now let's see about that!"

He grabbed my hair and I screamed.


I screamed from the top of my lunges and raised up from the bed I was lying in.

It was just a dream.

Ever since I had escaped my so called "parents" the dream had haunted me.

I stepped out of the bed, that was soaking wet from my sweat I came to think why I was here.

I was being placed at one of those "helping homes" for kids with troubled past like me. Ugh! I hated it! These last years I had done perfectly fine on my own living in a house left by by people on Holliday.

Well I guess that's the end of that.....

I looked around in the room I was in. It was a "waiting" room at the "helping home agency" I had slept here the last 2 nights until I waited for my new "family"( their words,not mine).

The only thing that might be good about all of this is that I start at a new school. The school I went on until last week, I was know as the schools slut and I had slept with basically all the guys that wasn't nerds.

I wasn't complaining I was a natural at all of that,it boring with the same boys...or that was until I started "dating" Kyle my ex boyfriend who was much older. The relationship had been mainly based on sex but still it has came as a shock when he dumped me for what he called a "real relation ship".

Just the though of it made my teeth grit. Well so new school meant new boys and maybe ever some friends.

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