Our hearts will go on

(This story contains some violence)

This is the first part of two books; this one Violet's views and the next Beck's...
This is a mix-'n'-match story. The story includes love, dating and hatred at first, then to violence and fear, followed by fear and kidnapping and finishing with a Disney type ending.

Geek Girl, Violet, has a massive crush on the most popular and handsome boy in school, Beck Andrews. Little does she know, but he feels the same way towards her. It all goes down hill from there...


2. Who is Beck?

"The name's Andrews, Beck Andrews. I'm 17 years old. I'm like the most AMAZING person in school. NOOOOO I do not, I repeat DO NOT want to marry, not even talk to Geek Girl. She's a creep. That's why I don't talk to her.

I'm a quarterback, so yeah, I get all the chicks and sadly the creeps too."

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