2 years after the epuloge of Alliegent Tobias (four) is still greiving over Beatrices death. But one night he receives a phone call that changes his life forever.........


2. Dreams become reality

I see the head lights of a train in the distance. I havent jumped on or off a train in years. The train continues to get closer and closer. I start running, and I see a handel. I reach for it and pull myself in. Once im on, I sit down. That was alot more tireing than I remember.

About 15 minutes pass before the train reaches the Abnegation part of the city. I get up and brace myself. I run and jump. Then I notice that im jumping over a hill. I tuck and roll quickly, so I wont break anything. I sit up groggily. I forgot that part of me that loved the serge of energy when jumping off and on trains. The dauntless part in me, I didnt know that it still existed. Now that I know it still exists, I feel a pang in my stomach. It reminds me so much of her. Then I remember why im here.

"I alaways loved watching you do that." A female voice says.

I look up and see her. Her beutiful blue eyes. Her soft, pale, yet glowing skin. And shes real, she right here.

"Beatrice?" I say, standing up. She smiles and I see tears forming in her eyes. "Tobias."

I dont know how the react. Should I be happy that shes alive? Mad that she faked her death. Or both? I push the tought aside. I dont care how I feel. I dont care.

I run tords her and hug her tightly. She throws her arms around my neck and cries into my shirt. I feel tears well up in my eyes too, and I let them fall.

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