Thalita's Diary

Thalita and Ella are best friends and they both auditioned for a video clip. 10 girls we're going to dance in the video clip and Thalita and Ella got in! When practicing, both of them find different friends and they also meet people that will ruin their lifes and people that will give them opportunities in life. After a one year, Thalita recives a call from the singer Austin Blue. he wants her to participate in his new video. after lots of days together, they start going out. That makes Ella mad, because Thalita is always with Austin, so Ella has a plan that could show Thalita the real Austin. P.S.: CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO POST THE STORY???


3. (not finished)



Dear Diary today is Tuesday and me and Ella are going to start working in our choreography today. We’re going to dance to the song “Best Friend’s Brother” by Victoria Justice. We chose that song because lots of people don’t know it and in the video clip it has a choreography, so we’re going to use some moves. When I’m older I want to work with autistic people, and with movies (director). Ella wants to be a dancing teacher and open her own dancing school! She told me I can work there! There’s this girl in my class, Carolyn, which used to be my best friend, but in grade 7, we fought, because it was Ella’s first day in school and I was helping her… Carolyn is really selfish… Anyway, I’m supposed to do a school job with her! In art class, we have to write a movie script! Yay! LLL I like writing scripts, but not with her! Anyway, I’m going to her house now and she told me to bring my laptop and a bikini… I think we’re going to do the project in the pool! I love her pool! Her dog, Bianca, always comes inside with us… once her bird, Bruno, pooped in my head! Eww! It was gross! Got to go! Bye!

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