Thalita's Diary

Thalita and Ella are best friends and they both auditioned for a video clip. 10 girls we're going to dance in the video clip and Thalita and Ella got in! When practicing, both of them find different friends and they also meet people that will ruin their lifes and people that will give them opportunities in life. After a one year, Thalita recives a call from the singer Austin Blue. he wants her to participate in his new video. after lots of days together, they start going out. That makes Ella mad, because Thalita is always with Austin, so Ella has a plan that could show Thalita the real Austin. P.S.: CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO POST THE STORY???




Dear Diary, the sleepover was amazing! We danced and listened to lots of music until 23:00 P.M.! Lily’s brother, William also danced with us… After spending a day with him, I’m starting to think that he’s gay… HAHAHA! At about 1 A.M., we turned on the TV and it was on a Dancing Show called “The next big dancer”. People at age 17+ can audition and the 10 best dancers are going to appear on a video clip. Maybe the video clip isn’t from someone famous, but it’s good! Today they were auditioning for AUSTIN BLUE!! I absolutely love him! Too bad I’m not 17 yet, but next year maybe I have a different celebrity crush and when I audition for the show, I can meet him! Did I tell you I have 2 brother and 1 sister? James- 22, Henry-18, Me- 16 and Zoe- 10. Zoe and I only have the same dad. James is the perfect brother. He always protects me and always helps me. The only time that we fougt was because last year I got bullied a lot in school, and James, without telling me, started dating the girl that was mean to me (like in the movie You Again! Hahaha!). After 5 months he told me and we didn’t speak for 2 months. Then they broke-up and she stopped being mean… I don’t know why. I’m going to bead now! Bye!

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