Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


8. we get cought

"Andie" I hear a little voice say "what piper" andie was upset " can i sleep with you tonight I heard a scary noise" piper was 10 Andy got up and put his boxers and walked " pip your a big girl now so I'll tuck you in ok" I heard his voice fade down the hall

He came back and jump right back in "Andy" my nails griped on his back "one sec babe... Almost done" he stopped I let out a moan "Andy what was that" I heard a different vioce this time his 13 year old sister Kassy " nothing Kassy go back to bed" he growled " no you have a girl in there don't you " she was way to smart for her age " owe Andies having sex " she giggle " NO IM NOT THERES NO GIRL HERE GO TO BED" he yelled " fine then you don't mind if I come in then" she walked right in and seen me walk out of the bathroom " see I know you had a girl over " he stuck her tonge out " yea and if you tell mom then I'll tell her about Alex" he was angry now " fine I just hope mom doesn't look at the cameras " she louaghed he didn't " jokes on her I turned them off then back on " he louaghed now " ok"

I kissed him on last time then climbed out of the window. I was walking home when I heard my phone ring

"Hello" I said " who's this"

" Drew and I'm going to get you" he snickered

" hell no I don't know who the fuck you are but I'm safe and I'll beat the shit out of you next time I see you" i hung up the phone who

I ran to Eli's house and his mom was in the chair waiting for me " where we're you " she was kind of upset " I went for my morning jog " I debating weather I should tell her or not " ok " she was better now she knows " unm Ella I got a call from Drew and he said he was going to get me " I was a little scared " I'll call the police " she said I ran up to Eli's room and layed on the bed next to him and tickled his nose " good morning" he mumbled " get up the police are almost here " I said " what why" he got up and dressed " Drew called me this morning when i was on my way here " I said

I know my chapters are short but I'm really busy and trying to update everyday in to book is hard so I'll try my best to updat tommarrow or later tonight and publish it tommarrow

~love maddie

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