Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


1. the start

Hi my name is bay and I go to snowy hill high school . Everyone makes fun of me but when someone need help I'll be there like when u run into the bathroom and your going to throw up I'll be there to hold ur hair . But I'm not that normal I'm a busy girl every night I train till 7 o'clock Mondays I have karate , Tuesday I have yoga and boxing , Wednesday i have tennis and softball, Thursday I have I go to the gym and Friday bow and gun target practice . Saturday and Sunday I just hang with my family and my best friend Eli he's been my best friend since kindergarten and he's the only one besides my family that knows about my training . If I you didn't know my dads a marine and says that If there's ever a war than you'll be ready to fight . Eli says. That I'd there is ever a war and it's bad he said he's totally screwed . After 7 I go to Eli's house his mom thinks I'm odd yet her son runs around in Star Wars boxers scream "I AM YOUR FATHER" me and Eli are family Eli's has keys to my house and I have keys to his house . As I'm walking home Andi grafted smacks my butt I turned around and said " who the fuck do u think you are " andi was shocked that I spoke to him like that in school I won't even look at him " stand down bitch do u know who your talking to " after that I snicker he punch me in the face I got up and said "I'm gonna kick your ass" i punch him repeatly in the face then punch him in the thruat he gasp for air then I kicked him in the face and he fell I said 10 last words " you tell anyone or try anything like that again ur dead "

I ran home hoping none of andis friends follow me as I walk into the door my mom asks " what happened " I told he the story as my dad walks in my moms tells him everything I was so embrassed I got up and told my dad that he hit me out of no where my dad was furious with who ever did tht to me and he was also mad Becouse I wouldn't tell him who it was.

~~~ELIS POV.~~~

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