Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


9. scared shit-less

We'll the police showed up and so did my parents and they asked me where I really was " I went to Andy's last night but we didn't do anything " my dad right there and then smacked me so hard a crossed the face I fell to the ground then I seen Andy's face he was running towards me Because my parents walked away leaving "are you ok" he ask I not showing him my face or letting him no I was crying " just leave maybe I'll text if I'm a live" as Eli ran our " bay oh my not again " Andy walkes away " bay let me see ..(he lifted my chin).. Holy shit bay your eye is black and blue like dark and your face is bright red" he look like it's never happened " it's worse than before " he was nervous " no no" I cryed " MOM HELP SOMEONE CALL 91-" then everything went black

~~~~~~~~~~~~~|1 week later|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That's when I woke up it in the hostile with my dad,mom,Eli,Eli's mom and dad " baby I'm so sor-" my father tryed to talk " no more sorry I told you nothing happened I want and I mean it now leave and I don't wanna see you in here again I'm am very sorry to say that I am getting a new phone and there for if I can't log back in I will make a new acount and I will comment below and finish the book there

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