Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


7. restart

I snuck out of Eli's house and went to Andies

Just come in when you get here~sexGod

I was wearing short shorts and a big sweater I walked into his house and and up stairs into in bed room he was wearing boxers only " hey beautiful " he says " hey " he was patting on his bed for me to sit so i did he smelt like axe and he turned on the tv loud " my little sisters are home" he whisper " oh unm how old" I asked " old enough to know what where doing " he smiles and we start making out I can see that he has a bonner so I get on top of him and grind on him them I get off " that's not fair " he yells he takes off my shirt and bra "

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