Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


4. Drew brought use closer

Andies POV.

I can't wait to go shopping with bay u know that sounds gay but ya know

Me: ready~MasterOfSex

Bay; almost ~ByTheBay

Me : on my way over now :MasterOfSex

Bay: ok doors unlocked just come in~ByTheBay

I grab my keys to my Lamborghini and head over

Bay's POV.

I just put my pants on and I was looking for my bra and I heard yet door shut and " I'll be down in a min" I yelled and peeked out my door and there was drew my moms ex husband and my older bothers father I shut my door and locked it drew was a fat smelly rapist so I grabed my phone

Me: hurry and help ~ByTheBay

Drew kicked my door in

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